Printable Immediate Resignation Letter Template (Samples & Examples)

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You should write an immediate resignation letter template when you have to leave your job immediately for reasons of your own. If you resign without providing any notice, it won’t go well with your employer. So, by writing this letter you can maintain professional relationship with your employer.

Can you resign effective immediately?

For employees who plan to resign, it is standard practice to give a 2-weeks’ notice. This provides your employer enough time to complete any projects. At the same, this gives them time to look for your replacement.

However, there are some situations when you have done every possible effort to inform your employer regarding your plans to leave the job but these efforts still aren’t enough. In such a case, you can leave without a notice. Then, you can write an immediate resignation letter that lets your employer know that you have to resign right away and you can’t able to provide the standard 2-weeks’ notice. You may also like Nursing Resignation Letter.

Common reasons for immediate resignation:

Before resigning from your job, it is an act of professionalism and courtesy to provide 1 to 2 weeks’ notice. This notice increases the chances of maintaining a cordial relationship. You can also use it as a reference for the future. But, sometimes giving such notice isn’t an option.

There are procedures to follow if you have to immediately resign your position. Writing an immediate resignation letter will make sure you do so in a courteous and professional manner. This letter is only for when you need to leave without notice. For this, the common reasons are included;

  • A personal crisis
  • An unsafe work environment
  • An illness
  • When you experience either mental, emotional or physical harassment
  • Mental health
  • You’re not getting paid

How to write a letter of immediate resignation?

It is an act of courtesy and professionalism to write an immediate resignation letter for personal reasons. This is a professional letter that you sent to your employer. This letter states that you must immediately terminate your employment. Follow these steps in order to write an effective letter of immediate resignation;

For business letters, use the standard format

Write your resignation letter in a standard format. This is because it represents professionalism. At the top, this format includes your full name and contact details. Then, write the date, name, and address of your employer at the top-left corner.

The body of the letter should include 2 or 3 paragraphs. After that, the letter ends with an exit greeting followed by your full name. Try to limit it to one page while using this format. Send the letter to your manager and HR department via email in case you’re constrained by time or you can’t deliver the letter in person.

Maintain a grateful and optimistic tone

Departing from your job would be very difficult. Especially, if you love what you are doing, you can feel emotional about your decision. It is important to maintain a grateful and optimistic tone in writing your letter.

Furthermore, you should thank your employer for the knowledge and skills you’ve get during the time you spent with them. Maintaining optimism assists you in keeping a good relationship with your former employer. This might be very useful in case you require their reference in the future.

State when you plan to leave

It is important to write the date of your last day of employment. In case, your last day coincides with the day you are submitting the letter, you should still inform your employer when you plan to leave. This enables them to fix the schedule accordingly. It is suggested to state the date from the start if you have to leave immediately.

Only give relevant details

Don’t include the things that are irrelevant to your letter’s purpose. You just have to ensure that your employer knows the reason for your decision. For example, if you are planning to leave due to illness then share this information with your employer without sharing too many details.

How to resign immediately?

If you have to resign immediately then you should follow the below steps in order to make it easier for your employer to accept your decision;

Go through your contact

You should go through your contract in order to ensure that you won’t get into trouble. For example, find out the following;

  • What the contract says about working with certain companies
  • Before working with any competitors, how long you must wait
  • What’s the acceptable notice period in your company?

All these important details assists you in keeping out of trouble.

Inform your employer right away

Time is the essence. Therefore, you should communicate as soon as possible with your employer when it is final that you have to leave. If you can then it is better to talk to your employer in person. To discuss this difficult subject, you should set a meeting. You should also check Teacher Resignation Letter Templates.

State your reasons

An immediate departure is not a good news for your employer. It may sour your professional relationships. However, you can smooth thing by sharing some background information about your decision. Basically, an immediate departure happens due to unavoidable circumstances rather than your own negligence.

Most companies don’t feel sympathetic for the employees who are resigning because of their own mistakes or oversight. Your employer may assume the worst if you can’t provide a reasonable excuse for leaving.

Try your best to still provide 2-weeks’ notice

You should give your employer as much advanced notice as possible. Sending the standard 2-weeks’ notice is the best option. If you can’t then provide reason.

Submit your letter

As soon as you have written your letter, submit it to your supervisor or to an HR representative. Then, for your own records, save a copy. You may also see Two Weeks Notice Letters & Resignation Templates.


In conclusion, an immediate resignation letter is a written document that lets your employer know of your sudden departure. Leaving suddenly may create logistical issues. So, you should present a well-crafted letter to explain your immediate resignation. This may help in smoothing things over.

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