29 Free Rent Roll Templates & Forms (Excel / Word)

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A rent roll template is a document used by the landlords and lease agencies to monitor the information and activities of their tenants. It is basically a register of rents that contain the names of tenants and the amounts due. It also includes the total income indicated by such a register.

Moreover, you can also include other information in a rent roll such as contact address, contact persons, the due date of rent payment, and more. The template should have the right data for easy access to tenant information.

The document must contain relevant data about the landlord and tenant relationship. All landlords and lease agencies have a rent roll document. They would require the document in case they decide to sell their rental properties. With the help of this document, they can give relevant information to the buyer. It would include information regarding current rents that will be the basis for its monthly income. Buyers logically request the rent roll document.

Furthermore, buyer will use rent roll document in case the purchase would become profitable. This document is a snapshot of the current income of the property as indicated by the landlord. The buyers use it while buying rental properties with the purpose of earning. To formulate the value of the property, they can use it a basis. They use the rent roll document to compare the data against the selling price of the current owner. The numbers mentioned in the document will provide the buyer assurance.

What to include in a rent roll?

A rent roll should include the following information;

Identifying details

There are several different properties that lenders and potential buyers are viewing at the same time. At the top of your rent roll document, you should include the property information so that it would become easy for them to identify yours;

  • Owner Name
  • Property Name
  • Property Type
  • Property Address
  • Property Manager

Property specifics

Here, you have to provide the following details;

  • Unit
  • Size (in square feet)
  • Beds/Baths
  • Tenant Name
  • Monthly Rent
  • Rent Collected
  • Late Fees
  • Other Rent (pets, parking)
  • Security Deposit
  • Lease Start Date
  • Least End Date
  • Lease Length
  • Renewal Options
  • Annual Increases (current tenant)
  • Occupancy Length (how long the tenant has rented)
  • Additional Unit Information
  • Additional Tenant Information

Rental income

The total gross rent collected by month and by year for the property should be included in this section;

  • Total monthly rent collected
  • Annual rent collected

What is the purpose of creating a rent roll form?

For current and past records, the rent roll is a source document. It includes details regarding rental revenues paid to the leaser. It depends on valid in-force leases. The document will also contain the payment history of the residents other than this information. For each given period, rent reports include the expected payments. The main purpose of the report is to provide proof of the property. The rent roll form gives stability, quality, and longevity in generating income.

Additionally, when you are purchasing an income property, your intention is to own it for a year, five, and ten or on the basis of the terms. This makes the rent roll essential. It provides you details regarding the property’s current income. More essentially, it gives you an understanding that in the long run how the asset could perform.

The monthly income statement and the rent roll should match on comparing. If there are any differences then the involved amounts should be small. Also, you should be able to describe the differences easily. They must be clearly stated in notes. To identify the actual income, you should make further inquiries. In addition, the government agencies require a certified rent roll document.

The rent roll form is also important for annual monitoring. It is practically an affidavit. It includes information regarding collections made by income properties. Displaying a wrong one is a criminal act. Along with the property’s financials, you deliver the document annually. As a requirement, you will provide it to the proper government agency. Also, it must be signed.

The benefits of using rent roll document:

Let us discuss below the benefits of using rent roll document;

Renting is a commission-based business

A percentage-based fee gets subtracted from the rents taken as renting is commission-based. You’re still entitled to your percentage in case management work is not done in that month.

It is very easy to keep record of business-related information

You have to stick to the right tools. After that, diligently complete your monthly reports. However, in creating the form, use the right software and formats. Your work will be greatly facilitated while doing this. You will be able to monitor important details like vacancy rates, tenant’s late arrears or the progress of job orders, and more.

You can use it to establish an asset

The rent roll document includes essential information about income properties. So, this indicates that you can sell it or purchase it as an asset.

You can use it while borrowing money from the bank

The details mentioned in a rent roll makes it an asset. Banks enable you readily to borrow money against its value.

A dependable passive-income source

You’ll enjoy fees derived from income and charges with a rent roll document. You’ll get this every month and make it a very reliable and convenient source of income.

Acts as a concrete proof no matter what happens

For many reasons, other business can suffer some level of damages. But rent rolls will not subject to the similar conditions.

Easy to find information

There is no need to stock up on inventories when involved in rent rolls. To run your business, all the information you require is on your computer. So, all the details is just a finger’s distance away. From your garage or in the safety of your bedroom, you can run your rent rolls.

You’ll always be in-demand

Rental management business will always have their clients as people will always require a place to live. Owning a house demands too much amount but renting is the most viable alternative.

Stand out among others in the business

The real estate business pays attention to the sales. Therefore, for property management, there would be not much competition. You’re not selling your property while renting it out. Without having to buy one, you are giving people with a way to reside in a home.

Supports other services

A well-drafted rent roll can profitably stand on their own. To support other in-house services, you can use them.

Hence, we can see that rent rolls are very beneficial. It isn’t just a document, also it serves different purposes.

How to grow your rent roll?

You should consider the following ways to grow your rent roll;


In order to forecast whether the market will favor landlords or tenants over the next 5-10 years, do thorough market research. Look at the following statistics;

  • Historical rent growth
  • Percentage share of rental households
  • Population and job growth trends

Market rent

In order to determine the fair market rent, you should conduct a rental market analysis. After that, for attracting the best possible tenants, make marketing strategies and use rental listing websites.

Cash flow

Utilize online tenant screening services to keep cash flow steady and tenant turnover low. Make use of a property management software for conducting thorough background checks and for providing tenants a way to make maintenance requests effective.

Property Manager

For handling tenant relations and the day-to-day details of running the property, you should hire a local property manager. This way, you can develop a good relationship with tenants.

Some tips for making your rent roll:

You should consider the following tips while making your rent roll;

  • It would be better to identify the type of lease that you will be contracting with your tenants. An Apartment Lease form is required in case you own an apartment building.
  • If you want to identify the rent amount the tenant must pay, you should provide brief and clear descriptions of your tenants and the apartment number they are renting.
  • You should make your list simple not complex because in a complex layout, you have to provide more information about the tenant.


In conclusion, a rent roll template is a document that readily offers easy access to property information. It contains necessary information that will identify the property’s viability. It demonstrates the property owner’s list of acquired rental properties. The rental property businesses know the importance of the rent roll document.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How a rent roll works?

A rent roll divides the rent per apartment unit. Also, it provides a total rent amount for the whole investment property. From each individual tenant’s lease agreement, it gathers rent data. This document is easy to read and it saves landlord time as they don’t have to read each tenant’s lease to identify rent amounts or lease start and end dates.

What do you know about the usage of rent rolls?

Landlords and property managers make use of these rent rolls in their daily management of properties. It can also be used for;

1- Analyzing anticipated rental income
2- The actual rental income collected
3- To determine if there is room for rent increases on the basis of fair market rent in the area

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