Free Fake & Real Insurance Card Templates (Word / PDF)

free insurance card template

An insurance card template is the type of card issued by an insurance company. This card serves as proof that you carry insurance. For example, you have to keep an auto insurance card with you at all times when driving. For not having proof of insurance, you have to deal with the penalties when law enforcement demands it.

Types of proof of insurance:

There are also some other documents that act as proof of insurance;

Insurance ID card or Insurance card template

The information in this type of insurance card may vary from state to state. It generally includes the following information;

  • Your insurance policy number
  • Effective dates
  • Your name as the policyholder
  • Details about your vehicle

While registering your vehicle or as proof of insurance for law enforcement, you require this document.

Proof of Coverage

The form contains the information;

  • Your vehicle
  • The insurance policy
  • The effective dates
  • The limits of your vehicle’s insurance coverage

This document is used to indicate a leasing company or lienholder of your vehicle’s insurance coverage.

Verification of coverage

This acts as evidence of insurance by the state. You can use this type of proof of insurance when you get a letter from the Motor Vehicle Administration or a citation that needs you to provide an FR-19.

Certificate of financial responsibility

This certificate is compulsory by your state that confirms in case you possess an auto insurance liability coverage. In many cases, for certain violations related to driving, it only becomes a requirement.

What does an insurance card template include?

An insurance card template includes the following information;

  • Name of the insurance company the issued the insurance
  • The logo of the insurance company
  • The mailing address of the company
  • Name of the person who carries the insurance
  • Your vehicle’s insurance policy number
  • The model year of your vehicle
  • The name of the manufacturer
  • The insurance policy’s effective period
  • Your vehicle’s model number
  • Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  • The agent who sold you the insurance policy his name, number, and ID Number

In the next part, you have to demonstrate the features of the insurance policy that you have chosen. This section would contain the following;

  • Specifies whether the policy involves Property Damages and Bodily Injury
  • It indicates the deductibles for Collision and Comprehensive coverage
  • On the other side of the card, it may spell out other details

Furthermore, many insurance companies don’t send new insurance cards to their policyholders. These new cards indicates any changes made by you or the insurance company to the existing policy. They also don’t send new cards for policies that are automatically renewed. Also, it is essential for you to remain alert as you may carry an expired card.

Can you use a fake insurance card template?

Here are some reasons why you should avoid fake cards;

You’ll get charged with fraud

There are many ways that people try to come up with fraudulent documents and worse. It is truly shocking to know how easy it is to do this. They just have to search online for a template or some other type of free customizable forms. This allows the people to make a multitude of fake documentation that leads to a very high rate of insurance fraud.

Furthermore, the idea is usually associated with the staging of fake accidents when people think of insurance fraud. This is especially true in the case of health insurance fraud. It includes an SSN, birth certificate, and the like. This is similar to the auto insurance company. In this company, people can commit fraud by using a fake card. In case, you didn’t know that your card is a fake one, this can be very disastrous. Due to this, you may have to face a lot of trouble until you can prove that you did not know about the scam.

Likewise an official driver’s license, before you can drive a vehicle, proof of insurance is a legal requirement. In case, you got pulled over then you hand the police officer a fake card. This way, you may end up facing a considerable amount of penalty on the basis of where you reside.

However, it’s true that you can easily get free templates for insurance online. But, at the end of the day, it’s not prove valuable. This is a fraudulent action and may lead to troublesome situations.

You can’t hide this from the DMV

In addition, keep in mind, that every time a person’s policy lapses, the DMV needs insurance companies to communicate with them. When you get pulled over, the use of fake card may work. But, eventually, the DMV will discover that you have no insurance. In the US, their database gathers information from each of the states. So, you will get flagged as non-insured and it doesn’t matter where you are in the country.

It’s not worth the trouble and expense

You would have to communicate with the other party involved in an accident in case of minor damages to your vehicle. You have to give your vehicle’s insurance information in such a case. Also, you cannot submit a claim with your carrier in case you’re using a fake card.

For paying the damages on your own, indicates that you will be the one responsible. In case of accidents that involve injuries, when you factor in medical bills into the mix, the expenses could be incredibly large. Thus, without insurance coverage, driving might cost you thousands of dollars.

Procedure of obtaining insurance card template:

Your proof of documentation is a little auto insurance card template you carry in your wallet. It proofs that you carry insurance on your vehicle. In case, you fail to file an insurance claim, then through this card you can receive all the money that you have paid your insurance company.

The following details will include in the insurance card;

  • Your name and address
  • Your vehicle’s year and make
  • Insurance policy renewal dates
  • The name of the insurance company
  • The insurance policy number

For every insured and drivable vehicle, as per the rule you will receive a car insurance template. You receive this document via mail along with your insurance declaration page and other details regarding your policy. Another way to obtain it go to your insurance agency or to visit the website of your insurance carrier. By using phone, you can also contact with the insurance company.

In case, you get caught without any proof of insurance, then indicating some other form of proof is the best thing to do. Other form of proof may include a payment receipt or a declarations page. In addition, carrying all the time proof of insurance for the vehicle you are driving with you is a requirement of law. Usually, substitutes won’t consider by the law enforces when they demand proof of insurance.


In conclusion, an insurance card template is your proof of documentation that you carry insurance. This card is also known as a binder or an insurance identification card. Also, it is the requirement of law that you carry your proof of insurance with you at all times. By not having proof of insurance, you have to deal with the penalties of the penalty.

Faq (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a proof of insurance?

There are various types of documents that may be known as proof of insurance;

1- Insurance ID card/Insurance card
2- Proof of coverage
3- Verification of coverage
4- Canadian insurance card
5- SR-22 or FR-44 (Certificate of Financial Responsibility)

How to obtain proof of insurance?

You can obtain all the documents except the SR-22 or FR-44 online by visiting your insurance company website.

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