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A membership application form is a helpful document used by organizations that are accepting members in their organization. This form makes it easier for members to apply. A member of a specific organization can be a gateway to many opportunities.

What is a membership application form?

A membership application form is the best way to apply to different organizations. Due to this for, the members can’t have to face very complex requirements or questions. This form should be very simple to access and accomplish. Moreover, this form has a great first impression on prospective members. It enables them to connect with your organization. The information that is given in the application provides each member the opportunity to introduce themselves to your organization. The form also let them know more about your organization.

What to include in a membership application form?

You should use this form in order to capture information about your organization. In this way, your organization will understand the applicants. It also encourages them to join your organization. However, you should include the following information in your membership application template;

  • Types of membership and their corresponding entry fees
  • Acceptable payment methods
  • For each membership type, membership requirements
  • The terms of subscription for each membership type
  • Contact details of organization like organization’s name, business address, phone number, email address, and more
  • Terms and conditions of the membership
  • Requirements for membership renewal
  • Region or affiliate information

Furthermore, this form assists the organization in managing the new members. The information mentioned in these applications becomes yours when the members have filled and submitted them. Then, you can organize both your existing and new members. You should take time to identify what best suits your brand while making your application form for membership. You can make it more effective by decorating it with your brand colors and fonts. Also, you can customize it according to your organization’s style.

How do you write an application letter for a membership?

It is the first experience that a new member will have with your organization. Therefore, it should make a great first impression. Avoid using forms in PDF or Word format is highly recommended. This is because printed forms require that people only sign up in person. Follow the below steps to create this form;

At first, gather the basic information such as;

  • complete name
  • date of birth
  • mailing address
  • phone number
  1. Explain the process of application and the membership requirements.
  2. Provide information regarding the types of membership.
  3. Mention the advantages of becoming a member.
  4. Specify the application fees and acceptable payment options.
  5. Collect payment details such as credit card information.
  6. Give frequently asked question page or a link to it.
  7. In case, they have any question then along with your contact details provide interested applicants.

The effective application form has the potential to attract more members. Hence, to make it more appealing, you have to take the necessary steps. You should customize it with your brand’s colors and fonts. You can also add some interesting visuals using GIFs, videos or images.

How to create a membership form?

Potential members find your online membership form. After finding, they can click on the link or download load the form. A quick scan of this can identify they want to continue. They may postpone the completion if they find the form to be too complicated or time-consuming to fill. Additionally, it is important to make applicants feel welcomed. Here are some tips that you should consider to make your form more attractive both online and offline;

Divide the form into sections:

It is important to divide the form into sections. Then, to separate the grouped fields, use eye-catching headings. There are some online forms that ask you to do a multi-step process. Without having to see a long form, the applicants would move from one section or page to another. Some online forms may use colorful headlines that draw the applicant from one part to the next.

Show off your personality:

It would be more effective to design more friendly than formal if you are a community organization or have networking strengths. In this way, to demonstrate your welcoming culture, you can consider using graphics and color to grab the applicant’s attention. To corporate members and professionals, you should use concepts with the components that will visually speak to your target audience. You should definitely select attractive background colors and then incorporate your branding. It is another way to grab attention to optimal elements of the form.

Make the form user-friendly:

The confusing, complicated, and lengthy application forms can turn-off applicants. So, you should make sure it is user-friendly. Adding checkboxes is a great way to do this. For online forms, to make things easier, make use of pre-filled answers and drop-down menus. These features will surely appreciate by the applicants.

Use a friendly but precise tone:

Keep the tone of your form according to your target audience and the nature of your organization. No matter whether your tone is light-hearted or more formal, you just have to ensure that the questions you ask are positively worded. There are also some application forms that go into details. Moreover, it is important to add membership criteria so that you can ask for information in a more user-friendly way.


In conclusion, you create a membership application form in such a way so that it grabs the more members. Keep it simple, precise, and clear as most people don’t bother the lengthy and complication forms. You should make sure that it grabs the applicant’s attention immediately and they move through the completion of their application.

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