30+ Printable Christmas Letter Templates [Word, PDF]

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Christmas letter template is useful tools that have customization features. It is possible to add your own photos and graphics. You can download these templates from any website and after personalizing you can print out your cards. Also, you can send them digitally to spread the joy.

Importance of Christmas letter template:

When the month of December arrives, we all start awaiting the Christmas and other festivities eagerly. On these festivities, we exchange gifts letters, and good wishes to friends, family members, and colleagues.

Moreover, there are different types of Christmas letters. It depends on who you are and who you plan to give your letter to. With the help of templates, you can create the one that showcases your personality and style. These templates have Christmas icons on them. These icons give Christmas letters a perfectly jolly appearance.

When you send these letters to your friends and family members on the occasion of Christmas, it indicates how much you love and appreciate them. Additionally, by using templates, you can save your time and effort on designing the letter before adding your personalized message. You may also like Potluck Sign Up Sheet Template.

What to include in Christmas letters?

Nowadays, people send well-wishes on Christmas through email or text but there is nothing like sending a traditional Christmas letter to your loved ones. They are the best way of sending the joy of the season to others. Just imagine how it feels to sit down and read a letter from your loved ones to you. Before writing Christmas letter, have a look on some Christmas letter examples. Likewise Christmas gifts, letters have lovely effect on the people who receive them. Sometimes thinking about what to say in the letter becomes challenge.

Your letter should be short, simple, and sweet. Write the summary of the positive things in your life at the moment. It gives the person a better idea of what’s happening in your life. Furthermore, when sending it to family members or relatives, you can also add a photo or two with your letter.

The main purpose of the letter is to send well-wishes. So, include the well-wishes to the person. You can incorporate many styles when it comes to write the content of your letter. You should select the style that shows your personality and your letter should be much appreciated. In addition, depending on the recipient of your letter you can add funny, general, romantic, religious, and Christmas greetings. Writing the wonderful message for your Christmas letter doesn’t require much time and effort. You just have to think of a message from your heart and your letter will come out perfectly.

How do you write a Christmas letter?

Here are some steps that will help you in writing an effective Christmas letter;

  • When you download the Christmas letter template, take a start by writing a positive greeting. This gives your letter a wonderful vibe.
  • You should think about your recipient during writing the greeting. Firstly, you should create general modification. Then, modify it according to the person you will send the letter to. There are several things that you can just share with your family members not your colleagues. Keep it in mind when writing the message.
  • Don’t use too stylized and polished tone because it might seem too generic and impersonal. It’s better to use your own voice to the people that matter the most to you.
  • Most importantly, you should share happy things of your life. When doing so never use a boastful or arrogant tone. Keep this part as short and as simple as you can. By including too much detail about these events, you can bore your recipient. Therefore, just include one or two sentences to keep the recipient in the loop about the things happening in your life.
  • You can also add photos if you desired. By including the pictures your recipient can visualize the things you have shared in your letter. Also, select the clear photos having personality and fun.
  • In the end, write the message of hope. Christmas season is all about hope, love, and joy so, don’t forget to include all these things in your letter. It is the time to reflect your hopes, dreams, and the love for those closest to you. You should end your letter with positivity. You should also check Envelope Address Template.

Things to consider:

Let us discuss few final tips for you;

  • Select the color scheme that makes sure it is easy to read. People want to use all colors of the season and they use red text on a green background that isn’t the best idea. You have to make sure that your message would be clearly read by the recipient so that he can appreciate you for it.
  • If your handwriting isn’t too good then it’s best to type the letter on your computer. You should proofread the content of your letter before printing and sending it out. From starting to the end, check the spaces between each line and each paragraph.
  • If you type the letter then sign it by hand because it makes the letter more personal. However, if it’s a family Christmas letter then other members of your family can sign it too.
  • When you have all done with the above steps, print out your letter. Then, put it in a festive envelope that has stickers, stamps, and printed Christmas icons.


In conclusion, a Christmas letter template is a useful tool for creating wonderful letters for your loved ones. These templates have customization features. They make your festivities more joyful. By sending these letters, you can express your love and appreciation to your family members, colleagues, and relatives.

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