Letter of Recommendation for Coworker (Samples & Examples)

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A letter of recommendation for coworker is a letter that you write for the coworker to enhance the chance of his new employment tremendously. This letter is always written in a positive sense. The letter explains the coworker’s skills, qualifications, and work performance relevant to the job. The main purpose of this letter is to give first hand information and provide specific examples of;

  • During working with you, how the coworker performed his/her duties
  • What projects he/she completed
  • How he/she helped to support the team
  • How he/she helped company in realizing its goals

Moreover, you should also demonstrate in the letter that how the colleague will contribute to the new position.

Questions you should ask before writing a letter of recommendation for coworker:


It’s essential to ask a couple of questions to your colleague before writing a letter of recommendation. You have to be completely comfortable with the idea while giving somebody a favor. You should ask these questions first;

Whom you are going to address the letter?

Before addressing the letter, you should ask this question to your coworker so that you can address the letter to the right person. This will also leave a good impression.


Is a copy of your coworker’s resume required?

In order to get a clear idea about your coworker expertise, education, and skills, requesting your coworker’s resume is wise. Also, by having this document you can compose a better letter of recommendation.

Should you ask your colleague job description?

Yes, this information helps you write the letter from the perspective of the job description.

Does your colleague ask you to mention his specific achievements?

This is a legitimate question to ask. Your coworker may ask you to highlight some of their most significant achievements.


How can your coworker provide benefit to the organization?

Mention the expertise and skills of your coworker indicates that he/she can solve the issues in the organization.

Is there any information that you shouldn’t mention?

If your coworker is over-qualified for the position so you shouldn’t mention certain educational attainments or professional experiences. It’s better to ask your coworker that what to write and what not to write.


How to write a letter of recommendation for a coworker?

Let us discuss step-by-step that how to write a letter of recommendation;

  • At first, before starting to write, collect all the necessary information from your coworker. This acts as your guide in writing an efficient letter. You should verify the following details;
    1- Position he/she is applying for
    2- The person whom you address the letter
    3- His/her relevant experiences and achievements
    4- The due date of the letter of recommendation
  • At the start of the letter, provide your introduction and explain your professional relationship with your coworker. Furthermore, mention your job title that indicates the reader why you’re qualified to write the letter. The numbers of years you have worked together on specific projects also mention them.
  • In the next section of your letter, give specific examples of your coworker’s achievements and work ethics. You should state specific abilities that prove very useful to the success of an event or project such as problem-solving or critical thinking.
  • After that, explain how your coworker provides benefit to their company. Keep in mind that aside from your coworker’s work ethic and achievements the recruiter also wants to know what he/she can contribute to the company. In the couple of sentences, explain how you think your coworker can assist in the business’ growth.
  • In the end, don’t forget to provide your contact details. This is because in case of additional queries the hiring manager can contact you.

Tips to follow during writing a letter of recommendation:

To write a compelling letter that will assist your coworker to be competitive and enhance their chances of getting the job, use the following tips as a reference point;

Praise eagerly:

The best way to capture your reader’s attention is that you should eagerly explain how ideal the candidate is for the position throughout the letter. This will also help the candidate stand out from all the other applicants for the job. This also makes you able to write a compelling letter that doesn’t bore the reader.


Be honest:

Ensure that you have to give accurate information when writing a letter. If you are unsure about any information then contact a coworker to get the right details. Be honest. Bear in mind that any mismatch makes the recruiter think that one of you is lying and as a result you are not qualified to provide a reference letter.

Be specific:

It’s better to use basic templates to write a letter but ensure that you customize each letter to the job at hand using certain details that indicates the applicant’s qualifications. Don’t miss out any key points. Before writing, make a general outline of things you want to include.

Proofread the letter:

After writing your letter, proofread it thoroughly and make sure it has no grammatical and spelling errors. Before submitting it, you can also ask your friend to review the letter and give you genuine feedback. This leaves a positive impression of you and the applicant on the reader. Moreover, it also indicates that you took your time to write the letter.

A good subject line:

Write a good subject line if you are sending the letter via email. Your subject line must deliver the letter’s purpose and ensure that it reaches its intended audience. However, it must be concise.

When to say yes to write a letter of recommendation for a coworker?


Consider the following circumstances to say yes to write a letter of recommendation;

  • If you think that your coworker is genuinely a hard worker.
  • You can recommend your coworker if you believe that they have the required skills of the job they are applying for.
  • If your coworker has a solid background and experience in the field of the job for which they’re applying.
  • You can recommend your coworker if he/she worked with you for years and you feel confident for his/her recommendation.
  • You feel that your coworker displayed a high level of competence even he/she worked with you for just a short amount of time.
  • Your coworker is your friend and you want to assist them land a new job.
  • You are the trainer or mentor of your coworker and you believe that he/she is a quick learner or an adaptable employee.


In conclusion, a letter of recommendation for coworker is a letter in which you explain his/her skills, abilities, and character traits and how they are relevant to the position he/she is applying for. You should gather all the necessary information before writing the letter. Follow a proper format and keep your tone always positive.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to explain a coworker for a reference?

You should explain your coworker’s particular abilities like critical thinking, made a specific project, and more. Give examples with those skills that how he/she succeed in the potential business or school.

What are the most valued traits in a coworker or employee?

The most valued traits in a coworker or employee are;

1- Dependable
2- Empathetic
3- Trustworthy
4- Self-starter
5- Dedicated
6- Organized
7- Respectful
8- Flexible

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