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Why don’t you make and understand by considering an example? Assume that there is an industry of logistics with many driver log book template. As well as managers of the industry manually make all calculations of fuels. It is included time, the status of all drivers as they dispatched.

This is hard to make all records manually of every driver when it’s time to dispatch. Let me consider the organization and use these kinds of logbooks.
This is all about the truck driver log book template. With this, you can maintain and track personal records.

Although a driver may also change them as they are on leave, on duty, or driving somewhere. Driver and another party may access this book log template wherever they are. No doubt this is easy to use contains all the important information about drivers. The driver’s daily log sheet template is not only an easy procedure for recording. This is also used to make sure and use by anyone. You may also like the mis report format in excel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a driver log book?

A log book is an official document that contains all the information about the vehicle. Hence, a driver log book is also an official document that contains all the details about daily trips and activities that drivers do.

A driver log book is used by bus drivers, train drivers, company drivers, truck drivers, and taxi drivers. This document is necessary for the drivers to ensure that they are doing their jobs well.

What is the purpose of log books?

There are various purposes of keeping log books;

  • For keeping the record of all the activities related to the vehicle and a driver.
  • For storing the ordered history of an asset, system, and building. It gives a summary of past events.
  • For capturing the maintenance logs, rebuilds, and other issues performed in the asset.

What Does a Driver’s Daily Log Typically Include?

Generally, a driver’s daily log has four sections with 24 boxes each box represents the number of hours in a day. These four sections contain the shifts of drivers such as on-duty, driving, sleeping, and off-duty.

Draw a line across the hours in the proper section while filling up the driver log sheet. It represents your shift for that day. Driver log book templates also contain the name of the driver, employee name, tractor numbers, shipping numbers, and how much time the driver worked from the past week.

How Can You Fill out the Driver’s Daily Log?

Here are some tips that help you out while filling out the driver log sheet;

  • At first, write down the total corporate address of your company. Then, write down the name of the terminal address from where the dispatcher is issued
  • Mention how many hours you spent at your shift.
  • At the end of your shift, indicate the odometer reading and your driving total distance.
  • If an accident or breakdown occurs, mention it in the right way in the document. Also, indicate the state and name of the city where accidents or breakdowns took place.
  • If you are the head of many vehicles in a day then, make sure to list all the vehicles on the log.
  • Write readably and in the end sign the document.

At the end of each day, you have to properly fill the log and prepare it before the submission.

How Long to Retain the Driver’s Daily Log Books?

As time passes, you start wondering how long you have to keep drivers log books. According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), it all depends on the type of document that how long you should keep records.

A driver’s daily log books fall under the category of “Driver Maintenance and Performance Reports.” This category indicates information about the maintenance and performance of the drivers and their vehicles after every shift. Companies have to keep the record at least three months from the date when the driver made the report. And, it is significant to keep the files for a long time especially, for those who have space for the files at the office.

More often understanding is simply for the management as there is no manual recording. More advanced features are just excellent in truck driver templates. You can easy to make changes in these templates.

The driver logbooks come along with a Microsoft layout. Any of the industry fundamentals should have positively use the format.

In this era, you are going to know about many things related to the driver’s daily log. It will keep in mind that you have to your last 15 days record. You can also download the daily/hourly logbook of drivers. This rule can apply to both foreign and domestics drivers.

The easy and simple sheet you have to maintain before and after every task. There are many examples of logs to support and maintain your work driver sheet other Microsoft templates. You may see payroll template excel.

Easy to Keep Daily Truck Driver Log Book Template

Maintaining a logbook is easy than keep in manual records. Eventually, this is available in unique formats for all professionals. This is for help to keep track of time and using appropriate. For instance, with a dot log book template, you can also create an efficient tour. As they can share them all schedule things. Include time with managers and management as well.

Now a day this is also available here for free. This is easy to get and ready to go for you.

Essentials of Truck Driver Template

Besides, the format of the worksheet along with the key factor also available. You can also make it before downloading your desired excel template. You can schedule your all trips and other stuff.

Description section – Title section

You can take start with general information. Simply, enter the nature of the project top in the title of the template. Further, add the type of truck, name, follow the number, registration number, etc. it presents the truck driver log book templates with a record of the particular truck. So the management will easy to recognize the truck driver with all this information.

Driver Log Book Excel Template

driver log book excel template


Driver Daily Log Sheet Template

Driver daily log sheet template


Dot Log Book Template

dot log book template


Daily Driver Log Template

daily driver log template


Truck Driver Logbook Excel Template

truck driver logbook excel template


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