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A maintenance report form is an essential tool that guides the maintenance personnel how to perform maintenance procedures. This report form contains a continuous process of checking, servicing, and repairing operating equipment. It ensures that businesses operates smoothly without unwanted interruptions.

Benefits of using maintenance report form:

Below are some benefits of using such a document;

  • It assists in maintaining reliability. It means operating equipment is always in working condition and available when needed.
  • Due to regular checkups, it makes sure safety by preventing unexpected risks.
  • It identifies the defects and their sudden repairs. Thus, this can save the company both money and time in the long run.
  • It helps in good record keeping.

The basic types of maintenance:

Corrective maintenance

The most common type of maintenance and also referred to as reactive maintenance. As its name implies, this type of maintenance deals with tasks and sorting out existing problems. During the monitoring and routine checking when an issue is detected or when a piece of equipment breaks down then this type of maintenance happens.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is used in factories and companies and occurs before a problem or an issue is detected. To lessen the chances of a machine failure and breakdown, a piece of equipment or facility is checked and monitored on daily basis. The process of preventive maintenance includes cleaning, replacing certain parts, repairs, and adjustments.

Based on risk maintenance

In this type of maintenance, you will prioritize the pieces of equipment on the basis of the risk they will bring about in case they were to malfunction.

Based on condition maintenance

After the assessment of the condition of the pieces of equipment, this type of maintenance is performed. Three checklists are monitored in this type of maintenance visual assessment, a series of tests, and based on performance data. Their outcomes will tell whether a piece of equipment requires repair or replacement.

The key components of a maintenance report form:

Here are the key components of a maintenance report form;

The title

Firstly, write the title of the document which includes the name of the company, what type of report it is, and what type of maintenance is used.

An introduction

It is just like an abstract or an executive summary of a business proposal or plan and consists of one or two paragraphs. In this section, you have to state the reason why this document was created and its importance for the completion of a project or a company.

Statement of the problem

It is the most important part of the maintenance report form where you will describe the problem that you have encountered thoroughly. You should use a graphical representation or a picture for this part to explain the problem or concern. It would be recommended to mention all the specific details.

Possible solutions

Here, you have to specify the method and approach that you will use to solve the problem. For this section, you should go through past documents and the history of said equipment or event. Moreover, specify the tools and supplies that you require to resolve the subject matter at hand.


Add a conclusion in the last and bottom-most part of your maintenance report. You can add suggestions to this part of the document and answer the question of whether the issue was resolved or not.

How to create a maintenance report form?

Let us discuss step-by-step how to create a maintenance report form;

Make a strategy:

You have to make a strategy that what you want to place in the form first. The maintenance planner must meet with all the team that has performed the same job last time. Then, write down the steps. This acts as a rough outline of the next project.

Include pictures:

This is the most important step due to several reasons. Sometimes a well-written plan gets misunderstood or misread but by inserting pictures you can show facts. However, you can also record the procedure on video because this one would be even better. For this section, supervisors aren’t the best choice, the reliability engineers, the clerk, or the scheduler can fill the position.

Note down the things:

The planner should write down the actions taken step-by-step. He should assume that he is writing the planner for a person who doesn’t know anything. The written procedure should be accurate so that the imaginary person can do his job successfully by following the guidelines mention in the maintenance report form. Additionally, the planner not just includes what is being currently done but also finds different ways to improve things. In this way, you can do the job more smoothly and efficiently in the future.

Make a list of parts:

The reader of the report should need a complete list of all the parts as a guide.

Make lists for experts, supplies, and tools:

You should also include special stands or jigs in your maintenance report form. Note down any material shortages. Do the same thing for personnel.

Include drawings:

Include relevant diagrams and drawings to help the technician perform his job.

After compiling all the essential information, you are ready to make the maintenance report form. Also, you should do this in the presence of the whole team.

How to analyze the maintenance report form?

By using this document, you should determine the problem of equipment regularly. It assists you in identifying what needs fixing and what still works. Here are some steps on how to analyzing the report;

  • With the help of this document, you can estimate the total cost of maintenance. Don’t estimate the cost values for short periods because some equipment requires heavy maintenance costs during particular times of the year. Search for the machinery who is the most expensive to maintain. In the end, review the cost and filter out those pieces of equipment that seem to be out of place.
  • Review the duration of equipment downtime for the previous year. There might also be unavailability of parts. Also, some of the maintenance personnel got promote to other jobs. Due to these reasons, downtime is higher for some equipment because it takes a long time to repair. So, you should filter out these pieces of equipment.
  • Next, you should also review the history of maintenance work requests and complaints. Find out the assets that registered many requests or complaints.
  • Equipment statistics use for specific purposes. But you can’t compare the statistics of many types of equipment. However, statistics of similar equipment can happen.

Reasons for breakdown of machines or equipment:

Near the end of life:

You can keep equipment running through constant maintenance but at some times it requires the high cost to continue doing so. Maintenance can take a beating due to the following reasons;

  • Equipment’s internal fatigue,
  • Non-availability of parts,
  • Insufficient maintenance skills

Poor maintenance process:

Equipment can be affected badly if you don’t maintain them regularly. Moreover, by using poor quality supplies or if the technicians don’t know how to do their jobs correctly your equipment can be affected.

When these circumstances happen, review the maintenance report form. Check is the technician replaces the same parts and checks any missed preventive schedules.

Unproductive operational practices:

It means that operators aren’t using your equipment correctly. You should take feedback from maintenance personnel that may show operator errors. Hence, if you change the operator it may help with the problem. If you maintain them properly and still they don’t work well then it could be an indication of overloading. In such a situation, you have to buy new machines. You can also make changes in operation flows to reduce overload.

Poorly designed equipment:

When your equipment constantly fails to work then the fault is in the machine. If you have similar machines and they all have the same failure then issue could be in its construction. Search out either the other companies using such equipment experience the same issue or not. If so, meet with manufacturer to deal with these issues.

Incorrect setup:

Your equipment can’t work well if didn’t install your equipment correctly. During the initial setup, it could be damaged. Furthermore, it can be similar to equipment with poor construction.


In conclusion, a maintenance report form is a helpful tool that state that how to perform a maintenance procedure. It should be well-written, detailed, and specific. It must conation step-by-step guideline so that technician can do the maintenance successfully just by reading the document and following the contents. Additionally, this document also makes sure that operating equipment is always in working condition and available when require.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is KPI in maintenance?

KPI stands for key performance indicators and is used to measure and assess performance and achievement.

What are the types of preventive maintenance?

There are two types of preventive maintenance;

  1. Calendar-based maintenance
  2. Usage-base maintenance

What is the duty of a maintenance worker?

The maintenance worker is in charge of the repairs and is responsible for a regular check-ups of the machines and pieces of equipment in the workplace.

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