10 Free Printable Birth Certificate Templates (Word & PDF)

free birth certificate template

A birth certificate is the first legal document issued by the government authority. It doesn’t involve any biometrics or photograph for identification of the rightful holder of the certificate.

All other legal documents from the government authorities are issued based on the birth certificate. Although, the birth certificate sometimes refersto a breeder document that is easiest to fake out due to the absence ofthe true identity of the certificate holder.

Anyhow, as birthday certificates are issued by the town authorities in which the birth occurred. Therefore, it is expected that the certificate-issuing authority must know the person to whom the certificate is being issued to avoid any fraud. You should also check Adoption Certificate Templates.

However, the justification can be fabricated for the issuance of a duplicate birthday certificate on behalf of someone else. Therefore, authorities are required to capture as much possible on the certificate about the real holder.

Why has a Birth Certificate?

The purpose of a birth certificate is clear to add the newbie into the government records for the issuance of important legal documents over life.

Almost every state demands the birth certificate for issuance of documents such as passport, identity card, driving license, and some educational certificates. You may also like 10 Best Free Stock Certificate Templates.

So, it is considered as an initial proof of the nationality of someone of a certain country. It some countries is required for issuance of social security cards that are later used for issuance of national identification cards.

Essential Elements of a Birth Certificate Template

As explained earlier, the birth certificate doesn’t include any photographic or biometric prove for the identification of the cardholder. Therefore, it is important to capture all the essential details on the birth certificate to minimize the fraudulent duplication of a child registration certificate.

The most common elements that are present on the birth certificates of different countries involves;

  1. Registration District, Sub-District and Administrative Area
  2. Date and Place of Birth of Child
  3. Name, Surname, and Gender of the Child
  4. Name, Surname, Place of Birth, and Occupation of the Father
  5. Name, Surname, Place of Birth, and Occupation of the Mother
  6. Maiden Surname
  7. Permanent and Temporary Address
  8. Name, Surname, and address of the informant if not the father or mother.
  9. Declaration for the legitimacy of the information including the signature of the informant.
  10. Date of Registration
  11. Signature of the Registrar

How to use the Birth Certificate Template?

The importance of birth certificate and information is must carry is well explained in the above sections. Therefore, we provide an effective birth certificate template created using MS Word for easy manipulation accordingly to the application. You can free download Printable Birthday Card Template.

Our birth certificate template can be used as per the following guidelines;

  1. The template is divided into six sections. In the first section, write down the document details in terms of entry number, registration district, sub-district and administrative area name.
  2. In the 2nd section, write down the name, surname, and gender of the child.
  3. In the 3rd and 4th section, details in terms of name, surname, place of birth, and occupation of the father and mother is written.
  4. In the 5th section, the same information is captured for the informant if not the father orthe mother.
  5. In the 6th section, declaration, and authentication of the certificate is given in terms of signature of the informant and registrar.

The template is drafted usingthe famous MS Word tool for the user-friendly nature in terms of editing.

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