24 Free Implementation Plan Templates (Excel / Word)

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An implementation plan template is a document made for different kinds of organizations, no matter what the scope or size is. It is a very useful document for the deployment of technology, discrete projects, inventory planning, and more. Moreover, you can make your own implementation plan for your own personal use. It helps you in accomplishing your desired goals.

The elements of an implementation plan:

The following elements should be included in an implementation plan;

Define your objectives or goals

What you want to accomplish depends upon the size and scope of your project.

Create a schedule for the milestones

Project timelines and task deadlines are specified in the project’s execution plan. However, it is also suggested to create an outline of your entire schedule in your implementation strategy example.

Allocate your resources

Definitely, you should have enough resources to execute the plan successfully. These resources include money, personnel, and time. One of the core purposes of an implementation plan is allocating your resources.

Designate the responsibilities of every team member

For the project, each team member should have their own assigned role. Don’t think that an individual doing his own work but instead in a general plan for the team, individuals doing their own tasks.

Define the metrics for success

To define your metrics for success, answer the following questions;

  • What is your gauge in identifying whether you’re successful or not?
  • When measuring your results, what is the basis whether qualitative or quantitative?
  • What are your techniques for collecting the information?

Explain how you plan to adapt

Since your plan goes into execution so it is inevitable that you will make amendments to it. You should ensure to take into account factors that are outside of your control. In addition, these factors can significantly change the success and outcome of the project. To avoid getting derailed as the project progresses, you should have contingency plans made ahead of time. Doing this assists you in building your experience on flexibility, prompt action, and agility.

Evaluate your success

You can decide on how frequently you plan to assess the progress of your project aside from establishing the metrics for your success. Monthly reviews, quarterly reviews, etc. Are some examples of these. You should also check RACI Chart Templates.

Steps to make an implementation plan:

Here are the steps to make an effective implementation plan;

Come up with a list of the required results

Before you can identify your plans of action and the priorities of the tasks, you need a list of the results that you want to accomplish in your implementation exercise. Usually, in the form of review recommendations or from a business improvement exercise, you get the items on the list.

For each of the results, assign a champion

You assign a champion for each outcome after coming up with the list of possible outcomes. The individual who is always encouraged in achieving his assignment and keeps his whole team members accountable for achieving it is a real champion. Moreover, the individual having passion and commitment to a smooth implementation is the best. You should ensure that you share the roles so that you have various champions.

Identify the actions to take to get the desired outcome

Write down all the possible actions to take in this part of the implementation plan. These possible actions should make sure that your team’s success in getting your desired outcomes. Most of the actions have a very practical nature and some may have seem quite simple or obvious.

Keep in mind that you always require a measure. This is because without this progress becomes just a matter of opinion. Also, in the course of your timeline, opinions can be easily subject to change.

Build the budget, roles, and accountabilities

You have to think about the responsibilities and roles of your team and the actions they require to do when you have defined your list of actions. This ensures the completion of the activities in your plan.

Make a tracking sheet so that you can keep a record of progress

There is always a requirement to update yourself on the current status of the project. For this, you should have a tracking sheet that provides you with the following information;

  • A visual update of the status of your plan
  • The completed actions
  • The actions in progress
  • The delayed ones

For project management, follow the methodology

This is a series of different governance structures, processes, and controls. They are designed to assist in managing your time, resources, and activities more effectively. You can even deal with issues, proactively whenever they arise via this methodology.

Schedule a review after 6 months

Some areas of your plan always require changing. This becomes a learning chances that you should review. You determine the areas in this review that worked, what didn’t, and what areas require improvement.

Some tips for implementation planning:

You should pay attention more on your plan’s substance and its implementation process instead of paying attention too much on the form of the plan. However, consider the following tips;

  • You should make an implementation team and assign them task to successfully implement a certain initiative.
  • You should have a team leader who has the ability to coach and educate the members of the team along the process.
  • When defining prevailing problems and determining their root causes, always be very specific.
  • You have to make your strategic implementation plan.
  • It is a must to perform project analysis in order to analyze the project’s development.
  • It’s the responsibility of the leader to encourage the participation of every team member.
  • You should include the right people at the right times.
  • You should maintain transparency with the stakeholders and the other teams.


In conclusion, an implementation plan template is a document that plays an essential role in the improvement of a business. This document contains documented steps that are required to successfully complete your implementation activities.

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