15+ Free Printable Real & Fake Adoption Certificate Templates (Word / PDF)

child adoption certificate

An adoption certificate template is a legal document issued by the authorities such as courts or govt institutions to declare the adoption of a human being or an animal.

There is a proper procedure in the law of each country to get an adoption certificate. In the case of child adoption. After the decision of the court, the document is issued to the requester. This document replaces the original birth certificate of the child and becomes the new identity of that child.

However, the document is used by the adopter to show the rightful guardianship of the child approved by the relevant court. Moreover, it contains the same information as on the birth certificate. However, some additional sentences are included to represent the honors or guardship.

In many countries, there is no specific law related to the adoption of a child. However, verbal consent is considered enough to fulfill the requirement of adoption. Moreover, for foreign nationals, a certain procedure is followed.

Anyhow, in some countries, there are certain rules and regulations of adoption. A proper procedure is followed. The request is generated by the orphan house of NGOs on behalf of someone.

Then, the court summons the concerned persons and settles the details. Later, an adoption certificate is issued by the orphan house team that can be shown to govt. Institution for getting a legal copy of the adoption containing the information as the birth certificate of the child.

Therefore, in that case, the adoption certificate template is used by the orphan houses and NGOs to declare the guardianship of the child to someone as per the court order.

The certificate template is a bit complex in design for transparency and to avoid fraudulent activities. Therefore, different complex design templates of adoption certificates are available in tool kits like MS Publisher, PDF, and Word.

Moreover, professional graphic design tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe in Design can be used to customize the template.

What is an adoption certificate?

An adoption certificate is given to a kid who is adopted by someone/parents. Under the act of Care and Protection of Children, when the court has arranged the adoption for the child then an adoption certificate is provided to the child. The certificate acts as proof of the identity of the adopted child. Furthermore, you can replace this certificate with the original birth certificate.

However, an adoption certificate shows that a child is adopted by someone/parents on a certain date by an orphanage.

Which information must include on an adoption certificate?

An adoption certificate must include the following information;

  • Country of birth where an adopted child born
  • Full name of the adopted person
  • Date of birth of an adopted child
  • Full name of the adoptive father
  • Full name of the adoptive mother
  • Address of the adoptive persons
  • Adoptive person’s occupation
  • Name of the court where the adoption was administered
  • Date of Adoption
  • Appointed officer’s signature
  • The date the certificate issued.

Components of an Adoption Certificate Template

There can be different types of adoption certificates depending on what’s being adopted. However, child adoption certificates are very simple in linguistics. Moreover, the design of the certificate must be kept intricate to avoid easy access to fraudulent activity.

A simple child adoption certificate template must contain at least the following details:

  • Heading of the Certificate
  • Adoption Certificate Number
  • Court Order Reference Number
  • Sentence to Declare the Adoption Act
  • Name of the Child being Adopted
  • Adopt Granted To
  • Date of Adoption
  • Signature of the Authorities
  • Stamp and Seal

What does it take to adopt a pet?

Adoption agencies feel great when people decide to give their pets a new home. In such places, there are many pets available. They all need a good home. It is good for you if you’re planning to adopt a pet. For years to come, pets can be your loyal companions. Adoption also will also teach your child responsibility and other valuable lessons.

Now, let us discuss what it takes to adopt a pet. At first, you have to keep your pet healthy. The adoption agencies will share a lot of details regarding pet care with you. Thus, the best agencies whether spay or neuter the pets.

The pets are also treated as fleas and worms by these agencies. You can ask where you can avail of these services in case your adoption agency doesn’t offer any of them. In case, your new pet gets sick, you also have to know a reliable veterinarian you can call. Furthermore, you must be old enough in order for you to be able to adopt a pet. Most adoption agencies require that at least to adopt one of their pets, a person be 21 years old. You may also have to provide some form of identification as evidence of your age.

All you have to do is present your ID and fill in the necessary paperwork if you’re adopting a pet for your child. Finally, you also have to pay some adoption fees. The adoption center receives it and they go into the funds of the adoption center to keep it running. For the pets who haven’t found homes yet, it enables the center to employ staff to care for them.

How does pet adoption work?

A pet adoption certificate makes a pet legal for you. There are various things that need to be considered while adopting a pet. Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility so think critically before adopting a pet. Think about which pet is suitable for you.

Every adoption organization has its own procedure for adopting pets. Some organizations will give you printable certificates for the adopted pet and while others may not. However, there are several things that you have to do during adoption.

Adopt your pet from a shelter:

You have 2 options when you adopt a pet from a shelter i.e. Public or private shelters. County and city shelters or the pound are included in the public shelter. While, the shelters owned by private organizations are referred as private shelters. They generally have a “humane society.” These shelters operate independently. Private organizations usually run them. Some shelters have the same names but there is no connection among them.

Shelters generally contain a physical space, operating hours, and a whole staff. Some shelters also have volunteers that work for them and organize pet adoption events on a daily basis. Some may have contact information, on the other hand, some may not answer it as they’re understaffed. Visiting the shelter is the best thing you would do to see if it’s the place where you’d like to adopt your pet.

Adopt your pet from a rescue:

In boarding facilities or foster homes, rescues generally have pets. Until the pets find a new and permanent home, the volunteers take care of them. They organize adoption events to advertise the pets occasionally. To find new owners for them, this is an easy way. You may check their site first if you are planning to adopt a pet from a rescue. You may even read the descriptions of pets from there and investigate regarding the process of adoption. However, the process of adopting a pet from a rescue is quite simple, but it takes more time.

How do you create an adoption certificate?

If you want to make an adoption certificate for your pet and orphanage then you should follow the below steps;

  1. At first, gather all the important information. On the certificate provide the name of the thing or a pet, or the child adopted. You should also leave a blank space for the name of the people who adopt. Include the date of the adoption. All this information is crucial and must be present on the certificate.
  2. If you want to save your time then download a template from the internet and edit it as you want.
  3. Next, add different designs to your certificate to make it look better. You should add those themes and designs that are appropriate to your adoption certificate. Use different font styles. If you are making a certificate for pets then add animal pictures on it. However, it’s up to you how you want to design your certificate but ensures that it looks presentable.
  4. The next step is writing your certificate. You have to keep it formal because an adoption certificate is a legal document. Firstly, insert a logo on your certificate. Then, provide a precise description of adoption. After that, enter the name of the person or animal that is adopted and also mention the adoption date. At the bottom of the certificate write the name of the person who needs to sign the certificate.
  5. In the end, proofread your certificate and then print it.

How to create an Adoption Certificate Template?

The design pattern of the certificate has already been explained. However, a preformatted template can be chosen as the background and border of the template.

The sentence of the declaration must sound like this:

“Let it be known to all who view this document that the holder thereof has adopted the child known by the name (Name of the Child) and has agreed to hold and keep safe this child in a loving home. Adoption Granted To (Name of the Card Holder), adopted this (Date of Adoption).”

Some tips for creating a pet adoption certificate:

Here are some tips that you should follow to make a pet adoption certificate;

Think of the design that you want your certificate to look

You can decide on the certificate wording and design as it is more of a keepsake than a document. It’s up to you which kind of border you use. Also, you can use any color scheme and include a picture of your new pet on it.

Choose a template online

You can go online and search for templates if you don’t want to make the certificate on your own. You just have to find the one that suits your requirements.

Enter the relevant details

You need to provide relevant information when the layout of the certificate is ready. This would give your pet’s name and your name as the owner. Input your child’s name if you’ve adopted a pet for your child. Moreover, when you adopted the pet, type in the date and other information.

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