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A diploma template is given by the school or educational institution to the students at the end of the course. Likewise certificate, a diploma is an official piece of paper which confirms that the student or the recipient has full completed a whole study course. It is also known as a graduation certificate, a degree certificate, or a parchment.

Types of diplomas:

The different types of diplomas serve different purposes. It is beneficial for you to know the different types of diplomas so that you know whether you need a format for a high school diploma template, a college diploma template, or other such templates. However, you can download a lot of free diploma templates available online and if you are quite proficient with computer software then create your own template.

High school diploma template:

Regular or traditional High school diplomas are issued to the students who have completed the minimum standards. These standards are usually set by the country, state, or city which the educational institution is located in. In high school, students have to first complete the required academic, technical or vocational courses as set by the school. Below are the some different kinds of high school diplomas which can be given to students;

College Prep High School Diplomas:

They are issued to the students who have finished the basic curriculum during maintaining a certain GPA score.

Honors College Prep High School Diplomas:

This type of high school diploma is given to the students who have finished the basic curriculum along with some difficult coursework throughout the course. They also have to maintain a certain high GPA in order to get a superior academic level.

International Baccalaureate High School Diplomas:

They are to students who have successfully completed a 2 year international curriculum. They are usually organized by the International Baccalaureate Organization. This is typically completed in the last 2 years of high school.

Honors or distinctions diplomas:

Honors or distinctions diplomas are given to the students who have achieved outstanding GPA scores throughout as they completed the whole course.

Students who would have obtained a score above all the subject receive a diploma with state honors. On the other hand, students who have participated in an event set by the government or special organizations or gotten a high GPA at the end of the school year obtain a diploma with state distinction.

Diploma in special education:

It is given to the students with disabilities by the end of their fourth year of high school. They are given to encourage them if they had not met all the standards for a traditional high school diploma. This diploma is given on the basis of adequately completed an education program or have an adequate record of conduct and attendance.

Diploma for occupation:

It is also issued to the students with disabilities but for different reasons;

  • If the students has not met the qualifications to get a high school diploma.
  • If he/she has not adequately finished an individualized education program.
  • For the conduct and attendance, if student has remarkable record.
  • If the student has completed 2 years of paid or unpaid employment experience.

College diploma:

A college diploma is issued to the students who have successfully finished a whole course and obtain the required number of units with a passing grade. Students have to complete different courses with acceptable ratings in order to be able to get a college diploma during graduation.

Furthermore, during graduation, students receive different types of diplomas. According to the student’s level and the requirements, schools would have to award the diplomas.

Benefits of getting a diploma:

Having and getting a diploma provides you various benefits;

Chances for employment:

Nowadays, it is very difficult to find job especially for those who have no educational accomplishments. Receiving a diploma will provide you a hug chance to find a job. Getting a diploma may be an ideal path for you in case you want more doors to open up for you. It doesn’t matter what type of diploma you obtain either a high school diploma or a college diploma, it would definitely give you an edge over all other applicants.

Moreover, these diplomas as part of your credentials will provide you better chances within your current workplace.

Make you able for further education:

A high school diploma makes you able to apply for college. It is the most important requirement needed in college application. After obtaining a college diploma for yourself, you can get chance to take more advanced post graduate courses. Obtaining a high school diploma would be the first step in order to get more than one degree or getting a higher education.

An opportunity to get a higher starting salary:

When you attach it with your resume, it provides employers a greater tendency to select you. The employer may also offer you a higher salary to start with the company. According to research, people who have a high school or college diploma would have a better opportunity to find jobs and get further ahead, professionally in the long run.

More chances in general:

They provide you more chances in the long run just not only in terms of employment. They make you able to live above the poverty line. If you are already employed, you can apply for home, car, or loan.

Intrinsic motivation:

Learning make you more open minded and more inclined to be intrinsically motivated. You can get ahead in all the aspects in your life after developing this kind of motivation. Such type of people is more positive and more aggressive, in a good way. Additionally, they provide you a sense of pride from accomplishing studies.


In conclusion, a diploma template is an official document and truly beneficial for the students. They should be well-designed because it is given to the student after completing a whole course of study successfully. Diploma is referred to a word of academic nature.

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