Professional Rental Reference Letters (for Tenants & Landlords)

rental reference letter template from an employer or a supervisor

A rental reference letter is a document the tenant may request from the landlord that they will furnish to the prospective landlord. This letter may assist them in getting a new apartment or property on rent without any hassle.

What is a rental reference letter?

A rental reference letter is a formal letter written to describe why you would make a good renter. This reference letter should be written by someone who knows you well and can vouch for your character. Property managers have to submit at least two rental reference letters and rental applications.

What to include in a rental reference letter?

A rental reference letter comes from a landlord. It includes information about the tenant. The letter is used for different purposes including;

  • When the tenant wants to rent a space in a new location.
  • Tenant requires it for employment purposes.
  • When tenant applies for loan, creditors require it.

Moreover, the rental reference letter includes the following components;

  • The date when you wrote the letter
  • The name of individual whom you are addressing the letter
  • The full name of the tenant
  • The address of the renting property
  • The inclusive dates; it indicates that when the tenant rented your property.
  • Description of the method that your tenant used to pay the rent. Also, mention here either the tenant made payments on time or not. In case of late payments, specify the reason that why the tenant paid rent late.
  • Explain in detail the condition of your rental property. You should also state whether the tenant cared for the property or left the property in good condition.
  • Describe how the tenant behaved throughout the time they spent on your property.
  • The landlord contact’s details.

Who should write the letter?

After spending months searching for rented house, a tenant can significantly increase their chance of getting a great rental unit. You can also give a rental reference letter to help them out. However, following persons can write the rental reference letter;

Previous landlords

The potential landlord can find out about the tenant to the person they have rented from in the past. If your tenant requests you this letter form you in order to move to a new place in the future then you should compose the letter for them.

Property managers

Property managers can also write this letter for the tenant. They can speak about a tenant’s prior experiences as a renter. They can state their level of responsibility and attest to their good points.


An employer isn’t recommended to share about a tenant’s financial responsibilities or rental history. But, they can vouch for the tenant’s personal qualities.


Colleagues are the people who can speak about the tenant’s accountability and professionalism with a personal touch.

What should a landlord reference say?

Landlord should appreciate a thorough and honest rental reference letter on potential tenants. Give the required information succinctly and honestly if one of your tenants requests a landlord reference letter. for this, here are some tips;

Start with the salutation and date

At first, start with the salutation and date. You can write the salutation such as “To Whom It May Concern.”

Include information about the tenancy

Here, you should include the following;

  • The complete name of the tenant
  • The address of the rented property
  • The occupancy dates

Share payment details

Mention either the tenant made payments late or on time. The issues that arose due to payments share them. Also, share how you resolved these.

Explain the condition of the rented property

Explain the condition of the rented property when the tenant left. You should clearly state that whether the tenant leave the property in good condition or not.

Provide details about the tenant’s behavior

Explain in detail tenant’s behavior with you or your neighbors.

Provide a summary of your relationship with the tenant

In a few sentences, provide a summary of your relationship with the tenant as well as state that how you feel about renting your property to the same tenant.

Give your contact details

If the readers require any clarification then this is an informal invitation to reach out to you.

The letter should also indicate facts related to the tenancy. Don’t adulterate it with personal feelings or opinions. Moreover, there is no need to discuss personal information about the tenant that isn’t relevant to the tenancy.

You should base this letter on facts along with a brief endorsement. The new landlord will have the opportunity to evaluate all of the facts on the basis of the information contained in the letter. After that, they can make a decision either to rent their property to your former tenant or not.

How to write a reference letter for a rental?

You should include the following elements while writing a reference letter;


The letter should start with a formal salutation. You should write their name if you know them personally. This paragraph should include the following;

  • the previous landlord name means your name,
  • the name of the tenant,
  • the duration of their occupancy,
  • the rent they paid each month,
  • during the duration of the tenancy
  • during the duration of the tenancy, any payment violations that you had to deal with

Body paragraphs

This section includes information about the tenant’s behavior during the occupancy to assist the new landlord with their decision.


Generally, this section consists of a brief statement. A brief statement should consist of a sentence or two. Your recommendation as the former landlord should be included here. After this, affix your signature and write date and contact details.

What is the importance of a rental reference letter?

In case, you are applying for an apartment, then rental reference letter can assist you in getting the apartment that you want. This letter serves as proof of your character. With the help of rental reference letter, landlords and property managers select the right person for their rental.


In conclusion, a rental reference letter should be precise and straight to the point. This letter helps the tenant in getting a new apartment or property on rent without any hassle. A tenant can significantly increase their chance of getting a great rental unit with the help of this letter.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What not to include in a landlord reference letter?

Never include in a landlord reference letter any personal facts about the tenant that may violate any fair housing laws.

How to ask your landlord for a reference?

You don’t have to face any problem in case you’ve a good history with the landlord and your landlord has no complaint regarding you. By making just a simple request, your landlord can write a reference letter for you.

In case, you don’t have good relationship with your landlord then don’t wait for the final day of leaving for fixing pending issues. You should keep communication lines open so that you can have a chance of getting a reference on request.

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