25+ Free Work Plan Templates & Samples (Word, Excel)

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Work plan templates are generally created for projects that present all the activities and tasks that are involved in a project. This makes project more organized and efficient. This document also states that who is assigned to each activity and task. When submitting a proposal for a project, these plans are made as part of the requirements. Furthermore, this plan acts as a tool to keep a record of the project and check if there are no delays.

A project work plan template has an explanation of how a single person or a group of people would intend to achieve specific tasks that are working together for the completion of the project. It is also referred as a “statement of work.” It contains the following;

  • A precise narrative that demonstrates the objectives of the project.
  • Names of all the people who are involved in the project.
  • A description of all the facilities and equipment that are to be utilized for the project.
  • A disruption of all the particular project tasks.
  • Task indicators that state which tasks would be dependent upon the completion of last tasks.
  • The start and ending date of each task.
  • For all project costs, an estimated budget. You may also like Smart Goals Templates.

Different types of work plan templates:

There are different types of work plan templates which you can create;

For employees:

For small organizations and businesses, these plans are highly useful wherein just a few people would be given tasks to finish for the project. These organization’s owners assign employees with creating individual plans for different projects. However, this type of plan contains the following;

  • Task’s summary which are to be performed
  • A narrative that explains the benefits of the plan
  • Estimated budget for the plan and all necessary resources
  • Materials and all other expenses relevant to the project
  • Timeline for the accomplishment of the project

Employee can use this plan with a proposal for a new project and then present it to the owner of the business or organization. Your plan should be detailed and contain all the important information and attachments to be approved.

For managers:

This plan has a larger scope and it generally involves a whole department or a team of employees. It provides description on who is assigned for the different aspects of the project or the proposal. It pays attention to the benefits it would have to the company. It usually contains more detailed in terms of finances. This means it would focus on the budget which already exists. It indicates any projection of costs, resources and the possible outcomes when the project is implemented. It includes the following;

  • The advantages the plan or the actual project would provide to the organization.
  • A description of the costs and the budget which is to be used for several tasks and activities.
  • Statistics and other related information that indicates how the business will enhance as part of the objectives of the plan.

For business owners:

This type of plan is just like a simpler version of a business plan. Commonly, it would include the same components as plans for employees and managers. Furthermore, it must contain related market research and long-term projections for costs. To bring up the probability of new projects to key people, this plan can be used as a powerful tool. The key people may involve the members of the board, stakeholders and potential business partners and investors. This plan also helps the business owners in introducing the idea of a new product or a new project that would be very beneficial to the business in a board meeting.

For consultants:

Consultants are hired by a lot of smaller businesses or organizations for different projects. This plan would have to be presented in the whole bidding process. It should include the following;

  • Developed parameters of the project
  • Projections for the budget of the project
  • Time frame of the project
  • Procedure of delivery
  • To carry out project terms, steps and methods to be used

All these are the most common types of plans. At first, you have to think about the purpose of your plan so you can identify which one you have to create.

The elements of a work plan template:

Before creating your own work plan template, it’s important for you to learn about the different components. It you want your plan to be organized and complete then these elements are crucial. Below are the essential elements;

A detail of the project:

The project description is the first component of your work plan. It contains a precise overview of your project and the reasons for the creation of plan. Keep this part concise but make it interesting to motivate the readers to continue on reading.

The most crucial issues:

Before the project or the plan is created, the key issues which should have already been established, the plan should also contain them. These crucial issues generally determined at the assessment phase of your project.

The objectives:

The objectives of your project should be included in your plan. Your proposal won’t be effective without these because it’s the part of proposal.

The key strategies:

You have to develop the key strategies that you employ to complete your project. This should be included along with the milestones. This helps the readers in understanding the direction of your project and what would be needed to complete it.

The budget and resources:

You should mention the projected budget and a list of all the resources that you would require for all the tasks and activities which are involved in your budget.

The timeline:

In the end, provide a timeline that you need to complete the project. You should also check Succession Planning Templates.


In conclusion, a work plan template makes your project more organized and efficient by displaying all the activities and tasks which are involved in a project. This is a powerful tool that you can use to monitor the progress of your project. It would help the organizations in improving the communication within the group of employees.

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