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A RACI chart template is an important document for any business. They used it in a project when they require the application of an RACI model in the firm. As a business owner, you should know all about a RACI diagram in detail.

What is a RACI chart?

A RACI is a straight forward technique to determine the functional areas. This charting is also used to determine the roles and responsibilities in an organization to complete a desired task. A RACI diagram eliminates the ambiguities and differences in the cross functional environment.

Furthermore, a RACI matrix allows the managers from different and same organizational levels to participate actively in an organized and concentrated discussion regarding activities and actions. This discussion should be done for the successful completion of tasks. The RACI matrix is an organized way of verifying functional roles or departmental positions.

Moreover, actions and communications required to deliver an acceptable service or product. The expectations of participation are also resolved by RACI charts. Managers and supervisors delegate tasks as they are not accountable to do everything in the organization. Thus, the RACI diagram makes sure that responsibilities are divided equally among employees.

Four aspects of a RACI model:

Let us understand the RACI model properly;

R- Responsible

This is the individual who is responsible to accomplish the task. They are the doers. They are responsible for the actions and implementation of rules. We can say that they have to get the job done. Moreover, they can share the responsibility but accountability needs to be maintained.

A- Accountable

This is the person who is accountable or answerable for all the activity in the decision. They make sure that all responsibilities are allocated properly in the RACI matrix. They have the authority of saying yes or no to anything. In a plan, there is only one A.

C- Consult

This is the role of the people who are experienced enough for consulting. Before taking a final decision or action, they need to be consulted. Also, before implementing any ideas, all the input needs to be discussed with them first. These consultants are active participants. They are always in the loop. In addition, providing information about the project is also their responsibility. According to the experience, this subject matter expert task can be given to several people.

I- Informed

This is the one who informs participants after a decision has been made. This is a one way communication process. These people are kept in the picture as they require updates on the progress and decisions being made.

How do you make a RACI matrix?

You can take guidance from RACI template if you want to know how to make a RACI diagram or matrix. However, you should follow the below steps to make a RACI matrix;

  • At first, determine all the tasks for the project. Then, you can start with the high impact areas in order to know about the tasks.
  • Next, you should also list down all the stakeholders on the other side of the chart.
  • The next step is to fill the sections identifying who is responsible and accountable. Also, before doing every task, you should state that who will be consulted and who will be informed.
  • You have to make sure that everyone has at least one stakeholder. For each task, they will be responsible.
  • After assigning the duties and responsibilities, it’s time to discuss and get feedback on it. For this, distribute the RACI chart among everyone and ask them to provide their advice and ideas. If you find these ideas necessary then update it. This way, your RACI diagram depends on mutual decision.

Things to consider:

You should keep the following rules in mind before making the RACI matrix for your organization;

  • There is only single person who is answerable and responsible for the task.
  • You must have a communication with the consultant.
  • It is compulsory to inform the required stakeholders.

Along with the length and completion time of project plan, there might be chances of confusion between the roles and obligations of participants. Before issues such as blaming others for not getting the job done, concern over decision matters. You should also concern questions over who does what occur in your organization arise. You should try to form a RACI matrix. You can also download RACI chart template online to save your time. You should also check Lessons Learned Templates for Project Management.


In conclusion, a RACI chart template is an effective tool that describes the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in a particular task. This document brings clarity and structure in your task.

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