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A Christmas tree template is the best way to draw your imagination and come up with season ideas that bring happiness to the people around you. With the help of this template, you can create a 3D Christmas tree that is made for a great Christmas table centerpiece.

What is a Christmas tree?

Christmas gifts come and go like years and after sometime, may be children even won’t remember them. But the time they spend with their family during creating and decorating will always remember for the rest of their lives. During the holiday season, the best way to spend quality time with your loved ones is through crafting.

Basically, a Christmas tree is the centerpiece of every Christmas season. When decorating this lovely tree with balls, stars, gifts, and more you can never seem to run out of enthusiasm. You may also like Christmas Gift Certificate Templates.

Different types of Christmas tree templates:

Christmas tree templates have blank pictures of Christmas trees that you can download from any website and print. After that, ask your children to cut it out, color, and decorate. You can find a wide selection of styles and shapes of Christmas trees on the internet that can be used for any kind of craft project. You can print them on cardstock or on regular paper. Also, you can print them on paper with different colors in order to get a little fancy.

During decorating the Christmas tree, you should motivate your kids to use their imagination and creativity. Allow them to use crayons, markers, paint, feathers, and other decorative items to make their trees unique. Below are some different types of Christmas tree templates;

For greeting cards, a small and big Christmas tree:

This template provides you 2 sizes of this beautiful Christmas tree pattern on one printout. For friends and family, you can use it for drafting handmade Christmas greeting cards.

Christmas tree with pointed corners:

This template is on the smaller side. Here you can print 4 trees per page. The design of this template is of a basic Christmas tree. It has a flat bottom and pointed corners.

Christmas tree with star:

This is used for appliqué projects. However, you can use it for any festive project as it is a universal template.

Christmas tree with snow on the top:

This template indicates an imperfect Christmas tree. It is just like the ones you see in the woods during winter. On its top, it contains a dollop of white snow. So, this template is best when you want your beloved tree located at the North Pole.

Large Christmas tree:

It contains a short trunk, rounded edges, and a big Christmas star at the top. The size of this template is large because it takes up the entire page.

Potted Christmas tree:

In a simple pot, this template has a layered Christmas tree. It is also a large print that takes up the entire page.

A 3D Christmas tree:

It includes a tree, a topper, and a star. You can assemble the tree to create a simple 3D tree after printing. It is then used as a card or as a Christmas tree decoration.

How to make a 3D Christmas tree?

Here are some steps that you should follow to make your own 3D Christmas tree;

  • At first, select the Christmas tree template of your choice and then print it. Trace it around a green glitter piece of cardstock or paper. You should make two of these cutouts if you like to have a colored tree.
  • Around a piece of cardboard, trace the outline and cut it out. Then, on the piece of cardboard, glue both of the green Christmas trees to each other. Add this board for making the tree sturdier. Your tree won’t stand straight just by placing the cardstock into the paper roll.
  • Now, for fun part, start decorating the 3D Christmas tree. You can use balls, stars, pompoms, gold twine, and anything else to decorate your tree. Use colors like red, green, and white as they are associated with the holiday.
  • For the Christmas tree’s trunk, take a toilet paper and paint it brown and then let it dry before cutting it down to size. On opposite sides of the trunk, carefully cut two slits where you place the Christmas tree. After that, gently slide the tree inside the toilet paper roll. In the end, you have your own 3D Christmas tree. You should also check Christmas Letter Templates.

Making Christmas tree from paper:

Let us discuss how to make Christmas tree from paper;

  • Firstly, gather the materials and this include;
    1- A dinner plate or any round object
    2- A hot glue gun with a glue stick
    3- Decorative paper
    4- Decorative items
    With a simple paper cone, start your tree and then decorate as you want it to be. The size for these project trees doesn’t matter. Moreover, you can use any decorative paper or decorate plain paper before you start.
  • Now, trace your circular template onto the piece of paper. Then, cut the circle out. Firstly, fold the circle into half and then crease it. Again, fold it in half and crease it again. Now, open the circle and by following the crease lines, cut the circle into quarters. With each paper circle, you can make four cones.
  • At the top, hold one of the quarter circles with the point. After that, wrap it around to form a cone. Use glue gun with glue stick to secure the cone.
  • It’s time to start decorating your cones. You can use different coloring materials like crayons, paints, markers, etc to decorate your cones. To affix the different ornaments, use craft glue. These paper-cone Christmas trees look much better than 3D or textured components.


In conclusion, Christmas tree templates are beautiful, easy to make, and fun to decorate. These templates have blank pictures of Christmas trees that you can let your children cut it out, color, and decorate. You can also find different styles and shapes of Christmas trees online that you can download and print.

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