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Learning is a lifetime process for everyone. There always new innovation and technology in the market even an expert in the field have to get training on. There comes a need for Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to evaluate the need for training of their employees for skill development.

There is a proper hierarchy system development in most of the businesses. Each level of hierarchy has a different scope of work and required a different level of training. It’s the duty of the human resource department to identify the need for training for each hierarchy level employees of the organization. You may also like Employee Performance Review Templates.

Importance of Training Needs Analysis Template

Training needs analysis template is a type of gap analysis that is conducted to assess the gap between the available and required knowledge, and skills of employees.

This analysis is conducted before finalizing the training budget of an organization. This analysis uses 7W’s approach to figure out the training need. There aren’t any rigid guidelines to follow for conducting a training needs analysis. The purpose of training assessment should be clear such as for improvement initiative, training calendar, or performance appraisal cycle. You may also check Recruitment Tracker Templates.

  1. Training helps in manifolds to an organizations’ success.
  2. Business that don’t have proper training policies and don’t focus on the development of skills set.
  3. Their key employee always lags in competition and finally disappears from the competitive market.
  4. Development businesses focus a lot on the skills development of their potential talent and have hired expert trainers.
  5. A calendar of the in-house training session is issued at the start of each fiscal year for their employees to pre-plan.
  6. Choose the best session and timing for their skills enhancement.

Training needs analysis isn’t mean to plan a random training session for employees. In TNA, the manager analyzes the list of the skill set required for the efficient work of his department. Then a list of employees is prepared to assess the skills already present in employees. By analyzing both lists, manages identifies the training gap and sets different training targets for his sub-ordinates.

How to conduct a Training Needs Analysis?

There is a different analysis method for each type of training assessment need. Let’s discuss each with tips on how to do it;

For employee performance appraisal, the performance development plan of employees is constructed to assess the employee goals and targets, performance results, organization future strategies, the role of the employee in the organization, and career aspirations of the employee. Based on this plan the actual development requirement is assessed.

For BMR projects of the organization, required skill sets are identified keeping in view the organization’s goals and targets. For this purpose, the project scope is compared with the employee performance flow chart and the TNA questionnaire is prepared for analysis. You can also free download Employee Profile Templates.

For constructing an organization training calendar, the ongoing projects, future plans and business trends of the market are monitored. Managers are asked to provide the required technical and personnel skills set for their employees. Development area for employees is identified for the designing training session on such as management, leadership, soft skills, EHS, technical and business skills.

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