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A late rent notice template is used to remind the tenant that their rental is due. This document is sent to the tenant before the landlord would escalate the matter. It includes the information about the property they are renting. This notice is sent via email in order to prove that the landlord sent the letter and the tenant received it.

Furthermore, if the landlord wants to take some type of legal action against the tenant then this document also comes in handy. This is not a requirement of law but it can be helpful in order to take severe legal action against the tenant. This notice convince the courts that the landlord may evict a tenant for non-payment of rent.

When to use a late rent notice template?

On the onset, the landlord should interview prospective tenants to know whether they will be good renters or not. If for some reason tenants don’t pay the rent on time then without considering how friendly you are with tenants send them a late rent notice as a reminder of past due rents.

Landlords always have to face the late payment issue and they have to deal with it. You should use proper wording during composing this notice. It should include the conditions that are stated in the lease. Moreover, you can use it when;

  • When tenants pay their rentals late then send the notice in writing and also include penalties.
  • You can send this notice to indicate some strictness for on-time payment of rent.
  • For evicting the tenant due to habitual lateness. With the help of the certified mail notices you sent the tenant, you can prove this in court.

A property manager or owner must keep track of all tenants. Late rent notices make a history of all the late payments and the efforts to gather. The landlord has to show the tenant’s payment history if their relationship ends in court. In addition, the notice would act as a motivation to pay the rent that’s overdue.

Why should you use a late rent notice?

You should use a late rent notice as it is fast and easy way to remind the tenant to pay past due rent. You shouldn’t threatened them with an eviction notice as they might forgot to send a check that month. Using a late rent notice can maintain a good relationship between the parties. The landlord may have to face the following consequences without this notice;

  • Lost money
  • Lost time
  • The mental stress of continuing asking for rent

Different types of late rent notices:

There are a lot of stories that landlords have to tell about tenants and their overdue payments. Some reasons are justifiable while others are just plain forgetful. Let us discuss below some types of notices the landlord can send to tenants;

  1. Notice for payment of past due rent
  2. Eviction for late payments
  3. Five-day notice for non-payment
  4. Late rent on commercial property
  5. Late tenant payment
  6. Overdue rent

Usually, when a notice is sent out it has a notification, an announcement or a warning. This document has detailed information about a specific subject.

What should be included in a late rent notice?

Include the following key details in your late rent notice;

Rental property address

In this section, you have to provide the complete address of the rental property. Many people forget to provide this information which can lead to problems later.

The due amount of rent

Here, you have to indicate the amount that is owed for rent that has not been paid. From the current contract, you can use the language that specifies what the payment schedule is intended to be.


Stipulations refer to the time that you are giving to the tenant to make up the missed rent payments. Don’t forget to clearly state about the boundaries of this forgiveness period.

Payment methods

In your notice, you should clearly specify how you will accept payment and in what form the payment must be made. In this part of letter, you may give some other form of guaranteed payment method to deliver the payments.

Where to make payments?

This is the trickiest part of the letter. But, you have to recommend where the payment has to be delivered to. You will take a cash payment at the end of the day that is delivered to you at another location.

Tenant and landlord details

Provide the complete legal names of the tenant and the landlord and their contact details. You have to specify the name and contact details of the Rental Company or management company in case a rental company is giving rental support at this location.

How to write a late rent notice?

The lease contract contains the terms and conditions of the lease including rent payments, due dates, and penalties when late. Sometimes, tenants may not fulfill their obligations or just merely forget them. Then, in such circumstances, the landlord issues a late rent notice to the tenant. For the tenant, it is a reminder of his late rent payment. However, consider the following tips during writing the notice;

  • At first, think of your goal. The main objective is to remind your tenant to pay rent on time.
  • You have to put a lot of thought into your content. Your notice should contain everything accurate. You have to focus on dates and amounts due. Attach documents in order to prove your point.
  • The sound of your notice should be authoritative and professional. Without having to sound arrogant, the letter should make you sound firm. Use words that display authority.
  • Make it precise and direct. During informing the tenant of violations, you have to be straight to the point and be concise. There is no need to provide long narratives or explanations.
  • Use simple language because not all the tenants are highly qualified. So, when writing the notice, use words that the tenant will readily understand. Try to use simple and concise sentences.
  • Once you have done, proofread your text. Pay attention to the points you want to convey to your tenant. In form and substance, check for errors. You should also ask someone to review the notice.
  • At the end, affix your signature. This makes your notice formal and official. The purpose of your notice is to promote proper communication not be a threat.

Moreover, the landlord has the authority to issue an eviction notice if a tenant is always late in paying rents. But, before evicting the delinquent tenant, you first issue a late rent notice.

How do you ask for late rent payments properly?

The landlord has authority to ask for all financial responsibilities owed them. But their obligations shouldn’t border on arrogance. They have to maintain a sense of courtesy when they ask for it. The most formal way to remind tenants that their financial obligations are overdue is sending them late rent notice. The notice has to maintain a sense of decency. You don’t have to lost hope if you don’t have experience in writing such notices.

You just have to download a late rent notice template and send it in a timely manner. You should send another notice if there is no reply in terms of payment or even a promissory note. The sound of your second notice should be more insistent. You should notify possible legal outcomes that you may impose if tenant still refuse to pay. Give another week and if tenant still hasn’t responded then bring in the services of a legal counsel. And, evicting a tenant needs eviction letter and this letter is written for a number of late payments of rents.

When should you send a late rent notice?

You should send a late rent notice as soon as the rent payment is past due. Also, specify in the notice that you are giving the tenant a chance to cure the violation and pay. Typically, you have to give the tenant 3 to 5 days to pay late rent or leave. After this time period, you can start eviction proceedings.

Indiana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania require a 10-day eviction notice for late rent, While, Massachusetts, Tennessee, and Vermont require a minimum 14-day eviction notice. The District of Columbia requires a minimum 21-day eviction notice.


In conclusion, a late rent notice template is a useful document send to the tenant as a reminder that their rental is due. This notice acts as a motivation to pay the rent that’s overdue. The notice must include the due date of the payment.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to get tenants to pay rent on time?

Consider the following tip to increase the likelihood of timely payments;

1- Make use of a Rental Application to carefully screen and choose tenants.
2- In your lease agreement, give clear rent payment instructions.
3- Specify a late fee clause in your rental agreement.
4- For tenants, make rent payments easy.

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