Free Performance Improvement Plan Template (Word, Excel, PDF)

printable performance improvement plan template

What is a Performance Improvement Plan?

A (PIP) performance improvement plan template is used when it seems that an employee is not performing to a satisfactory standard. This plan works as a tool that provides an employee with the opportunity to succeed. It can help the employees to improve their performance and behavior. PIP may lead to several outcomes. These outcomes include such as termination, demotion, or performance, or improvement in overall performance. On the other hand, PIP is also used to communicate performance expectations to the employees who are newly hired. You may also like access employee database template.

Sketching a Performance Improvement Plan:

Following are the steps include while sketching a performance improvement plan template;

  1. The first and foremost step in sketching a PIP is identifying a problem. You have to determine whether the problem is in performance or in behavior. If there is more than one problem list them separately. Events and facts that are the reasons for the problem must be included in a PIP.
  2. To improve performance determines specific and measurable steps. Explain the steps in detail and make sure that the employee has clearly understood them. Moreover, also make sure that all the steps are reasonable and easily achievable.
  3. It is important to assign a realistic time period for completing the required performance or behavior change. The given time period may be relying on between one and six months. However, you can enhance the time period in extreme cases.
  4. Then, identify the resources and support available to help your employee. For example, usual responsibilities, funds for training activities, arranging seminars, materials, etc. Furthermore, ask your employee to identify the resources that can be helpful for him.
  5. Moreover, state to your employee about the consequences of not meeting expectations. Don’t focus too much on negative consequences because this can de-motivate or discourage him. Therefore, tell him that you are implementing the plan only because you are sincerely interested in his success.
  6. And update the plan before every PIP review meeting. Then, provide the updated document to the employee prior to each meeting. You should also check employee write up forms.

Contents of a (PIP) Performance Improvement Plan Template:

Let’s take a look at the things that have to include in the performance improvement plan template;

  • Employees name and position, manager’s name and position, and their work area.
  • Problem areas of employees that have to be include.
  • Observations, previous meetings, and counseling.
  • Sections that are needed to improve.
  • Resources
  • How the manager supports employee improvement activities.
  • Expectations
  • Time period
  • Consequences
  • Signatures and the date when the PIP is signed on.


Hence, we conclude that PIP is a great way to find performance and behavior problems of employees and to resolve these problems. However, PIP can work only if you follow the right steps while sketching it. Also, you have to select an appropriate (PIP) performance improvement plan template.

It helps you in monitoring and measuring the deficient work performances or behaviors of a certain employee. PIP will make you able to set goals, chart the progress of your employee, take review sessions, and observe the success.

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