Printable Reading Log Template (Excel, Word, PDF)

free printable daily reading log

A reading log template is a personal diary where a person can record the activity of reading something. The reading log template helps the user to understand what information is necessary to record. So, the best advantages of using a reading log can be achieved.

Reading log is helpful to the persons who like to read a lot. Most people forget what they have read and the other details. Thus, the reading log template allows the readers to record their thoughts about the article, book, or anything. You may also like a multiple choice test template.

A reading log is much like a diary or a journal. However, it is a bit formal and includes more specific details about the article a person reads. Also, a reading log can be a part of the school assignment.

Elements of a Reading Log Template

There are several types of reading log template. However, it depends on the purpose of doing a reading log. So, the reading logs that are used to record the school reading activity include more details than a personal reading log. You should also check the logic model template.

The reading log for the school must have the following elements:

  1. Date
  2. Book Name
  3. Author
  4. Genre
  5. Page Numbers
  6. Reading Minutes
  7. Parent Signature
  8. Teacher Name and Signature

As the parents have to manage the daily reading log of kids. Therefore, reading a log template book is a part of kids’ stationery. It’s a pre-formatted logbook that has been printed using a reading log template.

Further, the reading log for personal use has less information. It doesn’t include the coach or parents’ signature. However, the date, book title, author name, page number, and reading minutes are still important to record in a personal reading log.

How to write a Reading Log?

There are several steps for writing a reading log using the reading log template. However, there is a slight difference in writing a personal reading log than a kid school reading log.

So, it is very important to purchase an attractive journal or diary. As it will mentally help the reader to open the journal daily for writing the log. Secondly, it is highly recommended to keep the reading log journal with the book you are reading or at the reading spot.

Further, it is important to read slowly, actively, and carefully to get maximum out of the book. So, first write down the bibliographic information of whatever you read like author name, book title, publisher, and publishing date.

Write down the date, page numbers, and reading minutes. Also, it is most important to write down the page numbers of the passages that are your favorite. Finally, keep on taking notes while reading and reread the reading log journal after finishing the actual book. You may also see the mileage log template.

How to create a Reading Log Template?

A reading log template is a simple document that can be used online or in printed form. If a person is reading an eBook, an online cloud-based tool like Google Sheets or MS Excel with SharePoint is recommended to use.

However, a simple reading log template can be created with MS Excel spreadsheet tool. As the advanced features of MS Excel provides better control over the tabular documents. Also, the output is print-friendly.

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