22 Printable Place Setting Templates (Word / PDF)

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The event planners use a place setting template to plan a different place setting for every event. These days, clients have become more demanding. They want a new and trendy set-up and an interesting theme. Also, to make their event successful, they want to leave no stone unturned.

The event planners have so many events and each client wants a different place setting. Therefore, they should use a place setting template as a guide.

What is a Place Setting Template?

A place setting template is a document that specifies the arrangements of the guests, utensils, decorations, and meals at a dining table or room. It has blank spaces to include all the elements of a place setting.

Furthermore, you should make use of a template if you are planning an event because it will assist you in organizing your guest list and arranging your tables in efficient ways.

What things to consider other than the place settings?

You should consider the following things while organizing a party after arranging the place settings;

A Tablescape

The dinner table is the centerpiece of a lavish dinner party. You can make your event memorable by adding fresh flowers, candles, and music. You can also go for bigger floral arrangements for formal events. For a perfect ambiance, you can make use of lower lights and unscented candles.

Menu cards

Having menu cards notifies your guests what you’re going to serve.

Place cards

Make use of place cards in case you expect quite a number of guests.

Seating arrangements

Seating arrangement depends on the guest list and the personalities of your guests. It would be better to make arrangements by relationship and gender. You can make arrangements by common interests or personality styles.

Seating of Guests of honor

When you have a guest of honor, there are specific rules that you have to follow. In case the guest of honor is female then he would sit to your right. In case of male, he would sit to your left.

Large dinner parties

You must have a list for the seating arrangements if you are hosting a larger dinner party and you need several tables.

Casual place setting template:

In case, you have assigned to set up a casual table for a laid-back get-together or dinner party then by using a table setting template you can make things easier. As a rule of thumb, for such a party, you just have to bring out your glassware, flatware, and tableware.

If you aren’t serving salad, you just need a dinner fork for the setting. You won’t require red wine glasses if you only plan to serve white wine. If you aren’t serving soup then you can skip the soup spoon and soup bowl.

Furthermore, you would generally reserve chargers for more formal table settings. Surely, you can use them in a casual setting. Here are some tips for making this place setting template;

  • At first, on your table, lay the placemat.
  • At the center of the placemat, place the dinner plate.
  • On the top of your dinner plate, place the salad plate.
  • If the meal starts with a bowl of soup, then on the top of your salad plate, put a soup bowl.
  • On the left side of the dinner plate, put the napkin.
  • Put the fork on top of the napkin.
  • Put the knife on the right side of the plate and place the spoon next to it.
  • Place the water glass on top right of the knife.
  • Place the wine glass to the right side and a bit above the water glass. For other beverages, you can also put a glass.

There are two ways for positioning salt and pepper shakers. For each of your guests, if you give individual shakers, place the shakers at the top of the placemats. However, you can also place it them near the middle of the table. In case of a long table, put on each end at the very center.

Basic place setting template:

It is also important to know how to set up a table properly for a weekend breakfast or for your everyday dinner. For casual occasions, you just require a basic place setting. This includes a placemat, a dinner plate, cutlery, a napkin, and a water glass. Below are some instructions for this place setting template;

  • Begin by laying the placemat on your table.
  • At the center of your placement, place the dinner plate.
  • On the left side of the plate, place the napkin.
  • The top of the napkin should contain the fork.
  • Put the knife on the right side of the plate right next to the plate with its blade pointing inward.
  • Put the spoon on the right side of the knife.
  • Right between the utensils and the plate, place the water glass above the plate.

Formal place setting template:

Elegant party dinners generally contain a number of courses. A little more work is required for hosting such dinners. A formal place setting template is more sophisticated as compared to a casual place setting template. The use of presentation plates or chargers is one big difference between them.

A formal table settings template doesn’t have placemats. But, you can still use them. To provide the setting a more formal appearance, you can place round placemats under a charger. Additionally, the formal place setting consists of many pieces such as;

  • Dinner plates, salad plates, and bread plates
  • Soup spoons and bowls
  • Butter knives
  • Salad forks and dinner forks
  • Napkins
  • Knives
  • Water glasses, white wine glasses, and red wine glasses
  • Dessert spoons

Setting a formal table sounds overwhelming at a first glance. But, it’s an easy leap to learn how to set up a table with chargers in case you already know the proper way of setting up a casual table. Follow the below instructions for making a formal place setting template;

  • Firstly, place a tablecloth on your table.
  • At each of the seats, place a charger.
  • Place a soup bowl at the center of each charger.
  • At the top-left side of the charger, put the bread plate.
  • Place a napkin on the left side of the charger and on the top of it put the salad fork further from the charger and the dinner fork right next to it. You can also put your forks on top of the napkins.
  • The knife is putted on the right side of the charger and then the soup spoon.
  • All of the vertical flatware should also have space among them. The bottom of the utensils have to align with the charger’s bottom.
  • On top of your bread plate, put a butter knife with its blade facing in and a butter knife with its blade facing.
  • Put a dessert spoon right above the charger with its handle pointing right.
  • At the right above the knife, put a water glass.
  • Place the wine glass on the right side of the water glass and slightly downward.
  • The red wine glass is placed on the right side of and a bit above the white wine glass.
  • In case, you want to give your guests their own salt and pepper shakers then place these above the dessert spoon. If not, then put the shakers at the center of the table.
  • Set the place cards right on top of the dessert spoon.
  • You should clear the bowls after the completion of the first course i.e. Soup.
  • Traditionally, remove a charger that would hold the spot for your dinner plate after the salad course.

What are the basic rules of table setting?

Here are some basic rules regarding table setting;

  • You should place all the utensils in the order of use.
  • Place all the knives and spoons on the right-hand side of the plate. While, on the left-hand side of the plate, all forks should be placed expect the oyster fork.
  • On the top right, place all the drinking glasses.
  • At each place setting, all napkins should be placed.
  • All utensils should be placed in the order of use such as from the outside in and in a table setting, this is the rule of thumb for silverware placement.
  • The glassware that is used during the meal should be placed on the table. Do not include glasses at the table in case there are no beverages to be served.

Hence, a place setting template is the most important tool for event planners especially when they have a lot of events to plan.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the types of place settings?

Formal, casual, and basic are the three common types of place settings. They include the elements like dinnerware, linens, and tableware.

Where to place the napkins in a place setting?

Napkins should be folded and tucked into a beverage glass or coffee cup and they must be placed to the left of the dinner plate.

What do you know about the three components of a place setting?

Here are the three main components of a place setting;

1- Dinnerware
2- Linens
3- Tablescape

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