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A medication schedule template is a helpful document for the people who have medical problems and need a daily intake of prescribed medicines. While taking care of your patients, using this document makes sure that you won’t miss anything important. It is considered as a reminder of the regular intake of medicines at prescribed times. Furthermore, the schedule will simplify your job in every aspect.

Types of medical schedule templates:

Let us discuss below some types of template that you can use;

Daily medicine schedule template

As its name implies, this template is used for tracking the daily doses of medicines that an individual requires to take to fulfill the medical routine that the healthcare professional given. This document is usually used in hospitals and at homes. The schedule assists the people to manage their medical schedules along with performing their personal chores at home and at work.

Health medical schedule template

The health medical schedule template is used by the people to manage their personal medication plan. This schedule is highly beneficial for the people who live alone and don’t have anyone to take care of them. With the help of the health medical schedule, they remember all of the medication safety measures. They also keep track of everything in terms of managing their regular intake of pills, vitamins, herbs, and others.

Medication schedule organizer

In the management of medications and laboratory tests, this template helps both healthcare providers and patients. You can also use the template and then customize it to include reminders and keep track of medication routines. It also helps you in transmitting the information to your healthcare providers.

Some other types of medical schedule template are as follow;

  • Hourly schedule template
  • Medical appointment schedule template
  • Monthly schedule template
  • Weekly schedule template

Why do you require a medical schedule template?

A medical schedule template acts as your personal nurse that reminds you of your coming doctor’s appointments, daily medication doses, and instructions on how to maintain a healthier lifestyle. The template has schedule for weeks or months, and even years not just for hours or days.

Make the schedule in advance is significant. The schedule ensures that each member of the family will not forget to take their medicine dosages on daily basis. Moreover, with the schedule, you can;

  • Prepare your medications in advance in case you are planning to go outing or on a long trip.
  • By including doctor’s contact number, you can keep him on-hand in case of any family emergency.

When the patients miss their medications, the most common excuses they give is that nobody reminds them to take the medications. But, due to their busy lifestyles or the pressures at work, they forget doing this. Using a daily medication schedule template is the simplest solution to this problem. Also, you can easily and conveniently download it. It is an effective tool for both the patient and caregiver and acts as reminder for them.’ You should also check Medication List Templates.

The template assists you in making a chart with full details that will remind, recall, and mark the medicines you have taken. This accurate report also provides valuable information to your doctor.

How to create the medical schedule template for medications?

Here are some tips that guide you while creating the medical schedule template for medication;

Provide your information or the patient’s information

At the top row of the template, mention the name of the one who will use the template. For example, if the schedule is for your father then enter his name on the space provided for. You also have to include his doctor’s contact information. In case, you are using the template for the number of the people then also include the following information;

  • Full Names
  • Complete addresses
  • Home and mobile numbers
  • Medical or hospital record number
  • The hospital or the clinic name and the contact number
  • The doctor’s name and contact details
  • When you made or updated the template.

Enter the medicine or medical information

You should have the following data about each of the medications at this point;

  • Enter the name of the medication and the dosage each pill contains on the left-hand column. In the horizontal row, include one type of medication.
  • Input the illness or the condition that needs the medication in the next column. You don’t have to get too technical.
  • In the next column, for each medication, write short and simple directions. Here, you can state that how much you should take and the time when you have to take the medication.
  • Along with the medicine’s brand name, specify its generic name.

Insert the pictures or images for each medication

In the template, for each medication, insert the image and shape. Color each of the shapes in case you are using shapes rather than images to different the medications.

In the column, the number of medications indicates that how many capsules or pills you should take at that specified time. Bear in mind that the main objective of the template is to give you with a very simple guide. So, it should have only the necessary information.

Print your medical schedule template

By using a colored print, print the template. Also, use a heavy type of paper to keep it from damage or from getting lost. Here are some guides;

  • You can hang it on the refrigerator. You can also place it with your medications.
  • The next time you visit your doctor, take the template with you. You can require it, in case the doctor asks questions about any of your medications.
  • Additionally, take your template with you when you travel.


In conclusion, a medication schedule template is a great tool that serves as reminder for both the patient and caregiver. In your schedule, you can also use images or short phrases to describe the medications, their purpose, and dosage.

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