Free Logic Model Templates & Examples (Word, PDF)

sample logic model template

A logic model template is a visual representation of a project or program resources, activities, short-term and long-term goals. Further, the organizations use the logic model template for their projects, programs, and operations. So, the outcomes of a program can be analyzed against the attached efforts in terms of activities and resources.

Thus, the logic model template is very helpful in all the phases of a project or program such as during planning, execution, evaluation, and communication. So, the complex relationships between different functions of a program are easily analyzed using a logic model. You may also like SWOT Analysis Template.

Also, the logic model terms are sometimes used for the concept of theory of change. However, the theory of change is a superset that explains everything about a positive change such as how the change will bring out. Moreover, the expected outcomes for different stakeholders are identified. Also, a basic understanding is developed regarding the expected outcomes of a change.

Significance of a Logic Model Template

A logic model is a very helpful illustration of a program to analyze the flow of resources and processes to produce the desired outcomes. Thus, the logic model template is useful for planning and analysis of an organized program. Moreover, plays an important role to evaluate the outcomes of a program.

Also, the logic model can be used to describe the programs in program proposals as it includes all the relevant details in visual form. So, to conclude a logic model template is a short mostly one-page documents that include different forms. Further, it describes the goals and processes of a program in a simple visual form. You should also check the Payment Agreement Template.

Components of a Logic Model Template

A logic model template can be many forms. As it can be created for a specific program or whole organization. Thus, it depends on the types of logic models. A simple and basic logic model template can be used to describe any activity, project, program, policy, or organization. Thus, the visual design of a logic model template can be different for different purposes. However, all the logic model templates have the same basic elements.

Further, a basic logic model template for a program must include the following information on display:

  • Goal (Long-Term Outcomes)
  • Inputs (Resource)
  • Activities
  • Target Audience (Primary and Secondary Audience)
  • Outputs
  • Outcomes (Short-Term and Long-Term)

These are just components of a basic logic model template. However, an advanced level logic model of a complex program may include many other components as well. Such as situation or program statement, assumptions, external factors, and strategies. You may also see Profit and Loss Statement Template.

How to make a Logic Model Template?

A logic model template provides great flexibility in design. Thus, it can be created in many forms. Some are simple linear fashion boxes, while others provide a logical flow using graphical flow diagrams.

Also, not the same type of logic model template can be used for all the programs. Some templates fit properly into a program. While others require to be customized as per the purpose and nature of a program.

Thus, it is important to create a logic model template with a tool that allows ease of customization and editing. As MS Visio, Word and Excel tools provide great control over the flow diagram tools. So, becomes the best candidate for creating an effective logic model template for any program.

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