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An excuse letter for school is required by your school when you can’t attend your classes to explain your absence. You should describe the reason for your absence in a formal manner. Moreover, this letter can also be helpful for employment purposes.

What is an Excuse letter?

In almost all schools, absence of students and even teachers is typically discouraged. But, you should compose a school excuse letter if you have a very good reason for not attending school before going back. This letter is the best way to indicate the reason for your absence.

Furthermore, if you get sick or you are facing a personal problem that hinders you from attending school then you should compose an excuse letter to provide the reason for being absent. Composing this letter is the best way to communicate this predicament. The main purpose of this letter is to let the reader (your teacher or the employer) know the reason for your absence. In case, if you are a habitual absentee, this letter might not work.

Some good excuses for being absent at school:

There are various reasons when you aren’t able to attend the school. Here are some good excuses that you can write in absence letters for school;

An appointment with a doctor:

The appointments made with doctors are often fully booked in most cases. So, this is one of the best excuses as teachers know this fact.


It is fact that we should avoid getting in contact with sick people. For example, some diseases spread in crowded places. Also, school administrators allow you to stay home if you’re sick. For this reason, you should attach a medical certificate with your excuse letter in order to miss school for several days.

Food poisoning:

Food poising is highly dangerous and alarming. And, in case your situation gets worse, school administrators don’t allow you to have the responsibility of dealing with you passed to them.

Family emergency:

Sadly at times, a family emergency is the best and saddest excuse you can give. Also, in some situations, the emergency is so abrupt and dire that you have to leave school right away.

Illness in your family:

The word “illness” always indicates a negative vibe. When a close family member or relative would need sudden medical attention, it also becomes an excuse. Sometimes you receive a text message or a phone call that says you have to bring your mother or father to the hospital. This is an alarming situation that will cause you to feel panicked. In such situation, you may also have to miss a couple of days of school.

An accident of a family member:

Nobody would want to be in a car accident. Nowadays, there are a great number of road accidents that they have become common occurrences. Using this excuse would not be too much of a stretch when it occurs to one of your family members. For a more definite explanation and updates, it may motivate your teacher to contact you.

A death in your family:

The death of a member of your family is a sad moment that you cannot avoid. This reason will definitely understand by your teacher and excuse you from class.

What to include in your excuse letter for school?

Every school has rules regarding attendance expected from their students. The submission of an excuse letter is one requirement. It states the reason why you failed to attend school. Your teacher and principal want to see the following information in your letter;

  • The name and designation of your teacher or the principal
  • The reason for your absence
  • The exact dates of your absence
  • Your complete name
  • Your signature

How to write an excuse letter for school?

You should use the formal tone in your excuse letter. Here are some tips on how to write an excuse letter;

  • You should use the proper stationery in order to write the letter with legible handwriting.
  • At the top of the letter, provide your address. It isn’t compulsory to write this down. You should consult your teacher about it first.
  • Also, at the top, include the date when you will submit the letter, following your address.
  • Indicate the complete name and address of the addressee at the top left of the letter, following the date. The recipient may be your teacher or the principal of your school.
  • Following the address of the recipient, mention the subject of your letter too. You just have to state it in one sentence or line.
  • After stating the subject, there comes the salutation including a comma (,) after it.
  • When you have all done with above steps, you can start with the body of your letter. Keep the contents of the letter directly to the point and clear is highly suggested. Don’t include lowery statements and long narratives.
  • Write the letter with your name, grade, and class until you’re sending it to your teacher.
  • You should clearly mention the reason for your absence. Also, mention the dates when you didn’t attend school or will remain absent.
  • If you are taking leave for medical reason, it is suggested to attach a medical certificate along with your letter.
  • Use the words such as “Thank you,” and “Yours Sincerely,” at the end of your letter.
  • In the end, mention your full name and affix your signature.

Some additional tips to write an excuse letter for school:

It is not simple to write an effective excuse letter for school. You have to be clear and concise in your writing. You must know what you have to say and how to say it. It should be written in a business letter format. Start your letter with your address and contact details. Then, write a date and the address of the school. Here are some other tips to write an effective letter;

  • In order to make sure that the school officials accept your letter, you should learn about the school’s specific guidelines and follow them.
  • Be honest, straightforward, and brief.
  • For personal reference, keep a copy.
  • Before submitting the letter to the school, proofread and edit it for spelling and grammar errors.

Is an excuse letter for school needed everywhere?

An excuse letter for school is required as per the standard school attendance policy. It is essential for schools to track and follow up on absences because a high number of absences can leave a negative impact on the academic performance of a student.

The majority of schools require an absent note for school. The specifics about how far in advance you should give notice may vary from state to state. Go to your government or school website to find information about your specific state and country’s requirements.

Why do you require an excuse letter for school?

An excuse letter for school is written to specify the reason why a student was absent from the class. The faculty by receiving this note will decide whether or not to excuse the absence.


In conclusion, an excuse letter for school is a formal letter written to explain your absence. Describe the reason of your school in a formal tone. You can write a letter to your teacher or your school principal if you have a good reason for not attending school.

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