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Writing or requesting a letter of recommendation template can be really challenging for you. You have to follow some tips and guidelines in order to write an effective letter of recommendation. There are several letter of recommendation templates available online you can select from. They will save you time as well.

The importance of letter of recommendation:

A letter of recommendation for job is used by employers to decide on who to promote or hire. During this process, the candidates struggle hard to present themselves in the best manner. The hiring manager see the recommendation letter along with the resume and interview. Through this letter, they gain insight from the third party and confirm a candidate’s qualifications.

Moreover, the employers by having recommendation letter want to know what contribution the employee can provide to the organization. Also, they want to know about their behavior. This letter also tells them the experience of the applicant. In simple words, the job recommendation letter speaks about the future performance of the applicant by mentioning their views from the past.

There are also college recommendation letters that are from students’ perspectives. With the help of this letter, colleges check out the potential students so that they find candidates who are respected by professionals. Furthermore, the letter also states the personality of the student through the past school experiences. While asking for recommendations, you should go to the professor or teacher who can paint in the best light.

Likewise the above types of letter of recommendations, the letter of recommendation for teacher assists in looking over the image and past performances of the teacher. Basically, the letter of recommendation highlights the positive and good image of the candidate, employee, teacher, or anybody. You may also like the letter of recommendation for coworker.

The key components that can assist you in standing out in a recommendation letter:

Below are some important components in a recommendation letter that can assist you in standing out from others;

Describes a solid reason to recommend you

During writing a recommendation letter, you should ensure that it comes from a reputable firm or source. The specific firm demands that the letter of recommendation should be written by a professional and reliable company or firm that you have previously worked with. The one who has supervised the candidate, the letter should be written by them.

Includes specific anecdote and examples

In addition, the recommendation letter should also give anecdotes and some examples of different scenarios in order to justify your skills. Also, these examples should be positive and provide a good image in front of the reader. Some writers use simple adjectives to put in more value to the letter and the reader.

These examples not just help in providing value to the candidate but also indicate that the applicant works on day-to-day operations. In the recommendation letter, a writer should at least use two to three anecdotes. You should make sure that your letter does not sound insincere in order to provide a strong and positive image of the candidate.

Customized to the new position

When writing the letter, keep in mind that you have to portray a candidate’s accomplishments with respect to the past role. You should ensure that it properly connects to the next position when writing about their past role. Additionally, the writer should make them sure that they are compatible of making a career change by stating that they would surely do well in the new industry.

The customized job position is the place where the applicant should open communication with the applicant. You should share the job description with the writer so that he/she gets a clear understanding about the requirement of the position.

How do you write a letter of recommendation?

Here is the steps that you should follow to write an effective letter of recommendation;

Start with the formal letter writing format

You should start with a formal letter. At first, place the address on the top right corner and then place the date. Then, on the left side, write the recipient’s name and address. After that, open the letter with a formal business greeting.

Begin the letter with an enthusiastic and short praise

After the salutation, start the letter with enthusiastic and short praise. Don’t make sentences too long. You just have to state that you trust the person and he/she is credible and liable for the opportunity.

Describe how you know the candidate

Next, describe about the candidate’s qualifications and successes specifically. To back yourself up, specifically tell about the candidate’s stories and evidences.

Demonstrate about the success

By comparing a candidate’s achievements and accomplishments with other things the reader will get an understanding of why you are recommending the other person.

Indicate where they can improve, don’t exaggerate

You should be very honest while writing the recommendation letter. Don’t exaggerate about the candidate. Also, use the statements that are realistic and plausible. You have to give such statements so that the expectations are not too high. In case, the candidates have a weakness, handle it tactfully by remaining honest. Never include the things that will not possible for a candidate to meet.

Close the letter positively

Now, close the letter by repeating the recommendation of the candidate and also invite the recipient to contact you.

Use business closing and signature

You have to be professional most importantly along with all things mentioned above. In case, the letter is sending in a hard copy then simply get it printed and signed by hand. On the other hand, if you are sending the letter as a soft copy then simply state your name and use the words like Sincerely, Thank You, and Best Regards.


In conclusion, a letter of recommendation template should be written in an effective and professional manner. The writer of the letter has to leave positive descriptions of a candidate’s skills in a powerful and precise manner. The letter should use error-free, clear and effective language.

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