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Shipping goods from one place to another via any mean of transportation require essential documentation for information and security purposes. What is the shipping label template? How they are useful? What are the various types of shipping labels and how these are created? These questions will be briefly answered in this informative article.

These shipping labels are a type of identifications used to present several types of information about the goods under transition from one place to another. These labels are useful in a number of ways and types of shipping labels totally depend on the mean of transportation, nature of goods and industry norms. You may also like maintenance checklist templates.

How to create simple Shipping Labels Template?

Keep in view the importance and uses of shipping labels. It’s really important to make a label that presents clear information in minimum possible words.

Shipping labels help in the identification of package origin and destination. It helps to identify the nature of product including weight, fragility, and sensitivity. These are also used to identify the products. Here are few simple steps to make a simple shipping label template word file including shipping package label template, product shipping label template and precautionary label template. You may also check punch card template.

  1. To make package shipping labels, write down the information such as attentions, addresses and phone numbers for origin and destination respectively.
  2. Make a table to present product information such as product name, a basic parameter for identification, and gross weight.
  3. Add tracking numbers and codes for shipping tracking purposes.
  4. Make a round circle or rectangle and add the product name, and metrics parameter inside to make a simple product shipping label.
  5. Precautionary labels are also made using simple graphical shapes.
  6. As a boarder and having an icon of the precaution inside such as broken glass to show the fragile nature of the product.
  7. These templates are universal and easily available on the internet.

Shipping labels are looks like a tiny piece of paper or sticker, but it serves a vital purpose to present information about the origin and destination of the packages.

These labels are understandable by humans as well as sensors such as bar code readers. Packages without shipping labels are considered as lost packages that are mishandled and will ultimately bring bad customer experience to brand loyalty.

Types of Shipping Label Templates

There are a variety of shipping labels used to serve a different purpose. Such as informative shipping labels that present detailed information about the source and the destination such as names, addresses, phone numbers, items detail, gross weight of the package, courier category, shipment tracing number and codes for scanners. These shipping labels are also known as address label templates or mailing label templates.

There are some products specific shipping labels as well that allows the buyer to identify the different products that apparently look similar. For example, in the yarn or fabric industry. Different count yarn apparently looks the same. Yarn suppliers use product identification labels on the cartons or pallets to help their buyers identify what parameters yarn is inside those. You may also see business memo templates.

Similarly, precautionary labels are also used on the shipment packing to help the forwarder and carrier staff understand the nature of the product either it is fragile, not to tilt, to keep dry and etc.

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