17 Free Travel Agency Invoice Templates & Forms (Excel / Word / PDF)

Travel Agency Invoice Template

Traveling via different means of transportation is common not only for national or international traveling but also for domestic travel. Traveling companies issue a detailed invoice of services that will be provided to their client on their journey with them.

A travel agency invoice template isn’t just a record-keeping document for a client, but it includes all information on their travel, travel expenses, and services are included in the travel plan. On the other hand, traveling invoices are important documents for accounts of traveling agencies to keep a record of their sales and customer. These invoices are later helpful in legal tax matters as well.

Mostly developed traveling companies provide a detailed travel invoice to their clients including details of their visit destination, estimated timings for departure, and arrival along with services. You may also like travel expense report forms.

What is a travel invoice?

Generally, a travel invoice is a business invoice document that includes all the travel services and their due payments. This document is usually provided and organized by the travel service provider or a company. It also informs about the due payments. The travel invoice includes the following information;

  • The date of buying the service
  • Travel agency information
  • Invoice number
  • Information about the destination of travel
  • The number of travelers taking advantage of the service.
  • Inventory of travel services bought.

For travelers and the travel agency, this document is crucial. It helps them to keep the track of booking.

What is a travel agency invoice template?

A travel agency invoice template is a formal document that is given to the customers by the travel agents while asking for payment. This template allows the travel agents to write down the type of travel service, service rate, and taxes. For the notes, the template contains a separate section that is sent to the customer.

What are the essential components of the Travel Agency Invoice Templates?

Keep in view the application and importance of the travel agency invoice template. It’s critical to mention all the essential information over the travel agency invoice.

Travel invoices for bus services, rapid trains, and air services are a little different in terms of the information it carries. Some agencies provide a complete package of travel including air transportation, local transportation, lodging, and hoteling. It’s important for such agencies to add complete information on travel tours for their clients on travel invoices.

Bus services travel invoice normally covers letterhead information of service provider, client name and contact number, terminal point, the timing of departure and arrival, invoice # and client #, amount and rate for each service, and the payment information.

A similar type of information is present on the train travel invoices. Airplane travel invoices cover some extra information with major heads of document coding, a bill to, passengers, itinerary, details and ticket number. It also covers information about if the flight is direct or via any transit means by clearly stating the details of stay at transition airport.

Itinerary details mostly cover supplier name, destination city, description, locator #, from and to, date, flight #, and departure and arrival time. It also mentioned any additional services provided in the details section like an overnight stay at some hotel.

Best Collections of  Travel Agency Invoice Templates

How to Create a Travel Agency Invoice Template?

It’s really easy to make a simple but effective travel agency invoice using an excel spreadsheet. There are few guidelines one needs to follow while creating a travel agency invoice;

  • Travel agency invoices must be presented in the letterhead of the agency.
  • It must include the cost breakup for each service provided to the client.
  • It should also serve the purpose of a ticket.
  • The itinerary plan of travel must be present on the invoice.

By following the above guidelines, a travel agency invoice template can be drafted to use later for any means of transport for any customer.

Traveling invoices issued at the time of booking when a customer booked a berth at any means of transportation. Nowadays travel agencies have an online system of booking. It’s a great revolution for clients from many perspectives.

It has made it easier for clients to reserve a berth by one click over the phone application of the desired travel agency for any offered destination. It also provides an E-copy of the ticket embedded in the travel invoice.

What benefits a travel agency invoice template provides?

If you are running a travel agency, it’s crucial for you to keep a travel agency invoice template because you are asking about payment from your travelers. Most importantly, it makes sure a perfect organization of your billing by providing it a formal structure.

You should use an organized layout because it looks more professional. Here you can mention all the services besides the prices and you can get all these things through a travel agency invoice. All these templates are designed completely you don’t have to create an entire invoice. You should also check travel log templates.

How do you create a travel invoice?

If you want to create your own travel invoice then follow the below steps;

  1. At first, you have to include your travel agency name, contact details, and address at the top of the document.
  2. Secondly, insert your company logo and also mention your company name.
  3. Next, write down the details of the customer. Also, mention the payment method.
  4. After that, enter the invoice number and invoice thorough information.
  5. Then, create a table for listing the services provided and their relevant prices.
  6. In the end, provide a complete total of all the prices.

Why does a travel agency need a travel invoice?

The main purpose of this invoice is that it provides a travel agency and its customers a record of travel. However, it performs the following basic functions;

For Travelers:

  • It gives out all the travel expenses.
  • It acts as evidence of completed payments.
  • If there is a discrepancy in travel expenses, then it acts as documentary proof.

For Travel Agencies:

  • It gives out the customer’s payment.
  • It keeps a track of bookings.
  • It identifies if clients have already paid or not.

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