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excel packing list template

A packing list template is a document that contains information about the contents of a package being carried or delivered. The packing list term is used in several concepts. Such as the use of packing list terms in a tourism agency and transport agency is different. Thus, the packing list template is frequently used by tourists and businesses. However, the packing list includes the save details in all types of applications. It shows what list of things along with quantity, weight, and volume if required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the packing list?

A packing list is a shipping document that has detailed information about the contents of a package. It comes with delivery packages, generally in an attached pouch or within the package itself. This list is made by a seller. Other names of the packing list are;

  • Bill of parcel
  • Unpacking note
  • Packing slip
  • Delivery docket
  • Delivery list
  • Manifest
  • Shipping list
  • And customer receipt.

What should a packing list include?

You should include detailed information in a packing list such as date, the contact information of shipper and exporter, receiver contact information, the destination address of shipment, the total number of packages, a thorough description of each package, the volume and weight of each package and whole shipment, a reference to the line product on the commercial invoice and any other additional information you want to add.

What is an export packing list?

An export packing list is a detailed document that is used during international trade activities. It has information about the contents of the package. It is usually attached to the outside of the shipment. This document is needed for all the sea freight and air freight. The packing list contains the following information;

  • Quantity
  • Description
  • Weight

In the export packing list, pricing information is not needed.

How do I create and print a packing list in QuickBooks?

There are three steps that you have to follow for creating a packing list in QuickBooks;

Step#1: Firstly, at the top menu bar go to Customers. Then, click Create Sales Orders.

Step#2: Next, click on the dropdown to the right of the Template and choose the Intuit S.O. Packing Slip.

Step#3: After that complete all fields and provide the relevant information. Then, click Save & Close.

To print a packing list in QuickBooks follows the following steps;

Step#1: Firstly, choose Sales from the left menu. Then, select Customers.

Step#2: To display a list f customer’s transactions select their name.

Step#3: Then go to the transaction list tab; choose the box next to each invoice. You can also select the sales receipt for which you want to print a packing list.

Step#4: Next, from the dropdown select the batch actions and then select print packing slip.

Step#5: When the print preview screen appears then chooses the printing options, preview, and print.

Why packing list is important?

There are various reasons why a packing list is important that are described below;

  1. For the product, it gives a count that is being released.
  2. For the inland bill of lading, it acts as proof.
  3. For a certificate origin, it shows the details needed.
  4. In the automated export system, gives the detailed information required by the electronic export information section.
  5. The goods that are deemed hazardous or dangerous acts as proof of a material safety data sheet.
  6. It helps you to make a booking with the international carrier.
  7. For the buyer, it acts as a guide while counting the product they received.

A packing list for the tourism agency works as a checklist. It helps the tourists to make sure everything necessary for the tour has been packed and nothing got missed. Also, tourists can verify their luggage at any transition stage during the tour. So, nothing gets dropped at any place of temporary stay. Thus, the packing list template is available on the internet to edit and customize as per requirement. You may also like a shipping label template.

While the packing list in the shipping or transport industry also works as a checklist. However, the use of this packing list way more important than the tourism packing list.

The packing list is an essential part of the shipping documents. It is included in the set of documents sent to the customer bank and along with a container to the port and customer. So, the port custom clearance officer may know what’s inside the consignment.

Further, if the consignment opts for the customs examination process. The consignment items are verified against the packing list to maintain transparency.

Similarly, a copy of the packing list is left on the inside gate of the container for the customer. So, when the customer breaks the seal to open the container, the packing list can be used to verify the unloaded material with the packing list.

Essential Components of a Packing List

The purpose of the packing list to give detailed information about the package or consignment to the concerned authorities such as the transport agent, custom officer, clearing agent, and customer.

Thus, it is important to include detailed information about the material and packing of the package in the packing list.

So, details about the item’s description, quantity, weight, and volume are included on the packing list. Though, the volume parameter of packing type boxes and pallets is required to mention on the packing list for shipping agent freight calculation in case of loose cargo. The packing list also includes the specific part number of the item being ordered as per the supplier product catalog. You should also check the customer database template.

How to Create a Packing List Template?

The packing list can be created using MS Excel or Word. Most commonly, the MS Excel tool is preferred to create a packing list. It’s a very simple tool that provides the best controls and formulas to assist in the calculation process. You may also see a grocery list template.

Thus, a detailed description of every single item of a consignment is required to create a packing list template. Also, the business has to analyze how to customize the packing list accordingly to business requirements.

If a business supplies small items that are packed in the form of pallets. The business has to mention the quantity and weight breakup of each pallet in the form of a unit product. So, the summed-up quantity and weight of each pallet must show the total ordered quantity and weight of the product excluding packing material weight.

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