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A maintenance request form is a helpful document used to handle all the maintenance problems in an organized manner. When supervising a residential building, your tenants or another may call you to fix a problem in their units. You may receive notifications for such issues in the form of random calls, emails or even online requests. With the help of this document, you can handle all these issues effectively.

What is a maintenance request?

A maintenance request is a formal request made by a tenant to a landlord or property manager for repairing a problem which they can’t fix on their own. Maintenance request typically makes in written form so that the landlord can maintain a record of the request. Moreover, they can use it as a checklist in order to make sure that the repairs are done well.

Some maintenance requests require a faster response and are referred as emergency maintenance requests. While, some are non-emergency maintenance requests that can be addressed after some days.

Why do you require a maintenance request form?

Due to the advancement of technology, the maintenance of many different things has come in handy. For example, in the office, the maintenance of equipment, the workplace, and more have become a necessity. You require these in order to keep your assets from deterioration. This also makes sure that everything is in top condition.

No matter whatever type of maintenance it is, the use of a maintenance request form gives you with all of the documents you require for maintenance issues. Moreover, it is also a helpful document in order to assemble maintenance requests and prioritize these according to urgency. Your tenants will surely appreciate you due to this organized manner of dealing with issues. Below are some other reasons for requiring a maintenance request form;

Make the maintenance request process simpler

This document can simplify the maintenance request process. It will standardize your method of handling maintenance requests. Tenants may provide you half-baked explanations about their complaints without a maintenance request form. Also, this way, you won’t know what the problem is and who sent you the message. Such a situation can be highly frustrating and irritating.

On the other hand, by having this form, tenants will have a precise and clear record of;

  • Who makes the request?
  • When they made it
  • What the request is

You can handle the problem more effectively by receiving a maintenance work order form. This is because the form provides all the information you’ll require to deal with it. To work on each problem, you can start looking for the right specialists and contractors.

Make you aware of your obligations and deadlines when you have projects

The maintenance request form allows you to control the entire maintenance process with ease. With this, you can;

  • Manage all of the members of your team
  • Keep a record of how to solve the requested repairs
  • When you plan to solve them

You can send an email maintenance request form template to monitor and make sure your project’s success. This also helps you in communicating with your team members and suppliers and updates everyone on your project’s status.

Different types of maintenance to perform

There are different types of maintenance to perform on the basis of the nature of the tasks;

Corrective maintenance

This type of maintenance includes correcting the defects on equipment.

Maintenance prevention

It includes designing new equipment and searching for weaknesses. You can subject this equipment to sufficient studies that are then incorporated before buying.

Periodic maintenance

To avoid any sudden failures, it involves the periodic inspection of equipment along with the cleaning and servicing of parts.

Predictive maintenance

This type of maintenance is performed to make predictions on the condition of the equipment depending on your diagnosis and inspection. Depending on the lifespan of the parts you used on the equipment, you would predict this maintenance.

Preventive maintenance

To prevent equipment deterioration and failure, it involves maintaining good condition of it.

What to include in the maintenance request form?

You should provide your tenants the copies of this form when they move in. This is important to make things easier between the two of you. The form may look simple but it gives you the structure you want to gather requests in the most organized way. However, you should include the following information in the maintenance form;

Information about the tenant

At first, when your tenant files a request, you have to collect information about the tenant. This information can be very significant. However, it depends on the number of properties you manage or own. When the tenant filed the request, ask your tenant for personal information such as his name, unit or apartment number, contact details, and the date.

Details about the maintenance request

This section contains a simple list of the requests. The tenant has to fill out a few blanks that the form has. You can also allow your tenants to list more requests in one form. Also, you can limit it to a maximum of 4 to 5 so that things move more effectively.

Statements for granting permission

Some landlords omit this section in their maintenance forms. But, for organizing all of the requests and completing them, this section can be very helpful. In this section, your tenant requests you to start work as soon as possible. With this request, without sending a notice of entry, you can start repairs. This will save a lot of time.

Notification and delivery

This section gives a checklist to your tenant. It specifies how you want them to deliver the notice to you. They can drop it off at your office or mail the form to you, it’s up to you. Make this statement very clear to the tenant while giving the blank maintenance repair form templates.

Requesting for maintenance for tenants

The tenants should give their property manager or landlord as many details and information as possible for general maintenance issues or non-urgent types. You have to give the landlord with a list of each item that requires repair and includes the following relevant details;

  • Check either it is an electric or gas appliance
  • The make and model
  • The brand
  • In which room to perform maintenance


In conclusion, a maintenance request form is an important tool in order to keep your equipment, your home, your car, and more, running in top condition. You can either make your own or download them online and then customize them according to your needs.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to write a maintenance request?

You have to be as detailed as possible while writing a maintenance request. You should inform the landlord regarding the problem, how it occurred, and the reason that why they should fix it. While writing your descriptions, you must use a polite and professional as well as be factual. Here are some steps;

1- Mention the current date.
2- Give your introduction by providing your name, apartment/unit number, contact information, etc.
3- Explain the problem in detail.
4- Describe the urgency of the matter.
5- Specify the repairing day that works for you.
6- Give permission to the landlord to access your unit.
7- Give your contact details.
8- Sign the form.

What is the responsibility of a landlord for maintenance?

As per law in most states, landlords have to repair and maintain a property. It is their responsibility keep it in a habitable condition when a tenant lives in it. A habitably property means;

1- Have adequate electricity, water, and heat
2- Being structurally sound
3- Free from infestation or malady

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