25+ Free Printable Place Card Templates [Word]

free blank place card template

The place card template is used in a lot of events like weddings, birthdays, graduation ceremonies, and corporate events. These ready-made templates are beautifully designed and fast and easy ways to create place cards. If you are planning to arrange an event, you should select an appropriate place card template for it.

What is a place card?

A place card indicates that during an event which table each guest is allocated to sit at. It serves as an identification card for the guests to become familiar with each other. In this way, guests can be identified by name seated on a specific table. Moreover, a place card includes;

  • the guest’s name,
  • table number,
  • An incorporated design is relevant to the event you are holding.

Place cards vary in size and shape. The simplest and most versatile is the layout that consists of six tent cards on a standard letter-sized paper. For this kind of layout, you have to select place cards that are approximately the size of business cards. However, the most common size of most templates, print shops, and calligraphers is about 2 by 3.5 inches. You may also like the Birthday Card Template.

Purpose of a place card:

The main purpose of this card is to inform the guests about their designated seats at a table in a particular event. You can place this card either on the folded napkin or just above the guest’s plate. If you want to maintain uniformity, select the place card templates that match the table card templates. In addition, the font, color, and paper of these templates should be the same and can be written by any calligrapher or celebrant, or also you can have them printed. It should be written simple and precise.

Types of Place Cards:

There are two main types of place cards;

Flat cards:

These cards are flat and used with place cardholders. If you have time and a little more money, then by using flat cardholders, you can do something creative with your flat cards.

Tent cards:

Tent cards come folded in half. Hence, they can stand without assistance. There will be no need to use something to prop them up. You can easily arrange them on the table.

How to make a place card in MS Word?

You can easily create place cards in MS Word. It contains different place card layouts and designs that vary in themes, occasions, and motifs. Select the best layout and then use different customizing tools to turn your design into something unique. Let us discuss step-by-step how to make place cards in MS Word;

At first, before creating place cards, determine the number of guests attending the event. By identifying the number of guests, you can know the exact number of cards to be printed and sent. Without knowing an exact number of cards, you can over procedure your place cards and it will be a waste of time, effort, resources, and money.

Open a new file in MS word and click ‘templates on office online’ from the templates section. Here you can search out free templates. On the top left-hand corner, click the text box and type place card then click search. Microsoft Office Online displays 25 best options at a time. You can also see previews of the place cards with titles. Now, download the place card template you want.

The next step is to add background or texture to your place card template. You have to select the design that matches the theme of your event. However, you can easily do this by adding a background to your place ground. As a background of your template, you can select from textures, abstract patterns, and images. You can also search for royalty-free images online.

After that, make lovely typography for your place card. In the design of your card, it is the most important aspect. Write down the guest’s name in clear and legible writing and the fonts use must match the motif of your event. Next, select the typeface that exactly matches your place card design.

In the end, when you have all done with the above steps, save your place card in high resolution. Now your place card is ready to print.

How can you print your place cards?

Here are some steps that will help you in printing your place cards at home;

  • Firstly, click on to page setup from a file.
  • Click the drop-down menu to select ‘manage custom sizes’ if your place card size isn’t mentioned as the page size. Then, click on ‘+’ and enter the dimensions of your place card and then click OK.
  • From the file, click print, and the print interface opens. Here make the required changes and then click OK to print. After printing, fold it in half.
  • If you like the result, then type all of your guest’s names and table numbers and start printing. You should also check Printable Punch Card Template.

Benefits of place cards:

Some of the benefits of using place cards are;

  • With the help of place cards, guests can avoid confusion in knowing where they are supposed to be seated.
  • Place cards determine where the guest should be. Hence, it makes sure that the reception runs as smoothly as possible.
  • By having place cards tables can be seen as a complete set.
  • Through the place cards, you can show your gratitude for the guests attending the event.


In conclusion, using place card templates makes it easier for you to manage receptions. They assist your guests to navigate the room, especially with their sitting arrangements. Furthermore, these cards can make your guests feel welcomed and special.

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