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A medication list template is used by the patients to keep a record of the dosage, side effects, and instructions given by the prescribing healthcare professional. This document can be used at home on a daily basis. It also contains the contact number of the physician that prescribed the medications.

Basically, a medication list is a spreadsheet that helps in scheduling the intake of most medications. It includes all medicines taken regularly, recently completed medicine courses, over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, and dietary supplements. Moreover, many physicians ask the patients to bring a complete list of medications to all appointments. The information presented on it used by the physicians to assess the patient’s progress or to correct treatment.

Tips to create a medication list:

Here are some helpful tips on how to create a medication list template;

  • Your medication list should contain all the medications you are taking, such as herbal supplements, over-the-counter medicines, etc.
  • The list must include everything about the medication like its name, dose, and the amount of the medication each day.
  • Next, state how you are using the medication as a shot, as a pill, and with/without food.
  • Make a copy of the list and provide it to your caregiver.
  • You should update your list on a daily basis.

How can a medication list help you?

There are various reasons for creating a medication list. The first and foremost use of a medication list is that it allows you to keep all the information about your medication in one place. Furthermore, you can use this list to keep track of follow things;

  • The objective of each medicine
  • The amount of dose each medicine needs to take
  • When to use the medication
  • Herbal and natural medicines, prescribed and non-prescribed medicines, and minerals.

A medication list also provides you many other benefits. Some of them are as follows;

  • It allows you to know more about the medications
  • It informs you when to take the medicine and how
  • You can share it with your caregiver
  • Your physician and pharmacists review your mediation easily.
  • In case of emergency, with the help of this list, you are provided the required medication.

Hence, the medication list can help you in many ways. There are also many benefits of creating and maintaining a list of medication.

Importance of a medication list:

Effective and safe medical care is not possible without an accurate medication list. Also, an outdated mediation list may lead to incorrect doses, drug-disease interactions and drug-drug interactions. However, it is the most important document used to provide care to a person in an emergency. Maintaining a medication list is extremely important in order to perform research, assess quality, and inform computerized clinical decision support.

Maintaining a list of medication is challenging for many patients. It is due to the following reasons;

  • A lack of combination of patient health records
  • Physician and nurse workflows
  • An insufficient knowledge about the medications
  • Patients’ changing their medications frequently
  • Using undocumented over-the-counter medications
  • Consulting more than one physician

So, in order to create an effective medication list the patients, their physicians, and their pharmacists have to collaborate with one another. Caregivers play an important role in maintaining a comprehensive list of medications. Also, a comprehensive medication list includes a number of things.

During creating the list, many people ignore medications prescribed by physicians. The medications like herbal medicines, patches, eye drops, inhalers, and birth control pills are commonly ignored. You must all these medications in your list. Additionally, write down each drug to its brand name, generic name, and frequency of use. During each patient visit, the caregiver has to make sure that the list of medications is updated.

Hence, we conclude that a medication list is a powerful tool in order to give optimal care to patients. It should be created and maintained appropriately.

Benefits of Creating a Medication List:

Some the benefits of creating a medication list are given below;

  • At first, the up-to-date medication list boosts communication between physicians. The physician before providing treatment, see the medication list. This makes sure improved communication between the physicians and thus the patient’s healthcare improves.
  • In case the patient requires prescription refills, the list makes sure that the patient is receiving the appropriate prescription. All the information is represented on the list. Therefore, caregivers don’t have to search through progress notes pages. In this way, everything becomes easier and safer.
  • For updating the list, only few check marks are needed. It makes your documentation quicker. During each patient visit, by comparing documentation with each medication in the progress note, the physician requires less time to review the list. Thus, medication list saves the time and money of caregivers.
  • With the help of medication list, you can document all the allergies in one place. This helps the caregivers to know what type of reaction caused by each allergen. By knowing this, it helps the caregivers in avoiding any unnecessary complications.
  • The medication lists are the snapshot of a patient’s medical history. Physicians can recall the patient’s past treatment history by reviewing the list of medications. You should also check Doctor Prescription Pad Template.


In conclusion, a medication list template is a powerful tool that helps a lot in a medical emergency. It keeps track of all important information like dosage, side effects, and instructions given by the prescribing healthcare professional. Caregivers should make sure that the medication list is up-to-date because an outdated list can cause various problems.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

When to use a medication list?

Use a medication list whenever a patient is prescribed a new medication. If you are using a medication list for the first time for a patient then take some time to create notes of any previous medications used in order to draft a comprehensive master list.

Can you allow patients to fill in medication lists?

No, it is necessary that only healthcare practitioners fill in medication lists. This makes sure that the document is authorized. In the bottom line, all dosages and prescription information are mentioned so you should ensure that it is medically correct and verified.

What to include in a medication list?

A medication list should include the following details;

1- Past medications used by the patient
2- Any current medication which is using by the patient
3- The exact dosage
4- Any specific or personalized instructions provided
5- The length of time that the patient used the medication

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