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A mission statement template is a document that contains a formal summary of the objectives and values of a company or an individual. It outlines the company’s special features that would set them apart from their competition. A mission statement defines the following;

  • What the company is
  • Who their targeted customers are
  • What they can offer
  • Where and how to do it

What is a mission statement?

Most successful businesses use a mission statement template to pay more attention on their business. This document defines the company’s objectives in three ways;

  • For the customers, what your company does
  • For the employees, what your company does
  • For the owners, what your company does

These are the basics but some companies have included a 4th and 5th dimension namely;

  • For the community, what your company does
  • For the world, what your company does

For the first time, writing sample mission statements or revising an existing one is an effective way to develop the company’s goal culture, ethics, and its standards for making decisions. Sometimes, in some business operations, it becomes uncertain that specific daily routines can become obstacles.

The importance of a mission statement:

Let us discuss below the reasons that why every business must have one;

It provides direction to your company

Having a defined goal provides the company a target to pay attention. It becomes a reminder to the employees the reason WHY they are there. It also acts as a type of guidepost to keep all the members of the team clear on what their purpose is and which their mission is.

It assists in the decision-making process

The mission statement format refers itself with an objective. Thus, you can make it a guide for thinking and deciding for the company. It automatically becomes a guideline in the decision-making process as it includes an outline of the purpose of the company. On the sample mission statement, the workforce can always fall back. The workforce also compares the decisions they’ve made to the direction and mission of the company. This statement is an important tool in identifying whether they made a right or wrong decision.

It assists everyone pay attention to the future of the company

The vision informs where the company will be after a certain amount of time. It commonly leans towards a preferred future. Never confuse your vision with the company’s mission. However, they differ but they are relevant as one is a consequence of the other. The mission pays attention to the company’s vision. It tells you that what you’re doing now takes you to where you want your company to be in the future.

It helps in aligning the team

It is always suggested that when new employees join the team they get a proper induction. They are also made aware of the direction and the goals of the company. The company mission statement is considered as the foundation of the company’s goals. It is for the whole organization not just for the team.

In performing every task, all the members of the team should be in-sync to function properly. The statement includes an outline of what the company does and why. By knowing this, it results in more efficiency and effectiveness within the whole organization.

It welcomes and involves healthy change

Change is an inevitable part of life. Change in business is considered healthy and an integral part of its evolution. In fact, change is the key to the success of the business. In a business environment, new changes can often be a challenge. But, the company’s mission is the one feature that should not change.

How to create a strong mission statement?

Here are the steps and tips that you should follow to create a strong mission statement;

State a definition of what your company does

Your mission statement should state that what you can do for your customers. The story that describes your market takes the message which can already make this clear to your target customers. Since your intentions are always good so never undervalue your company.

To prove that you’re doing something right, you don’t have to stop global warming or cure cancer. Don’t hesitate to incorporate in your mission statement in case you believe that what your business has to offer can benefit the world. If you want to make such claims then they must be both meaningful and discernible from other businesses.

Mention a definition of what your company does for the employees

You should always take into consideration the value of your employees. Motivates and rewards your employees as the culture of the company matters. A well-made statement also has information about what the company can offer to its employees. You should clearly write in the mission statement of why the company is good for the employees.

Moreover, specify special views regarding your relationships with employees. This thing is similar with remote employees who work in virtual workplaces. However, such inclusions are quite rare but you can include them.

Indicate what your company does for the owners

Most effective mission statements contain a mission that’s much broader. It also implies or contains the mission of ownership. The effective mission statements should do many functions. It defines their objectives.

While writing a mission statement, you should start by planning to develop the document for the company’s use. After that, use a customer-focused subset for general publications. Many businesses have divided mission statements. They make sections aside and categorize these by goal or type. For explanation, you can use formatting like bullet points. You may also like Account Statement Templates.


In conclusion, a mission statement template is a document that outlines the ‘why’ of any business strategy. Every important decision made always depends on the mission statement. The mission statement is the objective and the values of the organization or individual.

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