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printable presentation outline template

A presentation outline template provides you an overview of what an entire presentation includes. You can begin dealing with one slide at a time on the basis of the outline and then into the nitty-gritty of it. You can say it as a roadmap that makes sure a successful final presentation. It also impresses the attendees.

What is the presentation outline?

By using a sheet of paper or software of your choice, you can create a presentation outline template. For example, if you want to make a PowerPoint presentation then it is recommended to make the whole thing from your computer itself.

You should use presentation outline examples and templates in order to come up with a standout presentation. Furthermore, the template assists you in organizing your ideas in a logical way. This method makes sure that you will involve all of the most essential details of your presentation. Throughout your presentation, it also enables you to gather all of the information required to communicate with your target audience.

In addition, use the headers, bullet points, footers, and even graphics that you require in your presentation. The outline also assists you in making and putting together the perfect message that you wish to communicate. It is also important to organize the points logically as you will use the presentation outline template as your guide. For instance, the outline must start with an introduction. This will invite your audience to your presentation.

The introduction plays a significant role in your presentation. It highlights what your presentation involves. This is the section where you attract your audience’s attention from the start. At the start, you may feel stressed but you have to remain calm. It isn’t as difficult to make an amazing first impression as you may think.

When you have done with the introduction, it’s time come to the substance of your presentation. It is available in the body. This includes the main points followed by their own sub-points. After the body, there comes a conclusion. Include a summary of your whole presentation in this section. You can conclude your presentation with an entertaining anecdote or a powerful quote.

What elements should include in a presentation outline?

Include the following elements in a presentation outline;

  • Title of the presentation
  • Topic’s small description
  • The sections and subsections
  • The purpose of the presentation
  • The benefits of the presentation
  • The objective of the presentation

How to write a presentation outline?

Here are the steps on how to compose your own PowerPoint presentation;

Identify your goal:

During writing your presentation outline, you have to first identify your goal. You should be specific with your goals. Also, you should ensure that they are highly achievable in the situation and timeframe you have. For example, you should make sure that you have enough time to discuss all of the points in your outline while making an oral presentation example.

Analyze your audience

Analyzing your audience is the starting point of your presentation. You have to consider all of the aspects of your audience. This helps you in identifying where you should begin with your message. For instance, during making a sales presentation outline, you should state the problem that you know your audience have. After that, you can display the solution in the form of products or service you offer.

Plan the content of your presentation

After analyzing your goal and audience, now, you have to plan the content of your presentation. In your presentation outline template, you can think about having 3 levels;

  • The highest levels should include 3 to 5 topics that you want to discuss.
  • The points you want to make, break each of these topics into them.
  • Select the support information that you want to use to prove or support each point.

Ask for feedback and opinions

It is significant to ask for other people’s feedback and opinions in order to deliver an impactful presentation. These people might be someone who provides a lot of presentations. In addition, these people may help you in making essential modifications that you might have overlooked. If this kind of help isn’t available then you may rehearse your presentation on your own to criticize your outline. Then, you can record yourself. For feedback and comment, send the recording to someone through email.

Include visual elements

If possible, include visual elements in your outline. They assist in improving your overall presentation. It’s a fact that people understand visual content more than just listening. Just by including a simple illustration or diagram, you can potentially summarize a significant amount of written text. Additionally, you can use a clear and standard font to make it more effective. The size of the text that you choose can be easily readable for everyone.

Think about the most essential information

You can’t include all of the details in presentations. It is important that just include the special information and the information that you can easily forget such as names, locations, and dates. Indicate a clear statement of what your presentation is all about. Keep in mind that your thesis statement acts as a reference on what to include in your presentation.

Consider making an alphanumeric outline

To organize your outline better, consider the use of alphanumeric characters. For example, for the main points, use capital letters and for sub-points, use small letters. You should itemize each level of your outline. Arabic numbers, Roman numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters are highly recommended to use.

Follow a clear and logical structure

In the order of points or events in your outline, there must be a logical sequence. In this way, your audience easily understands your message without getting confused. For instance, while creating a narrative, start with an introduction, a body of content, and a conclusion. If your outline has a clear and logical structure then you will have an easier time with your presentation.

Benefits of a presentation outline:

Let us discuss below a few benefits of a presentation outline;

  • Presentation outline assists you in summarizing the presentation into precise points.
  • The user gets an idea of what to expect from the presentation.
  • The presenter by having this tool carry on the presentation in a smooth and flowing manner.

There are 3 important parts of a proper presentation outline format.

  1. Points for introduction
  2. Points for main arguments & solutions
  3. The conclusion or summary

Some tips for making an effective presentation:

Consider the following tips to make an effective presentation;

  • You can make your presentation more engaging for your audience by adding quotes, data or testimonials. It can assist you in supporting your ideas.
  • Make your speech relatable according to your audience and add the valuable information for them on the basis of the level of knowledge they have.
  • Present your presentation in front of someone and ask them for honest feedback. This way, you get to know what adjustments you have to make.
  • Include your information in bulleted lists in case you are you’re using a slideshow presentation to accompany your talk.
  • You have to be mindful of the time limit you have while giving your presentation.


In conclusion, a presentation outline template is a helpful tool that you can use as a roadmap. It helps you in moving your audience from where they are at the beginning of your presentation to where you want them to be by the end of it.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What do you know about 10, 20, 30 rule?

According to 10, 20, 30 rule, your oral presentation should have a maximum of ten slides, not more than twenty minutes, and not using fonts smaller than thirty.

What skills should I have as a good presenter?

As a good presenter, you have to be confident and make use of gestures and facial expressions. Also, you should enthusiastic as well as good at delivering your presentation speech.

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