Free Editable Funeral Program Template (Word)

sample funeral program template

The funeral program template is a document given in a funeral that outlines the schedule of funeral services. Also, it includes a summary of the achievement of the deceased person.

The funeral program is prepared by the family members. So, it includes all the information about the memorial program services and the personality points of the loved one that has passed away.

There are several online services available that allow choosing a template for creating a funeral program. Usually, these services are free. However, the logo of the free service provides is also present in the funeral program. Therefore, some people don’t like to use these free services.

In this regard, many families compile the information need to involve in the funeral program. A professional graphic designer is hired to get design a unique and customized funeral program. Although, this option is usually pretty expensive and everyone can’t afford it.

Here comes the need for a free funeral program template. A good funeral program can be designed and customized using a template in MS Word.

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Components of Funeral Program Template

There can be different formats of a funeral program template. It depends on the personality, age, and profession of the deceased person. However, whatever the visual look of a funeral program. The whole content of the funeral program revolves around the following elements:

  • Funeral Program Cover Page and Background Graphics
  • Order of Service
  • Obituary
  • Back of the Funeral Program

The funeral program also sometimes referred to as a funeral pamphlet, funeral brochure, or funeral order of service.

The cover page of the funeral program usually involves the picture of the deceased person. Also, the name, date of birth, and date of death.

Moreover, the details of the program such as date & time, address, and title of the funeral program.

The order of service is like a schedule of the ceremony. It outlines the names of the events with the allotted time slot. There are different events involve in the funeral programs of people belongs to different religions.

Therefore, it is recommended to contact the religious officiates to plan the order of services. Such as in Muslims, the funeral order of services usually involves condolences, full-body ritual purification, funeral walk to the graveyard, funeral prayers, final viewing, burial, adhan, etc.

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The obituary section of the funeral program includes the highlighted of the achievement and personality points of a deceased person. Moreover, it includes the biography in terms:

  • Where the person was born.
  • Where life was spent by the person.
  • Information about the remaining’s, Spouses, and Children
  • Other information about Hobbies and Personal Stories

The backside of the funeral brochure must include lyrics of a memorial poem, prayer, or advice. Although, it may also include the personal quote and comments of the surviving family.

The use of the funeral program template must be according to the above guidelines. However, one can easily customize the template accordingly to the age, personality, and profession of the deceased person.

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