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You need a recruitment plan template in order to run a company or managing the recruitments in the HR department. This recruitment plan helps you to go smoothly in your recruitment process so that you hire only the best talent. With the help of this document, you can strategically find and screen the potential employees.

What is an effective recruiting plan?

An effective recruitment plan is basically a strategy followed by human resources (HR), hiring teams, and recruiters throughout the hiring process. The recruitment plans have streamlined processes and procedures which help them in gaining more control over the hiring process.

The purpose of recruitment plan:

The main purpose of recruitment plan is to find the great employees effectively as well as it saves you money in training employees. It is an important business document that specifies the strategic plan of an organization to hire employees. A company can streamline the recruitment process with a recruitment plan. Also, it makes sure that they have access to the great talent they require for a position. Apart from hiring the best employees, it serves as an avenue where you can align company objectives and skill gaps.

What to include in recruitment plan?

The recruitment is commonly time-consuming, especially when your company doesn’t have a clear direction. But, by having a recruitment plan template, the hiring process becomes consistent. You may direct your company’s resources to strategies. This can assist you in finding the right people to hire. However, include the following to make an effective recruitment plan;

The position you require fill:

Hiring new employees without knowing what role they will perform would be very difficult. Your company can merge any gap in the workforce if someone resigns. From the evolution and growth of your company, this gap can also be filled. You should fill this gap with someone who has ability meet the requirements of the vacant position.

Strategy to fill the vacant position:

After knowing about the vacant position, you have to come up with a plan for how you will fill the position.

Candidates you will target:

Keep the qualifications in your mind that target candidate must possess. This will narrow down the research and provides you a better idea of who to look for.

Make connection with your target candidates:

You can do this in the following ways;

  • Applicant Tracking Systems
  • Career Days
  • Job Boards
  • Job Fairs
  • Social Media Sites
  • Staffing Agencies

Meeting your target candidates and assessing them:

The success of your recruitment plan is based on your process of evaluating the candidates. Basically, conducting an interview is a requirement for any position.

How to write a recruitment plan?

Let us discuss step-by-step on how to write an effective recruitment plan;

Have a look at your company’s past hiring processes:

This step provides you an idea of worked and usually the process of hiring based on your previous hiring processes. You can easily create a new recruitment plan on the basis of what worked for you in the past.

Know what your company requires:

Next, you have to step back to see the bigger picture after knowing what has previously worked and what hasn’t. Keep in mind that you have to work toward your company’s goals.

Do a skills gap analysis:

You should perform a skills gap analysis in order to identify the weaknesses and strengths of your existing employees and the skills you need to improve your company. After that, consult with management and inform them about the weaknesses and strengths of their employees. Then, prioritize the filling of skill gaps.

Revise the job descriptions as required:

You should present the vacant position in the best light to attract more of the right kinds of applicants. Include the additional duties in your recruitment plan template. This way, you can come up with the most detailed and transparent job listing possible.

Use technology to your benefit:

Nowadays, companies spend a considerable amount of time to manually screen and evaluate each candidate. This helps them in finding how such applicants would qualify for the advertised position. This manual screening leads to cognitive bias but by using technological tools, you can avoid these biases.

For your recruitment budget, set a budget:

In the creation of your recruitment plan, this is considered as an overlooked aspect. HR department is generally responsible to acquire and maintain the budget for recruitment. This department can move freely by having the right budget. Moreover, you can use the resources to hire the best people possible.

Optimize your plan:

By planning and monitoring your results, you can continuously improve your recruitment efforts. You can use different ways to improve your hiring process. One of the best ways is the use of recruitment software. You should always bear in mind that there is room for optimization. To come up with the best effects, you can also have a combination of various organizational efforts.

Include a backup plan:

After spending several weeks in recruitment process, it is also possible that your developer can reject your offer at the last minute. Sometimes, before sign a contract, the applicant rejects your offer. In such cases, you should inform your company’s managers so that they can continue managing the workload.

Some tips for writing a strategic recruitment plan:

  • In order to become more strategic, you have to do regular meetings with the leadership team of your company. This way, you can identify which skill you require to set long-term. Think about whether you have the ability to purchase them or develop them.
  • While meetings with your company’s leaders, to set up realistic expectations, you can use data around your team’s velocity and ability. However, if you don’t have access to your own recruitment data, use benchmark data to fill in gaps.
  • You can source and nurture talent proactively by having an effective hiring plan. This provides you a reliable pipeline in case you’re ready to hire. It is also suggested to involve internal candidates in your pipeline.

Why should you use a recruitment plan?

Hiring managers and HR staff gets a clear list of steps when a position opens by having a recruiting plan. It makes consistency throughout the company. When assessing candidates, recruitment plans provide guidance. Furthermore, these plans are easy to update when company policy changes. With the help of recruitment plan, you can show that your company is well-organized which helps in attracting more quality candidates.


In conclusion, a recruitment plan template is an effective tool that makes the process of recruitment convenient. Your company can remain consistent in your hiring efforts by having this document. Include all the necessary details to make an effective plan.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who can use a recruitment plan?

A recruitment plan can be used by business owner or company personnel who manages employees. This document keep them organized when they have to make a hiring decision.

How to make an effective recruitment plan?

The effectiveness of a recruitment plan is based on how well it assists you in hiring employees. The two most important parts of creating an effective recruiting plan are accurate research and detailed strategies.

What are the types of recruitment?

There are two types of recruitment;

1- Internal recruitment (takes place within the business)
2- External recruitment (takes place outside the organization)

What are the activities in the recruitment process?

The common activities in the recruitment process are;

1- Identifying every requirement for a particular job
2- Screening and choosing candidates
3- Integrating them into the structure

What are the HR recruiting techniques?

The common HR recruiting techniques are;

1- Recruiting internally
2- Advertising externally
3- Print advertising
4- Talent search

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