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The ten frame template is a very useful document that helps children learn math more efficiently. The primary purpose of this document is to relate number symbols to concrete quantities. These templates make sure that numbers can actually consist of smaller combinations of items or objects.

Moreover, you can make your own template. You can also download a printable ten frame template from any website. If you make your own template then you can work with your child at home. In this way, your child will experience different things that will strengthen his/her sense of numbers. By using this template, they can better understand place values.

First-grade students take interest in learning number facts. They establish their number sense by pairing the templates with manipulative, images and other supporting materials. This is useful for students who find it difficult to understand math concepts or students who have learning disabilities. Also, such type of students requires more time to develop their number sense and understand mathematical concepts.

The history of establishment of ten frame template:

The ten frame template motivates the students to develop images in their mind of the number symbols that are presented to them. The ten frame uses the idea of benchmarking numbers 5 and 10. For each of the numbers, this enables the students to make visual images in their mind.

In addition, this template allows them to see clearly the relationship of the symbol and the quantity. Students start developing strategies in their mind for manipulating the said numbers when they become able to visualize all the numbers from 1 through 10. Behind the ten-frame, this is the basic concept.

According to John Van de Walle, the young students who are in kindergarten and who are in the early parts of first grade should use a five-frame first. Before moving onto the frame with ten squares, use this template for a week or two. Van de Walle says that you should follow these guidelines when you are to introduce the ten frame;

  • To fill in the top row first, use objects like counters.
  • Start from the left during filling in the top row just like in the same way as how you read a text.
  • After that, on the bottom row, place the objects or counters.
  • Also, start from the left while filling in the bottom row.

In this way, you can demonstrate numbers on the template in a standard way.

Ten frame templates Mathematical application:

The ten frames is a simple visual tool for children and young learners that allow them to “see” numbers more concretely. It is also crucial for them to understand that numbers are made up of tens and ones. When children understand this concept, they easily transition to working with bigger numbers. For the understanding of place values and calculations made in the mind, develop a strong foundation of the first ten numbers is a primary requirement.

These frames have simple rectangular frames along with two by five squares. Counters are placed on the squares to demonstrate the numbers from 1 through 10. For building a good number sense from 1-10, they are highly useful tools. Let us discuss some mathematical application of this template;

  • When you are continuously practicing the number concepts with frames then your child automatically start thinking of the numbers 1 through 10 in terms of their relationship to the number 10. This develops a good foundation of knowledge in your child for more complex concepts like addition and subtraction for numbers 1-10.
  • It assists your child in building his/her number sense. Making use of fun objects will motivate your child to continue building his/her number sense.
  • These frames make your little learner able to see the numbers in the context of ten. This makes your child able to see how many you require to add to a number to make ten or how far away a number is to ten.

Why does a teacher require a ten frame template?

The teacher requires a ten frame template as it assists them in creating mathematical concepts understandable for the students. The colorful structure of the template attracts their attention and makes them focused to the topic. With the help of this tool, the students can relate numbers with other concepts such as smaller number, greater numbers, ascending and descending order, quantity and more.

The benefits of a ten frame template:

A ten frame template has various benefits. With the help of templates, it enables the teacher to make the learning process effective and interesting. The basic concepts of mathematics which are required to be taught to children in their growing age, their learning becomes easy with the ten frame. This is a visual teaching tool that makes the learning better.

Furthermore, the teachers can select different ten frame template as per their requirements. They use this tool for growing children to build up a strong knowledge of basic mathematical concepts. They can teach ascending-descending order, addition, subtraction, and more with the help of this template. Thus, the learning and teaching process becomes effective.


In conclusion, a ten frame template is a powerful visual tool that builds and develops your child’s number sense. It will assist your child in obtaining a fluency in mental math. They also learn how to employ math strategies like composing and decomposing numbers to be able to achieve operations over places.

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