15+ Free Printable Construction Invoice Templates [Excel, Word, PDF]

free printable construction invoice template

A construction invoice template is a useful tool used by contractors to prepare a construction invoice document. It contains information about a transaction that is related to development. It is also used when a company has completed work for its clients and is ready to get paid. This document states the construction materials used and the labor cost that has been used to complete construction.

A construction invoice also includes lists of work completed and put in, what products/services have been used, and how much is being charged for other services. Moreover, it should be written in a professional and comprehensive way because it will leave a last positive impression. It also motivates customers to recommend services to their friends. You may also like the Construction Proposal Template.

What is a construction receipt?

A construction receipt is a document issued by a contractor. It acts as proof of payment on all the products, services, and labor that had been given during the construction contract. The elements of a construction receipt are product quantity, item description, the total amount billed. Also, include client’s information such as contact number, email address, etc, and transaction information like location and date.

Basic components of a construction invoice:

When writing a construction invoice, you should include the following basic components;

Company details:

Here you have to include your company name, state, street, and street address. You should also provide your email address, contact number, and web address.

Customer information:

Customer information is very essential because it indicates who is meant to receive the invoice. Also, mention your customer’s name, contact number, address, and email address.

Employee’s details:

An individual who is writing an invoice must involve the employee’s details. It also explains the work that has been assigned or had been assigned to him.

Products and services details:

It is the main focal point of the invoice. It provides information on the amount the customer owes. In this section, you have to include the details and prices of the products used in construction. Furthermore, state the services and the labor that have been performed. Each line of the invoice should contain the prices of these products, services, and labor separately.

The total:

Some businesses require to include the sales taxes on their invoices. So, this information must be included along with all the products, services, and labor prices. Then, they should be added to the total amount that the client is supposed to pay.

Payment information:

If you want that the contractors to get paid quickly, include the payment instructions such as when the payment is due and the method of payment accepted by the contractor.


This section is probably found at the bottom of the invoice. Here, contractors include all the information that the customers need to know. It also contains the penalties that would arise if the payment is overdue. Additionally, explain what will happen if the employees work overtime or work for shorter hours. Discuss when the products and services that are used change.

Different types of invoices for construction business owners:

Let us discuss below multiple types of invoices that you can use while billing your clients;

Standard Invoice

This type of invoice is basic and straightforward that specifies how much the client or customer owes for the construction work you have performed.

Recurring Invoice

To accept ongoing payments from clients, a recurring invoice is used. It would be an appropriate invoice for collecting payment for a recurring service.

Prepayment Invoice

Before the completion of the construction project, this type of invoice is used to collect a deposit or down payment on your service.

Time-based Invoice

As its name implies, it is used to bill clients for a service that is time-tracked. An example of a Time-Based Invoice is an hourly invoice. It might be useful for your type of work.

Credit Invoice

This type of construction invoice is used to indicate a positive balance in case of a refund or rebate that has been added to your client’s account.

Debit invoice

A debit invoice contains a balance that is owed by the client after an increase or adjustment to the total cost. This might be applicable when the project requirements modify but the client paid upfront.

Mixed invoice

A mixed invoice specifies credits made to a client’s account and indicates the final balance.

Benefits of using construction invoice templates:

As a business owner, you have various responsibilities to run your business successfully and at the same time, you also have to keep your clients happy. Hence, construction invoice templates are the best solution for the billing process without any trouble. These templates are essential for a company or organization in the following ways;

  • It saves your time that can be used elsewhere. It also enables you to pay attention to other business-related events.
  • When you use an already prepared template over and over again it ensures consistency. Thus, your clients find it easier to look at your invoice and make payments fast.
  • With the help of templates, you can present information in a more effective and professional way. Clients will also find the important information easily.
  • At the same place, you can manage unlimited invoices.
  • You can easily supervise transaction history throughout the work.
  • Furthermore, these templates would be supportive of many aspects of the construction company.

Why should construction owners use a construction invoice?

Construction owners should use a construction invoice due to the following reasons;

  • To organize financial transactions
  • Construction owners should use it to store important payment information
  • To check payment due dates
  • It helps the owners in gathering relevant information for tax purposes.
  • It is also used to keep track of inventory such as purchased items, rates, services, etc.

We know that the construction invoice contains labor costs, payment details, the total amount, products or services, payment due date, and other relevant information. With the help of all this information, the company or organization makes sure that clients easily understand all charges that they have been charged for the service. Moreover, the construction invoice helps the company to avoid confusion when clients may miss paying the payment. It also saves the companies from troubles that they may face at the time of tax. Hence, it makes the construction businesses trouble-free.

The uses of construction invoices:

The construction businesses use a construction invoice for the following purposes;

  • To record essential payment details
  • For organizing transactions
  • They also use it to stay on top of payment due dates
  • To gather important information for tax time
  • In order to keep their financial records organized and up-to-date
  • To keep a record of purchased materials, services performed, and prices

How to create construction invoices?

Here are step-by-step guidelines to create a construction invoice;

  • At first, download the construction invoice template from any website.
  • Next, provide your business details like logo, name, and contact information.
  • Type a unique invoice number.
  • Now, provide the client’s information such as name, contact number, etc.
  • Insert issue date and payment date.
  • After that, mention the list of products or services with descriptions and costs.
  • Then, calculate the grand total along with taxes.
  • In the end, add the concise payment terms and conditions.
  • Now, double-click all the details and send the final invoice directly to the client via email.


In conclusion, creating invoices by using a construction invoice template is very easier than ever. This document is important for both the contractor and the client. It helps the contractor in bookkeeping and tracking the finances. For the clients, the invoice is important to be aware of all the things they will pay for.

Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can you differentiate between a construction invoice and a quote?

A quote is the first step in any project that demonstrates what the finished construction work will look like as well as the cost it requires to complete. On the other hand, a construction invoice is the last step of the project that contains the final bill you send to the client for the accomplished work.

How can you differentiate between a construction invoice and a bill?

Both a construction invoice and a bill are the same terms. They both display the amount of money a customer owes for a product or service. Construction business owners usually use the term invoice, while the clients refer to this invoice as a bill.

How can you differentiate between a construction invoice and a receipt?

A construction invoice is a request for payment used to bill customers. It contains the following details;

1- The products and services that a client has to pay for
2- The cost of each service
3- Total amount due
4- Payment due date
5- Payment terms
6- Client information

A receipt is proof of payment used to confirm a payment made from a customer to the business. It details the;

1- Total amount that the client paid
2- When they paid it
3- Payment method they used

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