Free Child Tax Credit Worksheet and Calculator (Excel, Word, PDF)

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Child tax credit worksheet is a document used to provide a helpful lift to the income of parents or guardians who have dependents or children. The child tax credit received usually based on your income. It is just a tax credit not a deduction on taxes. This tax is directly subtracted from the total amount of taxes you would have to pay. Moreover, it is non-refundable.

You don’t have to be working to become able to claim this tax credit. However, for a child or dependent, only one household can claim child tax credit. It is also important for you to find out how much you are eligible to receive.

Facts about child tax credits:

It is important for you to know the basic definition and information about child tax credits particularly when you have no idea what it is. For this tax deduction, being qualified would be a big relief. It makes you able to use the extra income to bulk up your budget at home. Let us discuss below some facts about child tax credits that would be beneficial for you to know;

  • It is commonly used to compensate for the various expenses of rearing children or dependants.
  • If the amount reaches more than $3,000 then part of it can actually be refunded.
  • This amount is different for single filers, joint (married) filers or married single filers.
  • Include any foreign earning exclusion in calculating your child tax credit.

The factors for child tax credit eligibility:

Before learning about the child tax credit worksheet, you should know whether you are actually eligible to claim this tax credit or not. You would have to pass the following factors;

  • The child is directly related to you such as your daughter, son, step or foster child, an adopted child, or your brother or sister. In addition, the child is a descendant of yours like your niece, nephew or grandchild.
  • More than 6 months child has been living with you.
  • On the last day of the year you’d be filing the claim, the child has not yet reached the age of 17.
  • During the whole tax year, the child didn’t supply more than 50% of his or her own financial support.
  • The child is a citizen of the country of residence and younger than the claimant.
  • You have legal authority to declare that the child is your dependent.

When is the child tax credit amount refundable?

We have stated above that child tax credit is directly deducted from your taxes and is non-refundable. So, in case, if your credit is actually greater than what you owe then your tax bill will be brought down to zero. Also, any remaining credit will be gone.

But, if your credit exceeds your tax amount, there may be chances wherein you can obtain a refund. This indicates that aside from getting your taxes brought down to zero you should check in the amount of the remaining credit.

The refundable tax is referred as the Additional Child Tax Credit. Calculating this particular tax credit is quite challenging. If your child tax credit is bigger than the amount of your taxes you are eligible for the additional child tax credit. Furthermore, you can make use of the Schedule 8812 for reference in order to calculate your additional child tax credit amount.

Claiming child tax credits:

After making sure that you are qualified to claim the tax credits, the next thing you have to do is fill the essential child tax credit forms and file them. Tax forms and tax worksheets are available to fill out. You should also learn how to fill them. When you have filled out the forms, submit them with other necessary documents. Then, claim your child tax credits.

Furthermore, you also have to prepare the following documents in order to claim your child tax credits easily;

  • National insurance number
  • Proof of your identity
  • Proof of your annual income

You must also prepare the following documents for a smoother transaction in case you are eligible for immunity to the Two Child Limit;

  • Your Child’s Adoption Certificate
  • In the case of relationship care placements, A Social Worker’s Statement
  • In the case of children conceived from rape, A Support Worker’s Statement

Also, you should know how to calculate the child tax credit before thinking about filing.

How to fill out the child tax credit worksheet?

You must first apply for all other kinds of tax credits and tax deductions in order to possibly obtain a refund from the child tax credit and before you request for the child tax credit. For this, in calculating your taxes and your possible deductions, you will be made aware of all the amounts involved.

The amounts involved in to make proper calculations and input accurate data, the child tax credit worksheets are all about writing knowing all those amounts. When filling up these worksheets, below are a few of the things you would have to know or be familiar with; You should also check Credit Card Authorization Forms.

  • Number of children
  • Your income or your partner’s income.
  • All other tax deductions and tax credits that you are qualified for.
  • Your filing status.

You’d have to have already accomplished Form 1040 to become able to fill out these worksheets smoothly. This is because most of the amounts and data would be taken from there. During filing up the worksheets, you have a calculator on hand as you would be making calculations.


In conclusion, a child tax credit worksheet is a tool that helps you in making proper calculations and input accurate data. Firstly, you have to identify whether you are able to claim the tax credits or not. When you have identified this, fill the necessary child tax credit forms and file them.

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