Free Printable House For Sale Flyer Templates (MS Word)

house for sale flyer template free

When you want to sale your house, you should distribute a house for sale flyer among people in order to let them know that your house is up for sale. Advertisement plays a significant role in this process. This document comes in handy when the purchaser doesn’t have enough time to go online or to go around and see every possible listing on the market. It assists in informing the potential buyers of available property.

What to include in your house for sale flyers?

Here is the most important information that you must include in your house for sale flyer so that it grabs the attention of potential buyers;


The header is the crucial part as it grabs the attention of the buyers. Your header should be short and an effective phrase that encourages the buyers to keep reading.

Price details:

There are various options for this piece of information. You can either place the asking price on the flyer or you can give the buyers a “Call to Action” to contact you in order to know about the details of the price.

Description of the house:

For the description of the house, include a precise paragraph that acts as the pitch for your property. Explain all of the advantages of purchasing your home.

Best features of the house:

This section differs than above section as it highlights all of the best features of your house. Instead of including a paragraph, make it easier to read by creating a bulleted list. The information like he number of rooms, any recent upgrades or renovations, and so on are included here.

High-resolution pictures of the house:

With the help of a high-resolution camera, take pictures of your house. You should select the best one for sale flyer. Include pictures of both interior and exterior of the house.

Contact information:

Likewise heading, this part of the house for sale flyer is also important. By including your mobile number, home number, and email address make it easy for potential buyers to get in touch with you.

How to create an effective house for sale flyer?

Here are some tips for you that will help you in creating an effective house for sale flyer;

Never make it too crowded:

Open spaces provide each thing “room to breathe” in design. This makes the overall look of the flyer more appealing. This is a fundamental tip that you should use while making flyers, posters, and other marketing materials you want to create.

Insert the pictures on the flyer:

After selecting the pictures of your house that you want to place on your house for sale flyer, insert them properly. Moreover, you can also use more than one photo of the house. Keep arranging the pictures until they make you happy with how they look alongside the text.

Use an appropriate background:

Instead of using a loud or vibrant background, you should use an appropriate or simple background so the images and text take center stage. You can use the colors of your brand if you are a real estate agent. However, if you are a homeowner then use colors that are easy on the eyes.

Use icons to communicate:

In flyers and brochures, icons are very useful as they can deliver information despite being very small. For example, place an icon of a phone instead of writing the words “contact number.”

Select your fonts carefully:

Stick with those specific fonts which you use for your advertisements. If you don’t use any specific fonts then select your fonts carefully. Before finalizing them on your flyer, you should pair the fonts well and ensure that they look good together. It is also important to check the readability of your fonts so the readers can understand the text easily.

Use subtle filters:

To highlight certain angles of your photos, you can use filters. However, there is no need to do so because giving the potential buyers the “real thing” is best. This way, they know what to expect when they visit your home.

Make use of bold hues:

Bold colors are very attractive and eye-catching. Don’t use bold colors for the background; you can use it for other parts of your flyer to make sure that it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Use simple design elements:

You should use simple design elements in order to highlight the photos or the most important content of your house for sale flyer. For instance, for heading, use the words “For Sale!” this is simple and proved to be highly effective.

Use different colors and color combinations:

After finalizing the layout of your flyer, you should start make use of the colors and color combinations. Play with different color combinations to see which ones work well with the colors of your home and other pictures you are using.

Adding geometric shapes:

For the rest of your flyer’s content, make use of the geometric shapes as design elements or quirky backdrops. These shapes add an element of visual interest to your house for sale flyer.

Highlight the most important text:

You should know which information is the most relevant in your flyer and then highlight it. Use some bright colors like red color for the important text.

The front and center part:

The front and center parts of your flyer should contain the most relevant information so that it grabs the attention of the potential buyers.


Never use cursive fonts because they are often very hard to understand in small print like in flyers. Don’t compromise readability during selecting the fonts.

Make use of graphics sparingly:

You can also make use of some fun and relevant graphics to liven up your flyer but don’t go overboard as this may make your document look cluttered.

Do agents require real estate flyers?

Leading agents are required to use listing flyers while real estate agents aren’t. They are used by leading agents to remain top of mind with shoppers and even local home sellers. To use real estate flyers, you should consider the following three primary business strategies;

  1. Enhance exposure to your listings
  2. Establish leads from active shoppers
  3. Stand out as a local expert

Why should you use a real estate flyer?

The information mention on a real estate flyer will grab people’s interest and encourage them to view your home rather than the thousands of others on the market. Typically, potential buyers have a type of property in mind that they want to buy. It may be a single family home or studio apartment. With the help of a great flyer when you market your home, it stands out from its competition and attract multiple bidders.

In addition, an agent can use the free real estate flyer templates for their clients’ listings. If you are working with multiple clients to sell their properties then this would save you a lot of time and effort. The flyers is a marketing tool for your real estate business that helps you in selling the property for your client.


In conclusion, a house for sale flyer is a useful tool to let others know that your house is up for sale. You should design in an effective way so that it catches the attention of potential buyers. This document helps you a lot in selling your home faster.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is there a flyer template in MS Word?

Yes. Go to the File tab in Word and choose New. Choose Flyers under the search bar. Until you find a design you like, browse through the free flyer templates Word displays.

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