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Every Machine, equipment, or appliance, domestic or industrial contains a maintenance schedule to follow to ensure efficient working. Maintenance checklist templates help in checking and reviewing all the maintenance of significant items (MSIs’) of a single machine or complete system.

The maintenance checklist is used by the maintenance team to make sure which MSIs have been inspected, which are left, and what part required to be maintained. It eliminates the ignorance of any crucial factor as well as nullifies the possibility of repetition.

The maintenance checklist is an important document that requires preventive maintenance management. It includes a list of all the functionally and structurally significant items of a particular machine or appliance key performance indicators that have to break down potential. You may also like Printable Mileage Log Templates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is maintenance checklist?

A maintenance checklist is a document that involves some objects to be checked or reviewed for maintenance. Such checklists help us to avoid reviewing the same items more than one time that has already reviewed. Basically, it’s an itemized list of distinct maintenance tasks that have been made by the constructor of the asset.

The checklist also contains several items such as date of maintenance, detail of every item, the direction of how to conduct maintenance check, and much more. Checklists are the fundamental constituents of a maintenance program.

What is the preventive maintenance checklist?

A preventive or preventative checklist is a set of written tasks that gives instruction to the worker through PM since it can be closed. A preventive maintenance point out the regular maintenance that keeps the instruments running and lessen the chance of its failure. It needs sensitive planning and scheduling of maintenance on the instrument by containing the record of past inspections and servicing reports.

A checklist includes all the instructions and information and provides it into the hands of experienced workers/technicians by systematizing PMs in your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

What are the types of maintenance?

There are almost 5 different types of maintenance that companies used to enhance the uptime of their assets. Companies used one or more types depending upon their budget, a number of resources, and maintenance aim. Here is the list of the types of maintenance;

  • Corrective maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Condition-based maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Predetermined maintenance

What is the maintenance schedule?

Basically, a maintenance schedule shows the daily services and inspections that are to be done on the plant product. It contains several intervals that involve a service or inspection procedure.

How can you create a preventive maintenance checklist?

You need 6 things to develop/create a preventive maintenance checklist. Let us discuss them one-by-one;

  1. Select the knowledgeable people for your maintenance team. The people who have command on data processing, accounting, craftsmen, and the members of production control.
  2. Set specific goals by keeping some factors in the mind such as operations, resources, and industry for the preventive maintenance project.
  3. Gather the whole information about all the existing pieces of equipment because it is necessary to become familiar with them before the initiation of the preventive maintenance checklist.
  4. After completing the above process you have to make a decision that what equipment pieces are included in the PM program.
  5. The next step is to create a preventive maintenance schedule. Different types of PM schedules are created by CMMS depending on the maintenance history, worker availability, inspection times, etc.
  6. The last step is to monitor the expenses, performance, and other key performance indicators (KIPs). The maintenance manager also has the authority to adjust the PMs if needed having the aim of improving all the operations efficiency.

What is the importance of a preventive maintenance checklist?

The Preventive maintenance checklist assures you that it doesn’t matter who is working because the work is getting done in the same way. In this way, it builds a standard that everyone can follow. This can make work faster and more standardized.

Important and Benefits of Maintenance Checklist Template

The maintenance checklist plays an important role in the implementation of a preventive maintenance approach. There are different types of checklists developed on different bases such as time period, machines, systems, significant items.

Maintenance checklist templates are used in every type of industry for maintenance planning and management. The maintenance management preventive approach uses a checklist to inspect ensures, manage, and review every significant item of the machine for potential damages and period changes. It helps in the effective implementation of the maintenance approach and allows the system to reduce errors by recording every vital aspect of the maintenance of significant items. You may also check the Car Lease Agreement Templates.

What are the main Elements of Maintenance Checklist Template?

Maintenance checklists are purpose-aligned documents, include all essential information required to inspect and analyze to check the working performance of any part, assembly, machine, equipment, or appliance.

Normally daily maintenance checklists are used in industrial by each department. It includes a list of all machines with potential maintenance points to be inspected that functionally and significantly important for normal working. Maintenance officers inspect and note particular data about each parameter on their daily maintenance checklist drill. You should also like the Grocery List Template.

Basic maintenance checklists include machines, a list of structurally and functionally significant items, potential inspect points related to significant items, space to jot down the value of each parameter after inspection, 3 point assessment scale to mark the maintenance requirement, and comments about any damage or problem.

Best Collections of Maintenance Checklist Templates

How to Create an Effective Maintenance Checklist Template?

There are a number of factors that needs to be effectively evaluated and analyze for creating an effective maintenance checklist template;

  1. Assess your environment using SWOT analysis to find out the potential starting point.
  2. Setting maintenance goals to defining the objective and scope of maintenance management in the business.
  3. Make a rough checklist after brainstorming sessions with the job floor maintenance team by identification of all the maintenance significant items and their importance for the performance of the machine.
  4. Test the rough maintenance checklist for improvement by implementation and identification of loopholes in its effectiveness.
  5. Introduce the maintenance checklist by guiding the stakeholders about its importance and use.
  6. Still working on a continuous improvement approach to enhance the effectiveness of the checklist.
  7. Review the maintenance checklist based on the prolonged implementation experience and feedback of direct maintenance staff to enhance its usefulness. You may also download free Vehicle Maintenance Log Templates.

Pre-drafted maintenance checklists for different machines, equipment, and appliances are available on the internet that is easy to use and customize to suit best as per the nature of your business. Here you can also more explore a lot of business templates.

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