25+ Free Deposit Receipt Templates for (Cash, Security, Installment etc.)

security deposit receipt template

A deposit receipt template is used by the bank to make a receipt for the depositor as proof of money deposit with the bank. This receipt indicates that an individual has paid money for what he/she is buying. In short, it serves as proof of payment that is already made.

What is a deposit receipt?

A deposit receipt, also known as a deposit slip, is a document or receipt issued by the bank to the depositor. It indicates the money deposit with the bank. It is considered an important part of the system of internal controls related to the processing of cash.

Furthermore, a deposit receipt also shows to whom and when a specific amount has been deposited with its grand total. This document keeps the record of monetary transactions between parties to secure services or items. In addition, when money has been deposited successfully then a receipt indicates its validity. Nowadays, the receipt is physically printed or digitally delivered.

Different types of deposit receipts:

Let us discuss below some different types of deposit receipts;

Bank cash deposit receipt:

This receipt is issued by the bank to the depositor as evidence of making a cash or check deposit with the bank. It contains the following information;

  • Account the cash was deposited to
  • The date and time of the deposit
  • Name of the depositor
  • The amount deposited

Advance security deposit receipt:

The advance security deposit receipt is issued by a lender or landlord to the tenant. It shows that the amount is deposited by the tenant to the landlord or lender as proof of intention to move in and care for the property. The security deposit can be refundable or not refundable. However, it depends on the terms and conditions.

This receipt contains all the details about the tenant such as the name of the tenant, the unit number that he/she is renting, the amount that tenant has given for the security deposit, and the date when he/she gave you payment. Moreover, you can also include any additional information if required. Sometimes, it also includes the name of the bank or financial institution from where the payment has been deposited. Also, enter the name of the person who will receive the security deposit.

Advance payment deposit receipt:

It is issued by the seller to the buyer which indicates the payment done in advance. It is basically a receipt acknowledging payment used to track the movement of goods or services from one individual to another. The advance payment deposit receipt consists of the following elements;

  • The seller and the buyer details
  • The amount paid
  • Product or services paid for.

Installment deposit receipt:

You will receive this receipt if you are paying installments of a lease. The installment deposit receipt shows that cash deposit by the buyer to the seller or lease provider. Additionally, it acts as proof of payment made to honor the installment purchase agreement.

Basic components of a deposit receipt:

  • If the deposit is made with the bank then the receipt must contain the name of the bank at the top.
  • The date and the time of the deposit
  • Depositor details such as his/her name and contact information.
  • Details about the person to whom the money has been deposited. It also contains his/her name and contact information.
  • Mention the amount deposited in words and figures.
  • Other additional information like terms and conditions for deposit.
  • Depositor signature to agree to the deposit transaction. Furthermore, bank or seller signatures and stamp as proof of deposit made.

What is the importance of a deposit receipt template?

Let us discuss below the importance of a deposit receipt;

For the landlord

Landlords in many states have to provide notice to tenants about the existence of money in an escrow account. The receipt gives protection to the landlord under such circumstances from any unnecessary litigations that may arise in the future.

For the tenants

Tenants require this receipt to prove that they have remitted the security deposit as required. Through receipt, they know that they complied with all of the requirements, providing them some peace of mind.

For prospective buyers

Buyers before starting negotiations want to know that for the building in dispute whether you have already remitted the security deposit. You can show them through receipt if the remittance has taken place.

General benefits

This receipt provides you with a sense of confidence. You have the assurance with the receipt that you get your money back even if the damages and other dangers that may arise during the occupancy.

How to create an effective deposit receipt?

Here are some tips that will surely help you in creating an effective deposit receipt;


This receipt can be made for a rental transaction, check deposit with the bank, loaning, and much more. Therefore, it must contain the name of the bank or business at the top. This will make your deposit receipt clear and correct.


Most importantly, use a clean and plain white paper sheet. Keep it simple otherwise; it can look invalid and unprofessional. Just enter the important data from your deposit transaction. Moreover, the bank or business logo isn’t compulsory.


Next, use the standard and classic fonts. These are the best fonts for this kind of document. Keep the size of the text bold and bigger than the rest of the content.


Most importantly, always provide important details such as name, contact information, date, address, time, etc. Don’t forget to provide a visible grand total.

What are the rules and laws about security deposit receipts?

The rules and laws about the security deposit receipt include the following;

Statutory requirements

Making these deposit receipts public is a requirement in some states. So, they can be used for tax exemption or other financial obligations. Due to this requirement, if and when the need for this notice arises, the deposit and acknowledgment will act as supplementary notice.

Time frame

Every document must have its validity. It indicates the period in which the document is legally valid. Some jurisdictions may ask you to send this notice within 30 days period to the involved parties. After that, you have to acquaint yourself with the requirements of your state’s jurisdiction.

Interest Obligations

In some cases, these deposits grab specific interests that the tenant and the landlord share. From the local offices in your state, you have to learn more about the following information;

  • The prevailing interest laws
  • How they affect your rental business
  • Everything associated with it


In conclusion, you can create an effective receipt with the help of a deposit receipt template. As it is a professional document so it must be well-designed. It serves as a safeguard medium and reference for you in case of any future disputes. You can also download free and editable deposit receipt templates from any website.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can you ask for a deposit receipt?

Yes, you can ask for a deposit receipt as it serves as evidence in case a conflict arises. Also, it helps you to strengthen your case.

How to keep a record of rent payments?

You can keep a record of rent payments by using rent receipts. It serves as evidence of rent payment for the tenant. For the landlord, it is a record of income.

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