18+ Free Printable Shipping Label Templates (Word / PDF)

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The businesses who are providing the services of shipment of packages use a shipping label template. They attach a shipping label with the package in order to make the shipping process smooth. It typically contains the details about the sender and the recipient such as their names, contact details, and more.

Furthermore, you can design a simple label with no image in the background or you can use your business logo or other images in the background. The size of shipping labels can be different for different packages.

What is the shipping label?

Shipping labels are those pieces of key information for a carrier to transport a package from their start destination to its end destination. This key information involves postal code, country, tracking number, date, package quantity, and Ship Street, city, and state. Ship labels can define the contents, especially if they are for international shipments.

Every label is unique and you can’t use old labels again. A new label should make for each delivery.

What should you include on a shipping label?

The following information you have to include on a shipping label.

  • Postal code
  • Country name
  • Tracking number
  • Date
  • Package quantity
  • Shipping barcode
  • Shipping class.
  • City and state name.

How do you create shipping labels?

During order processing, shipping labels are usually created. Creating your own template and fill out a label by hand isn’t possible. You have to follow the carrier requirements for creating a shipping label. You can either visit the local post office to purchase a label there or arrange the label on your own.

Buying labels from the local post office will be expensive.

On the other hand, creating your own shipping labels is more beneficial. This is because it contains discounts on postage and scheduling package pickups rather than having to wait at the office. Let us discuss how you can arrange your own shipping labels;

  1. You can create your labels online by using the carrier’s online tools. Every carrier contains its own online tool where you can make shipping labels that fit their certain requirements. You should visit their website and fill out the label template. And, then download the filled template for print out.
  2. Another method, you can use is shipping labels software. It enables you to download the carrier shipping label template and fill out it locally on your computer. It will also enable you to customize the process and has the ability to work offline.
  3. The last method is to automatically gather order information from various platforms and carriers to fill in forms speedily and efficiently with a shipping tool. An efficient tool will directly connect with the store, collect the order information that is needed for the shipping label, and then automatically create a label in an exact template.

The different sizes of shipping and package labels:

Following are the different sizes of shipping and package label templates;

Letter size

In the USA, the letter size is the most commonly used standard size. Its dimensions are 8.5″ x 11″. These sheets include various labels with varying sizes. Include various labels as long as they fit into the paper size. Usually, schools, businesses, and churches use the letter size.

Legal size

This is also considered a standard size in the country, but less popular than the letter size. 8.5″ x 14″ are its dimensions.

Tabloid size

This standard size isn’t used frequently in the US. 11″ x 17″ are its dimensions. Unfortunately, if you only have a small office printer, you cannot print this size.

A4 size

For shipping labels, this is an international standard size. It has almost the same dimensions just like the letter-sized label. When shipping items to other countries, use this.

A3 size

This is another international standard size likewise the A4 and having dimensions of 420mm x 294mm. Two A4s sheets are placed side by side in it.

Why do you require a shipping label template?

A shipping or package label template is important to contain information regarding the product you’re shipping out. This information is important all throughout the supply chain. The movement of your thing with this all the way to your customer’s doorstep improves.

The required information is mentioned in the label that assists both machines and men to understand the origin of the customer’s products and its destination. The purpose and design of this label are highly efficient. You should also have to select the accurate template for your business as well as it depends upon your requirements.

You can download a shipping return label template. After that, personalize them or create your own from scratch. Making labels for all types of shipping requires to make it easier to conduct your business. This template is important as shipping is one of the most common business functions in many organizations.

The importance of shipping labels:

Shipping labels are important for any business that sells and ship goods but they are often overlooked. They are connections among humans and the automated network that are included in shipping packages. Labels should be clear and simple. The electronic scanners must read them easily. This way, the shipping process becomes quick and reduces computer errors relevant to poorly labeled packages.

Many businesses, particularly recently developed ones, don’t take into consideration the significance of establishing a good system for making shipping labels. But, this is an important section of any business that uses shipping services.

How does shipping label work?

The shipping labels address to the shipping service the destination of a package. In case, there is an issue or the package can be returned to the sender, the label also states the origin of the package so the sender can be notified. The name and address of the sender and receiver of the package are mentioned in the label.

Generally, the shipping service provider will scan a package. This is because it moves along the shipping route and allows both the sender and receiver to scan the package and know when to expect delivery. Many times throughout the route, most shipping services scan the shipping label as it can give an accurate expected date of delivery. Every created shipping label is unique to forbid confusion of packages.

Why should you use a shipping label template?

Here are some reasons for using a shipping label;

Real-time tracking

With the help of a shipping label template, customers can check up on an order at every step of the delivery process. Tracking barcodes must be included as they help the carrier track the order.

Reliable information

The chances of slowing down delivery times can get decreased due to the standardized nature of the shipping label template. The reliability of an online store’s fulfillment process will increase when the template has been created and implemented.

Reducing costs

When you have made a template for shipping labels, you don’t need to make and attach them by hand. You just have to print your own labels. It can save you time and money.

Delivery time reduces

You can enhance the efficiency of the delivery process by including the right information in a shipping label. Furthermore, templates can increase delivery success by managing orders before they ship and by avoiding the risks of manually writing labels.

Retain customers

A customer’s perception of your online store can get increased by creating high-quality and reliable shipping labels consistently.

Boost Branding

Once the customer’s package is delivered, the first thing they see is the shipping label. Shipping labels are attached to every order. They enable you to share the story of your brand.

Easy returns for customers

You can streamline your store’s return process by making a return address shipping label template.

Warehouse navigation becomes easier

Finding your packages in warehouses in distribution centers can become easier when you make a template that provides customized labels. It would be recommended to include this in your shipping labels in case you have your own warehouse designation system in place.

The advantages of using a shipping label template:

Your customer’s life becomes easier by using a shipping label template. Also, it helps your business in growing. It is an effective tool that assists customers in understanding the requirements they have. Furthermore, this leads them to purchase more often. Let us discuss below some benefits of using this template;

  • The shipping label template assists with inventory management and shipping costs.
  • It enables for easy modifications on products being shipped.
  • Provide customers the chance to review their order before shipment.
  • Without hassle, the customers can return items.
  • Since you can track inventory through the template, it helps with custom orders.

How to get a label template in Word?

You can design your own shipping and return label templates quickly and easily in case you know how to use Microsoft Word. At first, you have to get the free shipping label template in Word. Follow the below steps to do this;

  • Click the Mailings tab
  • Click on Labels
  • Choose Options
  • Click New Label

After that, you have to enter the name and measurements of your new template. You can receive this detail from label manufacturers.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the difference between a shipping label and a packing slip?

A shipping label is useful for the transporter while a packing slip is for the receiver. Unlike the shipping label, the packing slip doesn’t include the tracking number and weight of the package.

What about the standard size of a shipping label?

The standard size of a shipping label is 4×6 inches (12×15 cm). Some other popular sizes of shipping labels are 6×3 inches (15×7 cm) or 4×4 inches (10×10 cm).

Is it appropriate to tape the shipping label with barcodes?

Yes, you can tape the shipping label as it does not hinder the visibility of your shipping label.

How do you create a prepaid FedEx shipping label?

Below are the steps to create a prepaid shipping label with FedEx;

Step#1: Firstly, sign in to your FedEx account. If you don’t have a FedEx account then register online.

Step#2: After signing in, click on ‘create shipment’ in the shipping tab.

Step#3: Select ‘prepare shipment’ in the FedEx ship manager. Then, click on ‘create return shipment’.

Step#4: Next, enter your business and customer’s information in the return package.

Step#5: According to your need, select the return label type from the available options.

Step#6: Then, select your preferred return shipping method in the Select Package Type.

Step#7: Define the Package type either it’s a box, tube, or envelope.

Step#8: Take a view of your billing information and then confirm it.

Step#9: Also, take a view of the shipping information and confirm it. Then, click on the ‘Ship Button’ to complete the process.

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