Free Building Maintenance Checklist Template (Word, Excel, PDF)

office building maintenance checklist template

What is the Building Maintenance Checklist Template?

A building maintenance checklist template is a document in MS Word, PDF, MS Excel, and Google sheets in different formats. This maintenance checklist involves multiple tasks depending upon the specific organization or business. It helps the managers and facility supervisors as it makes sure that a facility or building daily operations are running smoothly. It’s a priceless defense which means to retain a building reliably.

It is also known as a preventive maintenance checklist because it keeps a building safe by periodical planning and preservation projects. Such type of maintenance involves a huge variety of tasks such as; You can also like the maintenance checklist template.

  • Inspecting
  • Repairing items that are broken
  • Maintaining electrical systems
  • Removing trash regularly
  • Plumbing
  • Air conditioning systems
  • Sprinkler management, and other utility services.

Categories of Building Maintenance Workers:

Depending upon on the responsibilities and experiences building maintenance workers divide into three different categories such as;

  • Cleaner: Cleaners or janitors are responsible for the cleaning of a building or a facility. Their services include mopping floors, cleaning glass doors, windows, and washrooms, and vacuuming carpets.
  • Technicians: Maintenance technicians perform different tasks like inspection, repairing the broken items, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), and plumbing.
  • Supervisors: Maintenance supervisors manage a team of maintenance workers and assign them their work. They also review incoming projects including both short and long-term objectives to manage the maintenance department’s work for the day or week. Personnel issues such as hiring and training of maintenance workers are also under the maintenance supervisors.

Why Building Maintenance Checklist Template?

The materials used while preparing a building have their own life span. As their lifespan comes to an end the building starts degrading. To avoid the failure of structures and infrastructure there is a need for a maintenance checklist. This checklist is known as the building maintenance checklist template.

Building Maintenance Checklist gives thorough details about the facility and provides information about the repairing requirements. It also informed you about the condition of the facility you have. For enlisting all the damages and degradation maintenance should be observed on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, and on annual basis.

So, you can take proper steps to overcome this degradation and to avoid such types of failures and degradation in the future. After any natural disasters and geological changes, a maintenance checklist is maintained to overcome the damages in a very short time interval.

For all these purposes, the maintenance checklist has huge importance. It notifies the building owners about the maintenance of their properties. It helps them to keep their property in good condition. You should also check the vehicle maintenance log template.


Hence we conclude that the building maintenance checklist plays a crucial part in every life of the building. It is necessary to keep a maintenance checklist to keep your building in shape and prevent unnecessary repairing headaches.

Every development needs maintenance practice. It is because to retain the value of the property by keeping it well maintained. The building maintenance checklist template encloses a great deal of ‘’behind the scenes’’.

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