Fillable Employee Write up Forms [Word, PDF]

employee write up form

An employee write up form is used by a company to record the incidents of any violation of the company’s disciplinary actions. It is also referred to as employee discipline form.

It is the responsibility of the manager, supervisor, or HR Department to fill up the employee write up form inline with the company disciplinary act and take the steps accordingly. Although, it is not a very pleasant job to do. But still, the requirement has to be fulfilled for multiple reasons such as for record-keeping and reference for future disputes.

The employee write up template records the violation. Also, the violation is conveyed to the employee. So, it can be verified that the violation has been made by the employee and been clearly described by the manager. You may also like the employee performance review template.

The employee write up form provides the manager’s leverage to deal with the situation of disciplinary issues. Also, it is sometimes issued to the employee as the final warning and maybe a termination later.

The proper use of the employee write up template provides managers a kind of control over the disciplinary issues and reduces employee turnover by making the workplace comfortable for everyone.

So, many companies have made it a standard practice to use employee write up form whenever an event of workplace violation occurs. You may also see two weeks notice letter.

When an Employee Write up Form is used?

There are several uses of employee write up forms. However, the following are the common violations that trigger the use of employee write up form.

  • Excessive Absences and Unpunctuality
  • Unsatisfactory Performance
  • Insubordination or Refusal to Obey the Orders
  • Violation of the Company Safety Precautions
  • The act of Sexual Harassment and Gender Discrimination
  • Unpleasant Workplace Practices
  • Theft of the Company Physical or Intellectual Property
  • Anything that is legally a crime
  • Violation of the Company Policies
  • Any other kind of Violation of the Company or Constitutional Rules & Regulations.

Elements of an Employee Write Up Form

It is important to record enough information on the employee write up form so it can be used as a legal document. In case, an employee files a lawsuit against the company, seek unemployment insurance, or seek any kind of claim, the write-up form will help the company to put on their legal stance. You should also check the termination of employment letter.

Therefore, it is preferred to record as many details as possible on the employee write-up form. An effective employee write up sheet will help the company to depend on any kind of lawsuit filed by the employee against the company.

In this regard, the HR professionals recommend to must have the following information on an employee write-up form:

  • The employee name, designation, and Employee ID.
  • The number of warnings being issued to the Employee.
  • The date of the problem/violation
  • Type of the problem/violation
  • Details of occurrence (Include the impact on the company)
  • Corrective Action to be Taken
  • Expected Improvement(Clearly state the consequences of any further violation)
  • Employee’s Statement
  • Signature of the Employee
  • Signature of the Authority

The employee write up form is also referred to as a notice of disciplinary action, employee warning notice, or employee disciplinary action form.

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