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As a manufacturer, you should make an instruction manual template to help the consumers learn how to use the product correctly. This manual will include relevant guidelines. It comes in the form of the booklet. Then, the manufacturers place it in the packaging of the product.

Moreover, this is a technical document that gives the required explanations. There are different types of instruction manuals that can be for products or for other purposes too. This document would have the following information;

  • Name of the product
  • Model number of the product
  • The product’s features
  • The product’s functions and capabilities
  • The installation instructions written in explanation
  • Safety guidelines
  • Precautions and health-related issues
  • Frequently asked questions
  • A troubleshooting section that contains technical instructions
  • A table of contents and the references of materials
  • Warranty statements

What is an instruction manual?

An instruction manual is a document that consists of set of instructions for assembling a product. It also guides users through all aspects of operating a product. This document also provides guidelines on how to use a product safely.

Types of instruction manual templates:

You have to know which one to use before you start making a user manual template for your product. You can create different types of manual templates. By including instruction manuals in your products help your customers learn more about them. You can create template for the following purposes;

  • Digital cameras
  • Financial procedures
  • HR policy and procedures
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Software
  • Technical instructions
  • Training
  • Users
  • Work instructions

Instruction manuals will provide the user information that they require about your product. You can make your own template with your team in the organization.

Uses of instruction manual templates:

Let us discuss below some benefits of user manual template;

  • The manual would assist the user in understanding the product’s functionality. It would include various information pertaining to the product’s functions. Manuals are generally made by a technical team. They have extensive knowledge about the product. It includes machinery, procedures, and more.
  • This booklet contains guidelines on how the user would do specific tasks. This is particularly true for manuals made for training programs. This document would include everything that company thinks its employees know. Furthermore, it clearly demonstrate details regarding their job responsibilities in different ways.
  • The manual also helps in describing steps users need to take clearly. This refers to when there is requirement for troubleshooting. After that, all the users have to look at the manual to solve any problem.
  • Instruction manuals are also very useful for our daily life. It contains all the details that we require to handle and operate products and appliances. It makes its users able to operate the equipment, system or item.
  • Due to their familiarity, they are very convenient. The person would immediately look at the manual to learn more about purchased product.
  • Users can properly maintain their products and equipment by using a manual. On their gadgets and devices, they can even perform preventive maintenance.
  • Instruction manuals also give technical details regarding the product, item or system.
  • Users can’t even start using their product without a manual. This is particularly true for complex machines, tools or equipment.

What to include in an instruction manual?

Include the following details in your instruction manual;


You should first provide a general overview of your product or company. Also, state the aim of your instruction manual.

Introduction and purpose

The introduction and purpose of the instructions manual should be clearly explained as well as the product to which it applies.

Step-by-step instructions

Always include easy-to-understand instructions.


In this section, you can add presentations, pdfs, print, and anything else which is helpful.

Contact information

Provide the company email or contact number so that customers can contact you in case of queries.

How to create an instruction manual template?

Follow the below steps to make an effective instruction manual template;

Select appropriate content for your manual

  • At first, you have to define your user. Develop your user’s profile if you want to make a successful manual. You can do this formally or informally by making some reasonable assumptions regarding the characteristics of your users.
  • Your customers should be able to use your product well when they read through the manual. You should consider how you want to present your manual.
  • Additionally, you have to think how much experience users may have with your product whether it is a new type of product or are there similar products out there. This way, you can identify how much information you will include about your product.
  • After considering all this, you need to think of how you will write the content. The users must understand your manual well enough.
  • You can use technical terms in explanations. It is also helpful to provide a definition of the terms.
  • You should also add all information related to troubleshooting. Give the description of the problems which may come up. Bear in mind that when a customer purchases a product, he may face problems.
  • You also have to consider the complex problems and issues.

Design a readable and interesting manual

  • You should select fonts that are easy to read. It’s never a good idea to use cursive fonts when it comes to instruction manuals. It doesn’t matter how much you want to make your manual look fancy, you have to restrain yourself.
  • Don’t use those fonts that may not be right for smaller text. This is because, at the end of each letter, the letters have small embellishment lines. You can use sans-serif fonts on a smaller-sized text.
  • After selecting the fonts for your manual, you should make a sample page first. Print out the page in order to check how the fonts will look on paper.
  • Also, you have to consider the layout of your manual. This will play a significant role in how interesting and readable your manual will be.
  • You should create the first page of your manual distinct and ensure that it differs from the other pages.
  • While designing your layout, you should ensure that all the pages have appropriate margins.
  • Also, for your manual, consider the type of binding. You should bind your manual if it has a lot of pages.
  • You can use different types of binding for instruction manuals. These may include side-stapling, saddle-stitching, spiral-binding, and more.
  • It is essential to make a template for your manual. For this, use any software from whom you’re comfortable with.
  • In the end, save the template so that you can’t have to create a template over and over again.

What is the importance of an instruction manual?

Instruction manuals make sure success no matter whether you have a technology, product or service that is being used for the first time or requires various steps to achieve something. When customers have issues regarding product or services, the instruction manual assists them in finding the solutions and taking the right steps for success. The customer’s queries get reduced by having this document. Your instruction manual should be well-written and easy to understand.

The advantages of an instruction manual template:

Let us discuss below some advantages of this document;

  • It makes the users able to use their products.
  • It contains technical information about a product or system.
  • The users can maintain the equipment and product accurately.
  • It makes the product familiar so it is convenient.
  • It contains step-by-step instructions that help you a lot.
  • Contains instructions on how you should achieve a particular task.
  • By having this manual, users can understand their product functionality.


In conclusion, manufacturers must include an instruction manual template in their products so that the buyer knows how to use a certain product. The manual should include all the essential information about the product.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Which elements are considered essential for great user documentation?

These are the following;

1- Plain language
2- Simplicity
3- Visuals
4- A focus on the problem
5- A logical hierarchy and flow
6- A table of contents
7- Searchable content
8- Accessible content
9- Good design
10- Feedback from real users
11- Links to further resources

How do I write training manual?

1- Explain your objectives
2- Determine your audience
3- Select your training tools
4- Build your training materials
5- Make an assessment
6- Get feedback

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