20+ Free Customer Service Resume Templates (Examples & Samples)

customer service representative resume example

A customer service resume template is the most important tool that can make you stand out among all the applicants for the position of a customer service representative in the organization of your choice. You should build an effective and unique resume as it is the first communication with a prospect employer.

Key components of a customer service resume:

Here are the key elements that you should include in your customer service resume;

Customer service expertise

An applicant is mostly aware of the skills he/she possess. However, don’t just write the skills alone. Write strong skills base that qualifies as your relevant expertise on the job. As your expertise, list the skills down.

Career achievements

As a customer representative, there may be countless times you managed to uproot the cause of your customers’ problems and given them with enough solutions to get through it. This makes these instances the highlight of your career. Write them down as your achievements. To excel in your selected field of customer service, they are evidence that you possess the expertise and skills.

The ability to communicate

A good communication is all about being a customer service representative. To excel as a customer service representative, one can’t expect an individual who is socially shy or awkward. Furthermore, you should state that you have command over communication techniques such as clarification, negotiations, summarizing, and paraphrasing. This will make your resume stand out among others and eventually make a better opportunity for you to land an interview. With the expectation of the potential employer, if your skills and achievements are not synchronized then your resume will not be as effective as it should be. You may also like acting resume templates.

In addition, you have to specify whether you have the ability to extend exceptional customer services that outshine their competitors. Also, state that you have capability to promote the company’s business simultaneously. These qualities may include the following;

  • The method you win over your customers.
  • Your efforts to make sure your customers have a positive experience with the company.
  • The way you treat your customers that make them feel accepted, welcomed, and valued.
  • The ability to judge your customer’s mindset and strategizing accordingly.
  • The way you impart the information to the customers.
  • Your self-control.
  • How do you understand the wants and requirements of your customers?
  • Whether you have sound knowledge of the company’s products and services or not.

The functional resume:

This type of resume mentions your capabilities. In this resume format, your chronological work detail is included. But, it is generally summarized towards the end of your resume along with more emphasis being laid on your skills.

The combination resume:

In the combination resume, list down your most relevant qualifications on the top. In this particular format, the past employment details take precedence over skills by being outlined just under the qualification. This format doesn’t assist customer service job seekers who qualify as frequent job hoppers.

Why does you use a customer service resume template?

Here are some reasons of using a customer service resume template;

Add creative spin to your resume

It’s a fact that no one knows you and your abilities more than you. For creating your resume, when you communicate everything about yourself and your capabilities to the professional responsible, there will be still something left out. Thus, resume template is a tool that gives you with a skeleton that you require to beef up with relevant content. It communicates you experience and expertise as a customer service representative.

Makes your life easier

Usually, people don’t like shortcuts. But, in case, it is saving your time and taking you to your destination, then you must go with it. You should also keep in mind that not all resume templates available online are up to date. Most of the templates have outdated styles, formats, and redundant words. This makes it easier for employers to recognize that a template was used. So, it will not work in your favor. You should always ensure that the template you are using free of clichéd formatting.

Sell yourself better

You know that your resume is an advertisement that markets your services to the potential employer. Obviously, you know everything about yourself that what you’re good at and what can get you the job. The template gives you a basic format of what your resume should look like. Highlight the necessary details that you want the hirer to see.

When to use a customer service resume template?

There are various situations where a customer service resume template can assist you more than at other times. Let us discuss them below;

  • If you are creating a resume first time in life and you don’t know where to start from, the template can provide you with a good head start. This is particularly useful for entry level applicants that aren’t sure on what to include in their resumes.
  • You can use this template when you have no ample time. We have also said above that a template tends to save your time. All you have to do is replace the contents with your personal information. People usually thin that compiling everything you know about your abilities may prove overwhelming and time consuming. But, by having template, you already have the direction you need to go in.
  • Use the template when you don’t want to start off on a blank page. Making a resume from scratch can be an ordeal. Proper formatting and structuring of the resume can require precious time. You also have to invest time in distilling the information that you need to include in the resume.


In conclusion, a customer service resume template is an important tool that aware you what the employers are looking for. Your resume should be brief but cover all the necessary details. Use proper headings and line spacing while drafting it. It should be formatted either on the combination or functional resume format.

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