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A time card template is an efficient tool that comes in handy while keeping track of the time spent at work or on a specific project within a certain time period. There are different types of time cards for students, employees, team members, and more.

The benefits of using a time card:

It is a very useful tool for logging in work hours. The main purpose of using time card is to calculate pay that includes vacation hours, overtime, holiday pay, and sick leave. You can also use a time card to keep record of the number of hours spent on a certain project.

After making your Excel time card template, you can customize the given services or the project tasks that you have already accomplished. In the case of community service or volunteer hours, these cards are also useful for keeping track of work hours that aren’t paid.

In the past, printable time cards used by employees to be actual cards to clock in and clock out of their shifts. However, some companies still use these cards. Nowadays, there are different templates to use for different purposes. On the basis of their needs and preferences, people can use time cards and time sheets interchangeably.

A time card or timesheet template, for smaller businesses, is the perfect way for keeping track of employee’s working hours to make the calculation of payments easier. Using this template, provides the following benefits; You may also like Time Study Spreadsheet.

Planning and giving quotations with high accuracy

A time card provides you an idea of how much time tasks or projects commonly require for completion. Knowing this information can assist you in planning for the future. When you send quotations to potential clients, this information can also enhances your confidence.

Furthermore, for similar projects and tasks in the future, you can plan realistic and achievable timelines more accurately by when you keep detailed records of the amount of time you spend on projects.

Keeping precise records

Both the employers and employees need concise records so that they can give accurate balance and payment budgets. Each day, using a time card assists you in keeping track of certain tasks to assist the payroll department perform accurate calculations for compensation.

Keeping track of employee performance

You can get a good sense of your employee’s performance by keeping track of attendance using printable time cards or even how employees spend their time at work. This is an effective insight that can help you in pinpointing problem areas. This way, you can deal with any issues right away.

For the resolution of disputes

To help you resolve misunderstandings, conflicts, and legal actions, a time card also gives you with documentation.

Type of time cards:

You can create the following types of time cards;

For employees

This types of time card is used to calculate how many hours your employees have spent in the office each day. You have to create columns for the check-in time, check-out time, regular hours, breaks, and overtime hours.

For daily tasks

This template is highly beneficial when your employees need to work on a list of tasks each day. At a training session outside of the office, you also use it for when employees must work at an event or spend the entire day.

In addition, on this sheet, you have to ensure that all employees sign their names and all the other information you have included on it. The holding events that last for the whole day, the non-profit organizations can also use this template for them.

For a bi-weekly time period

It enables you to keep record of all the essential details of your employees’ office hours in a bi-weekly format. In this template, you can also include overtime hours and breaks.

For a semi-monthly time period

You may want to use this template if you pay your employees two times each month. Here, for the days of the first and second half of the month, you would include fields to keep track of time worked. You ca manually input the information print a blank time card template.

Additionally, you can also download a time card template online and customize it according to your requirements. After that, in the different fields of your template, the employees just have to do is input the data you have included in them.

For projects

This type of template is perfect for freelancers. They use it to keep track of the hours they have worked on each of their projects. Companies also use it to keep track of the time employees spend on projects.

Things to consider while making your time card template:

Here are some things that you first consider while creating an Excel time card template;

  • You have to ensure that your time card template complies with government standards. Other than the state laws, there is the Fair Labor Standards Act that set guidelines for record-keeping, overtime, wages, and other employment issues. You can consult with the FLSA in order to make sure that you’re not violating any government standards.
  • Aim for simplicity in case you want your employees to fill out your printable time cards accurately. Orient your employees after creating your template on how to use it and how to fill in the information correctly. This helps in avoiding confusion and making sure that operations run smoothly. There are different ways for how employees can fill in and submit time cards either you can print these out or have an online process.
  • You should assign a project code in case you want your employees to maintain a record of how much time they had spent on several projects. You can monitor that resources go to specific projects with these codes. You should also check Time Log Templates.


In conclusion, a time card template is a helpful tool that helps you in monitoring the number of hours your employees have worked within a given time period. Small businesses, freelancers, independent contractors, and any other individuals can use these sheets.

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