12+ Free Maintenance Checklist Templates & Examples (Excel / Word / PDF)

maintenance checklist

Technicians use a maintenance checklist template to document equipment maintenance inspections. It is an efficient tool that outlines tasks or items to be checked or reviewed for maintenance. With the help of a maintenance checklist, you can avoid equipment failure and prolong its lifespan.

What is a maintenance checklist?

A maintenance checklist is a document that involves some objects to be checked or reviewed for maintenance. Such checklists help us to avoid reviewing the same items more than one time that has already reviewed. Basically, it’s an itemized list of distinct maintenance tasks that have been made by the constructor of the asset.


The checklist also contains several items such as the date of maintenance, details of every item, the direction of how to conduct maintenance checks, and much more. Checklists are the fundamental constituents of a maintenance program.

What is a maintenance inspection?

It is a process of assessing the condition of an equipment or a machine. Also, a maintenance inspection is performed for structures of a building or facility. It assists in determining issues before they become worse and requires costly repair.


What are the types of maintenance?

There are almost 5 different types of maintenance that companies used to enhance the uptime of their assets. Companies used one or more types depending upon their budget, a number of resources, and maintenance aim. Here is the list of the types of maintenance;

  1. Corrective maintenance
  2. Preventive maintenance
  3. Condition-based maintenance
  4. Predictive maintenance
  5. Predetermined maintenance

The importance of maintenance checklist:

A maintenance checklist is a necessary tool for a well-managed operation. It protects your business from unanticipated breakdowns and expenses. In addition, the maintenance teams do their job efficiently by having an effective maintenance checklist in hand. Let us discuss some more key benefits of using this tool;

Maintains reliability

It makes sure that the operating equipment is working in good condition for the long term.


Ensures safety

It helps to avoid unexpected hazards that can cause accidents and injuries to people if remain unchecked.

Improves efficiency

An effective maintenance checklist saves both time and money by detecting defects before they get worse.


Good recordkeeping

It enables you to have consistent documentation of repairs and diagnostics. Thus, you can determine broader trends and support future inspections.

3 pointers to make an effective maintenance checklist:

A maintenance checklist is an important tool to have a well-managed operation. This checklist assists your maintenance team in doing their job efficiently. It secures your business from unanticipated breakdowns, costly repairs, and equipment replacement. With an effective maintenance checklist, regular maintenance checks are partnered. This checklist can help you in avoiding equipment failure and prolong their lifespan. Here are the pointers for making a maintenance checklist;

Make a plan

Develop the specifics of your maintenance program like identifying who will be involved in the maintenance project and what the aim is.


Identify items or areas to cover

Identify the items or areas that will help you in achieving the goal of your maintenance program when you have determined the specifics of your maintenance program. You can use the SWOT analysis as a framework to evaluate your environment. A full understanding of your environment is important as it assists you in making a checklist tailored to your work.

Create your checklist

After fully equipped with the information above, you can build your checklist. Your maintenance checklist usually answer the following questions;

  • What is the visual as well as physical condition of the equipment, machine, or facilities?
  • Did you find physical defects?
  • What actions are required to be performed?
  • What is the overall maintenance inspection evaluation?
  • Who did perform the inspection?

Some additional tips for making a maintenance checklist:

Consider the following tips while making your own checklist;

  • First, you must know the significance of creating a maintenance checklist.
  • Include the items carefully in the checklist.
  • Provide a list of the processes that are required for a successful maintenance check.
  • For easy identification, provide a detailed description for each item.
  • Organize your checklist and input the details so that it won’t become harder to find out the items.
  • For the remarks of the maintenance officer, leave a space.

For your maintenance inspection, use mobile applications:

For data gathering and record-keeping purposes, paper-based maintenance checklists and logs can be a hassle to use and maintain. It can be challenging to produce defect reports without the capability to easily include photo evidence.


Auditor is the world’s most powerful inspection app. It can replace all of your paper-based maintenance checklists and logs. The completed maintenance reports are more powerful and detailed. They have the ability to include photos with annotations to pinpoint key findings easily. By using the Auditor mobile app securely online in the cloud, save all data captured. By logging in to your online dashboard, you can conveniently review organized information.

The featured maintenance checklist templates:

Vehicle maintenance checklist

This checklist is used to determine defects and mechanical issues for most vehicles. Authorized inspectors use this template to perform the following during inspection;

  • Gathering general information of the vehicle that contains VIN, license plate, and mileage.
  • Capture a picture of the condition of the vehicle.
  • Take a physical check of the brake system, coupling devices, engine operation, and other safety components.
  • Give a list of recommendations.
  • Give a rate to the overall roadworthiness of the vehicle.

Heavy vehicle maintenance checklist

It is used to determine problems and mechanical issues of heavy vehicles. To prepare for the DOT annual vehicle inspection, it is used by certified technicians. This template contains the guidance that guide the inspector to perform the following;

  • To track the type, identification, and mileage of the vehicle.
  • Capture the picture of the physical condition of the heavy vehicle.
  • To check the administrative conformance, brake system, fuel system, and other important elements.
  • Give helpful safe vehicle operation tips.
  • Heavy vehicle’s overall condition ratings.

Generator maintenance checklist

The generator maintenance checklist makes sure that diesel generators are readily available if there is power outages. They can give good power quality. This template is followed by engineers as a guide while performing inspections;

  • The diesel generator’s physical and visual checks
  • Leakage, damage, and defects captured in photo as evidence
  • Battery, oil, and fuels condition checks
  • Evaluate the overall condition of the diesel generator
  • Give digital signature and timestamp

CCTV maintenance log template

It is used to make sure that surveillance equipment is operational. Security teams use this template to document any defects identified. The template has been made to give instructions to the inspector to perform the following;

  • In order to check the physical condition of cameras, wiring, and control equipment.
  • Track any defects found.
  • To the relevant contact, document needed repairs, and send an in-app notification.
  • With a digital signature and timestamp, validate the record of inspection.

HVAC maintenance template

This template makes sure that the building’s heating and air conditioning systems are running efficiently. These template instructions can be followed by HVAC contractors and property managers while performing their inspections;

  • Determine the HVAC equipment
  • Assess the physical condition and then as your response chooses between “OK, Needs Action, or N/A.
  • Include comments and suggestions.
  • With your digital signature, complete the inspection.

Fire extinguisher maintenance schedule template

To identify whether the equipment meets the standards and safety measures for any emergency purposes, a fire extinguisher maintenance schedule template is used to conduct a monthly fire extinguisher inspection. When performing an inspection, trained professionals can follow this template as a guide;

  • Check for fire extinguisher types along with inspection tags, seals, labels, and extinguisher validity.
  • Determine and take photos of defects.
  • To confirm that the inspector has signed the maintenance tag that includes a time stamp.

IT maintenance checklist

IT professionals and managers use this IT maintenance checklist to make sure the continuous and optimal working conditions of computers. To check whether the computer’s hardware needs cleaning, repair, or replacement use this digitized computer maintenance checklist. Furthermore, you can also use it to check if the software and security features are updated and running.


Machine maintenance checklist

Manufacturing technicians use a machine maintenance checklist template in performing scheduled equipment maintenance in the manufacturing facility. For manufacturing, technicians to make it easier to adjust, fix, or clean equipment, this machine maintenance checklist template has been designed. It is also used to choose cases when equipment diagnosis techniques are used like cracking, corrosion, or loosening.


Equipment maintenance audit checklist

You can use this template to evaluate the tools and equipment used for operations. In order to avoid accidents and costly repairs, make sure that all equipment is in good working condition. You can customize this checklist as per your requirements.

Why do you require a maintenance checklist template?

You require a maintenance checklist template if you are the owner of a commercial business or anything that requires proper maintenance. You should maintain your assets in order to prevent damage and costly repairs. So, with the help of a template, you can keep track of all the things that are happening to your properties. When talking about maintenance, money matters will be involved.

A maintenance checklist template has a big impact on your daily activity. It helps to secure the lifespan and function of an item. If you use this template, you become able to perform routine maintenance of an item.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the preventive maintenance checklist?

A preventive or preventative checklist is a set of written tasks that gives instruction to the worker through PM since it can be closed. A preventive maintenance point out the regular maintenance that keeps the instruments running and lessen the chance of its failure. It needs sensitive planning and scheduling of maintenance on the instrument by containing the record of past inspections and servicing reports.

A checklist includes all the instructions and information and provides it into the hands of experienced workers/technicians by systematizing PMs in your Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).

What is the maintenance schedule?

Basically, a maintenance schedule shows the daily services and inspections that are to be done on the plant product. It contains several intervals that involve a service or inspection procedure.

How can you create a preventive maintenance checklist?

You need 6 things to develop/create a preventive maintenance checklist. Let us discuss them one-by-one;

1- Select the knowledgeable people for your maintenance team. The people who have command on data processing, accounting, craftsmen, and the members of production control.
2- Set specific goals by keeping some factors in the mind such as operations, resources, and industry for the preventive maintenance project.
3- Gather the whole information about all the existing pieces of equipment because it is necessary to become familiar with them before the initiation of the preventive maintenance checklist.
4- After completing the above process you have to make a decision that what equipment pieces are included in the PM program.
5- The next step is to create a preventive maintenance schedule. Different types of PM schedules are created by CMMS depending on the maintenance history, worker availability, inspection times, etc.
6- The last step is to monitor the expenses, performance, and other key performance indicators (KIPs). The maintenance manager also has the authority to adjust the PMs if needed having the aim of improving all the operations efficiency.

What is the importance of a preventive maintenance checklist?

The Preventive maintenance checklist assures you that it doesn’t matter who is working because the work is getting done in the same way. In this way, it builds a standard that everyone can follow. This can make work faster and more standardized.

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