Free Early Lease Termination Letters (Samples & Examples)

free early lease termination letter

An early lease termination letter is written by the tenant to inform their landlord of their intent to terminate the lease before the legally agreed upon date. There are various reasons of terminating the lease but you have to inform your tenant about it by writing an early lease termination letter.

What is an early lease termination?

An early lease termination letter is written when an unavoidable events occur within a rental term. Sending this letter is a polite and intelligent way to terminate the lease early. Technically, landlords aren’t allowed you to break a lease but often they agree with you to avoid a lengthy, ugly, and costly eviction process. Some other names of early lease termination are;

  • Notice of lease termination
  • Notice of terminating the tenancy
  • Notice to end the tenancy
  • Release of the lease agreement

What to include in an early lease termination letter?

It is essential for you to issue a notice to your landlord that is based on your original lease agreement. On this decision, you can avoid penalties by finding a replacement tenant. You have to stick with the terms and conditions of your agreement. You have to straight to the point and professional while writing an early lease termination letter. However, include the following details in the lease termination letter;

  • The date when you wrote the letter and when you plan to leave.
  • Reasons for terminating the lease
  • The address where you want to relocate
  • Your name and signature

Types of lease termination letters:

There are different types of lease termination letters that you should keep in mind while deciding to end your rental agreement. There are two factors on which the type you need to use depends;

  1. What type of property is rented
  2. What type of agreement you made

Here are a few types that you can use;


This type of lease termination letter is used when you have a standard 1-year rental contract or a month-to-month contract having no fixed end date.


You will have to use an Early Lease Termination Letter in case you have an agreement with a final day on your lease and you want to terminate it before that day.


You should write a Commercial Lease Termination Letter in case a rental contract is made with a company to use a property for business purposes.

How do you write an early termination letter for a lease?

Below are the components to include in commercial residential leases;

The landlord’s identity

The tenant is the other half of the lease agreement. Therefore, in your lease termination letter to a landlord, you have to include your complete name. Your letter will get declared as invalid without these details in case legal professionals review it.

The details of your original lease agreement

In your letter, add the details found in the rental agreement. The name of the agreement, its start date, and the end date should be included. To support your letter, you can also include other details from the rental agreement.

The date when you want to leave the rented property

In your letter, specify the date when you want to leave. By doing this, it gives your landlord with a chance to set realistic expectations in terms of the negotiations. Also, it still have to take place among you and your landlord.

Inform your landlord of your forwarding address

This is an important detail to mention in your letter. This address gives your landlord with information as to where they can send any future notices or security deposits.

The reasons that why you intent to terminate your lease agreement

It is the final element to include in your letter your reason/s for termination. This may be the most significant one to include among all of these elements. It directly states that whether or not your landlord grants your request. When stating your reason for leaving, you have to be both specific and direct.

Can you break your tenancy agreement early?

Yes, you can break your lease agreement early. However, it depends on your relationship with your landlord. If you apply the law to its fullest extent then the landlord has authority to take the rent until the end of your lease. Therefore, both parties have to agree on a fair solution in case you intent to vacate the property and terminate your lease before its expiry date. Compose an early lease termination letter in order to inform your landlord. Here are the steps to follow;

Talk to your landlord

Until the end date of the agreement, a lease represents a financial and legal commitment to pay rent. If you want to leave earlier than agreed upon in the contract then the effective way to settle this is to present your situation to your landlord.

Negotiate the terms of your early termination

It is better to provide more notice to your landlord. After that, make an early termination of the lease agreement. Informing your landlord is a matter of courtesy. But, it also makes an impact on whether your landlord grants your request or not. In most states, before the landlord try to collect rent from you, they must make a genuine effort to have the vacated property to get re-rented.

If you can sublet the property, ask your landlord

You may request the landlord to allow you to find a sub-tenant to take your place if your landlord becomes resistant in permitting you to terminate your lease earlier than agreed upon. You can achieve this by adding an addendum if sub-letting isn’t allowed. This enables you to find someone to live in the property that continues paying the rent.

For the possibility of a buy-out, ask your landlord

Seeking a buy-out from your landlord is another solution to early lease termination. For a cash payment, this involves the landlord freeing you of all liabilities that you both agree upon.

Consult with a lawyer

If your landlord doesn’t want to break the lease then another solution is to find out the laws in your state or consult a lawyer. There could be loopholes in some cases that may enable you to break your lease early.

Move out of the property

According to the terms of terminating your lease, you can move out of the property as soon as you and your landlord have agreed. Your landlord must pay within the required return period of your state in case the agreement makes it possible for you to keep your security deposit.

Is it possible to break a lease because of neighbors?

Yes, you can break a lease because of neighbors. It is just possible when your landlord fails to provide you with Quiet Enjoyment. It indicates that as a tenant you have right to enjoy the space without the interference of other people. Also, it provides you the following rights;

  • Not allowing people that you don’t want to gain entry to your apartment
  • Living in a livable and clean apartment
  • Peace and Quiet
  • Accessing basic services such as hot water and heat


In conclusion, an early lease agreement letter is a legal document that should be written before terminating your lease. Writing this letter is the best way to inform your landlord about your intent. The letter should be written to the point and in formal language.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

If your lease gets terminated then what happens?

You can move out and sign a new lease on the basis of the terms of the lease and the laws in your state. You can sue the landlord for costs that are associated with your housing searches in case your landlord ends your lease early without cause. You may not be entitled to damages if you were significantly damaged the property. Usually, a written advance notice is sent by the landlord before you have to leave the premises.

What is a normal lease termination fee?

It typically depends on the lease and the laws in your area. In most cases, one or two months’ rent is considered as a fee.

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