Free Safety Plan Templates for Construction, Patient, Site Specific, etc. (Excel / Word)

general safety plan template

A safety plan template is a document made as part of an official procedure that involves designing a proactive scheme. This scheme must follow by the individuals in the event of any kind of emergency. The nature of this document requires that it should be drafted uniquely in order to meet the requirements of a business or any other type of venue where people gather.

When to use a safety plan template?

While creating a safety plan remember that situations vary from one another. So, you have to make a safety plan that’s specific to your own situation. You can create different types of safety plan templates;

  • A construction safety plan template
  • A safety plan template for students
  • A health and safety plan template
  • A business safety plan template and more

Below are some situations wherein you may need such a plan;

For emergencies or escalating incidents

You have to consider the best escape route from the venue for this plan. Think how you and all the other occupants can get out safely and quickly from an emergency. To indicate danger, come up with a code and share it with all the members of the family or with all the employees in the workplace.

In case, an argument starts, you should ensue to avoid areas that have no escape routes such as basements, kitchens, or bathrooms. Call the emergency hotline of your area or locale as soon as possible.

For leaving your home or an abuser

You have to ensure that there is a number of emergency hotlines in your locale. Place an emergency bad including a change of clothes, essential documents, keys, and money with an individual that you trust so you don’t have to gather these things before you leave. You may also like Prenuptial Agreement Forms.

In a concealed, hide emergency money and a set of keys. You should determine a hospital and a police station that’s open 24-hours where you can find refuge. In your own name, you must have a bank account where you put money for an emergency fund.

You should buy an emergency phone in case you have to leave your home and you can call for assistance. You have to review your safety plan regularly in order to make sure that it’s updated and you know all of the steps.

You should visit a domestic violence agency in your locale in order to get more knowledge about support and how to ask for legal advice.

For home safety

Change your locks right away in case there is a break-in. Install lighting outdoors and prevent your windows. You have to make a health and safety plan template. Then, orient your whole family regarding the contents.

Share the plan to your landlord if you live in an apartment complex or a rented property. Inform your landlord of this in case an incident has already occurred. Encourage your landlord to come up with a plan of his own. In addition, you can contact with your landlord and make the plan together.

For public or workplace safety

It is essential to make a safety plan template for your workplace and yourself. If a dangerous person stalks or follows you, make a plan for yourself and share it with your supervisor or employer. Provide them a photo of the person to look out for. Also, inform security personnel too. You can also let your closest coworkers know of the situation and of your plans.

What to include in your safety plan?

Whatever safety plan you are going to create whether a construction safety plan template, a safety plan for students, and more, keep in mind that this should be a comprehensive document. It includes a detailed framework for all the safety practices that you have to follow in the event of an unexpected event.

Furthermore, a safety plan provides each individual all the information required about how to deal with certain situations. This information can apply to various situations. But, you have to customize your plan according to your own needs. These days, different businesses and companies have forgotten the importance of a safety plan.

Having this document and all the procedures says a lot about the commitment of a business. It helps in maintaining the safety of their employees. With the help of this document, employees feel safer in the workplace.

The most challenging part that people may face while creating a safety plan is how comprehensive it should be. You should make up a framework on how to deal with a specific occurrence. You should also have to make sure that you don’t miss any essential step that may derail the effectiveness of the plan.

However, there are basic elements to include in each safety plan template;

  • Sudden action or steps to take
  • Procedures for securing the area
  • People to contact about the situation
  • To inform other people about the situation, communicating methods
  • Safe handling applications and instructions
  • Protective gear to wear such as gloves, hard hats, masks, and more
  • Evacuation routes
  • Procedures for data collection and reporting
  • Training plans
  • Equipment or waste disposal
  • Media relations if applicable

Moreover, it is difficult to imagine all the possible scenarios that may consist of the safety of the company and of the people in it. But, it is harder to think about what you have to do in the event such a situation happens due to the severity of these situations may vary. Therefore, it is essential to check and update your safety plan template a daily basis. You should also have to be as observant as possible throughout any activities or incidents. That way, you can keep yourself well-prepared. You should also check Instruction Manual Templates.


In conclusion, a safety plan template should be a comprehensive document. Implementing this document takes more than just drafting the document. By informing everyone concerned about its implementation and execution, you can make a plan effective. So, you should orient employees or family members about the contents of the plan.

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