18 Free Election Ballot Templates (Voting Forms)

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A ballot template is a document that comes in handy during elections. It contains the candidates that are running for a post or several candidates for several posts in a single ballot paper. In the prescribed format, the voters mark the person they wish to vote for and cast their vote.

How to design your ballot template?

Consider the following guidelines to design your ballot template;

  • You should use lowercase letters as they are much easier to recognize and they’re more legible.
  • Never center the information, the left-aligned types are more legible because the latter forces the voter’s eye to find out the starting of the next line.
  • Since smaller types are much harder to read for a lot of voters so use a font that’s big enough. This also enhances the quantity of pages but this is a worthwhile amendment in terms of election accuracy.
  • Make use of a sans-serif font because they have clearer strokes. In case, material have two languages, use bold text for the main language and for the secondary language, use regular text.
  • It is important to structure the template properly. Place the guidelines where the voters can see them clearly. Include page numbers to indicate the voter’s progress. For digital ballots, you should allow voters to modify the language or present options with the instructions.
  • Make use of clear and simple language throughout as well as the options and instructions are as simple as possible. It is suggested don’t include over two languages. By using simple language, summarize the referenda along with the required format.
  • For the instructions, use accurate illustrations as visual instructions help all voters. The illustrations must be accurate and never use paragraphs.
  • Always make use of informational icons that call attention to support navigation and other key information carefully.
  • The color and contrast should be used to support meaning. There are other ways aside from using colors to communicate significant information. From contests, use these separate instructions on paper ballots. In addition to this, use these to support navigation on digital ballots as well as to give user feedback, or call special attention.
  • Specify the most essential details. For this, use text size and layout that indicate the voters know what to focus on. The ballot title should be appeared most prominent. After that, the contest header should be appeared more prominent than the names of the candidates. With equal importance, present the names of the candidates and options.

Common misinformation associated with ballots and voting:

The use of a ballot template is very simple. However, the process of voting is a complex one. Avoid spreading misinformation as they can erode trust in the electoral process. Here are some misinformation connected with ballots and voting that you should avoid;

Doubtful and confusing information

A lot of stress for everyone can be brought up while waiting for the results of the election. People become vulnerable to manipulation and misinformation during these times of uncertainty. Making predictions and comprehending how the remaining votes will line up is also difficult for experts to find.

Furthermore, this lack of certainty and understanding can encourage misinformation as well as it can fuel confusion and doubt. Also, this provides fuel confusion and doubt.

Voting fraud “evidence”

Several voters have made statements where at the polls, they shared their experiences. The vast majority of events were fairly uneventful aside from a few isolated cases. This is similar for social media and local news outlets because in terms of social media and local news outlets, these are uncovered isolated issues.

The politically-motivated people as expected, are the ones who tend to “cherry-pick.” After that, gather digital “evidence” that fits narratives meant to undermine the trust in election results.

“Lost and found” ballots

Democratic activists or officials are the most dominant woven-narratives peddled. After the closing of polls, they have supposedly forged or faked votes or vote totals to make up ground. These ballots are replaced with Democratic ones by the Republican ballots or worse.

To form a narrative of a multileveled and vast institutional conspiracy, people can use the purported anomalies in statistics along with news reports about misplaced ballots or occasional videos of alleged ballot mistreatment. Tangential elements like the Sharpie gate claim could get blended into this broader tale as modern conspiracy theories are relatively uncritical. You may also like the boarding pass template.

Bad projections

As a perfect election model, there is no such thing as even the best ones can provide erroneous results. Inaccurate projections are picked up whether intentional or not and used as a source in contesting outcomes results that come in conflict with the projections. This casts make doubt on the entire process.

Furthermore, the polls differ from the actual vote share and the demographics and scale of mail-in voting that skews Democratic are the two most controversial factors in this year’s elections. These have made the traditional models complicated used in projecting victory.

In a number of states, these conditions along with the close margins have made it more difficult to project the winners. As a result, this leads to longer periods of uncertainty that make a chance to spread misinformation.

Premature victory claims

For arguing that conflicting results are somehow spurious or show a “rigged” election, making potentially inaccurate and premature claims of victory can also set the stage for them. To appeal to the supporter, this argument can advance the goal of a political candidate. Sadly, in the fairness of the election process, this undermines the trust.


In conclusion, a ballot template is a useful document that comes in handy when there are elections in schools, colleges, choosing an employee of the month on the basis of worker’s choice. The document is used in every organization where elections are to be held for filling the positions.

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