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excel template for client database

In modern business strategies, customer database templates are used to record the information of customers to be used later for branding and campaigns.

The customers are the most valuable asset of any business. There are businesses that have a specific list of customers to sell the services or products again and again.

While others are the businesses that usually deal with the same customers very rarely. Therefore, these customers are always looking forward to having new customers.

Mostly service industry faces the repetition of the customer orders, so they have to keep the quality and customer services well. However, the service industry may have a one-time customer interaction for services that a person only requires to get once in a life. You may also like time off request forms.

Therefore, it is important for a business to handle customer information. So, a customer database is the collection of the information of a business client that is collected from each person.

What information is included in the customer database is obviously depends on the input of the customer while getting an inquiry or last purchase.

So, our customer database template is for general use to fit in any business after very little amendment. It is developed using an excel spreadsheet. Therefore, can be formulated and integrated with other software for automatic data filling.

Elements of Customer Database Template

The information that must be present on the customer database template is captured from the order placement receipt or quotation.

As the customer database takes data from the customer’s previous orders or enquires. Therefore, the information any customer database template carry is purely linked to the type of business.

Anyhow, general information given below is normally present on all type of customer database template; You may also check petty cash log templates.

  • Customer Code
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer Email Address
  • Date of Last order/purchase
  • Value of last purchase

However, some business-specific information can be captured into the customer database template such as but not limited to;

  • Date of Birth
  • Details of last purchase
  • Qualification
  • Hobbies
  • Zip Code
  • Fax
  • Payment Terms
  • Status
  • Website

Purpose of a Customer Database Template

In modern business strategies, there are a lot of customers filling the information online to place the order or for the application purpose.

Therefore, it is important to define a specific preset format to generate the information automatically from the online portals.

Also, manual data entry procedure is common in many businesses where customers go to the business place and share the detail at the order placed window. You can also free download shipping label templates.

There are a lot of advantages to using a customer database template. Some businesses use it to evaluate the core competency of the business. They filter out the product section for each order to evaluate which products have more demand from the buyers.

While these databases can be used to improve the business to provide better after-sale services. Moreover, the customer database template is commonly used by the companies to send branding promotions and running advertisement campaigns.

Also, the customer databases can be sold to potential target markets such as call center businesses to purchase the customer databases from different businesses.

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